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This Rapid Clear Clean Pee review was last updated in June 2024.

Did you know that THC can be detected in your urine 2 or 3 weeks after you took a few hits off a joint at a party?

Yes, it absolutely can be.

That means if you’re subjected to 5-panel drug testing at work, a week after copping a mild buzz that lasted about half an hour, you could lose your job.

Appalling? Without a doubt.

But, it’s also the current reality, and it isn’t changing any time soon.

But, you know that already. Or at least suspect it.

This is why you’re here to read about the Rapid Clear Clean Pee synthetic urine product and find out if it’s any good for a drug test.

What is Rapid Clear Clean Pee?

Clean Pee Product

Rapid Clear Clean Pee synthetic urine sample has a somewhat fuzzy lineage, like many synthetic urine kits on the market.

If you didn’t do any digging, you’d probably have no idea that it originates with a somewhat nebulous corporate entity called 513 Ventures out of Cincinnati.

They sell it to another company called DetoxForLess, who then white label it as Rapid Clear Clean Pee and sell it alongside detox pills, detox drinks, and the like.

Clean Pee synthetic urine sample has been around for several years but has never received the kind of across-the-board praise and widespread endorsements that an industry leader like Clear Choice has.

Instead, the people who market this stuff seem perfectly content to let it linger in the background, snagging the occasional customer here and there.

If you’re to believe the marketing, Rapid Clear Clean Pee is indistinguishable from human urine samples fresh from the body and is used by many companies as a control sample to calibrate their drug test machines.

That’s an amazing claim for a brand at the industry’s periphery.

It comes in a powder-only form, and you mix the powder with water to create your dream fetish pee, or your urine sample for drug tests.

What Are the Ingredients?

Rapid Clear Ingredients

According to Rapid Clear, their synthetic urine (learn more) comes already balanced for creatine, urea, pH, and specific gravity, all things a testing machine will look for to validate a human pee specimen.

Unfortunately, what they don’t mention is uric acid, which most drug test devices also look for.

So, you start behind the 8-ball with Rapid Clear.

Does that matter? Apparently, not to them.

They simply ignore that fact and advise you to combine their dry urine powder with about 3 ounces of tap water (not for anything illegal mind you). After that, it’s up to you what you do with it.

Because unlike Clear Choice they don’t provide you with a container or plastic bag or strap-on delivery penis or any other means of actually getting the synthetic urine to the testing facility to deliver it.

Maybe you’re supposed to show up holding a bowl of microwaved fake urine and ask for a cup.

Does Rapid Clear Clean Pee Work?

Three Clean Pee Products

A Clean Pee synthetic urine package consists of dehydrated urine and instructions on preparing and presenting it. That’s it.

Compare that to other synthetic urine brands that send you a product properly mixed with a warm pad to ensure you deliver it at the proper 94 to 100 degrees body temperature.

With Clean Pee, you just get the powder and a pat on the back. The rest is up to you.

That might be sufficient if you are a veteran of this sort of thing.

But, if you’ve never had drug tests before and you took two hits off a joint a week earlier, you need more than that.

Mind you, we don’t expect someone from Rapid Clear to escort us into the testing facility and coach us on how to use it for legal or illegal purposes.

But, given that they don’t even mix the solution for you, some hand warmers would have been nice, so we at least know that we’re submitting a urine sample that’s the right body temperature.

So, does it work?

In theory, if you do everything right and the day is hot enough to help keep the fake urine at the right body temperature, and nobody at the drug testing facility is monitoring you, then you might get away with using Rapid Clear Clean Pee as real urine.

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That’s if you mixed it properly and if you didn’t receive an expired batch before your drug test.

But why bother with theories and getting the right body temperature? Just get a better brand instead to get your desired result.

How Much Does It Cost?

person holding some cash

Rapid Clear Clean Pee is one of the cheaper synthetic urine kits on the market, at about $20.

While that price point alone is going to attract some attention, in this case, it’s a matter of getting what you pay for.

We would urge you to keep in mind that failing a drug test because you tried to save a couple of bucks on fake urine is the kind of decision regrets are made of.

Our advice would be to spend a few dollars more and pick up something better to help in passing drug tests.


Where Can I Buy Rapid Clear Clean Pee?

Detoxforless Logo

If you are the kind that likes to live dangerously and you’ve just got to have this product, then you can pick it up fairly easily through their website.

As we said above, it will set you back about 20 bucks — and for that 20 bucks, you’ll get a packet of concentrated, dehydrated urine, and… well, that’s it.

The real cost, however, is likely to be your job you probably don’t want to lose because you didn’t submit real urine for urine tests.

So a better question would be, “Why would I want to buy this when I could just as easily buy a reliable commodity like Clear Choice?”


Can we recommend this product?

No. And we’ll tell you why.

Trying to retain your job and your dignity while keeping your private life private is not something to be taken lightly.

Rapid Clear just doesn’t seem to understand that.

So, we’re investing our money in Clear Choice Sub Solution because we want to pass a drug test and put it behind us due to the correct uric acid content, simulating real human urine.

And it will help us do that, whereas Rapid Clear will only help turn a stressful situation into a more stressful situation.

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