U Pass Review
Can You Trust This Brand to Work?


Last Update of Review: April, 2018

UPass Synthetic Urine (also known as U Pass 8.4 or You Pass) is artificially fake pee which is used in drug screenings or urinalysis. As we all know, drug testing is done using urine to detect a clean pee sample that is free from substances especially marijuana.


  1. Urinalysis is one of the most reliable substance checking methods being able to detect more substance than any other method.
  2. Drugs stay longer in urine, for example it can take up to 60 days for marijuana to leave your system.
  3. Using synthetic urine is by far the most popular solution helping users pass a screening.

In this article, we'll give a complete review of this product and discuss how effective it is in passing drug tests.

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How does it fare against drug screenings?

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Many people around the world today take substances like marijuana. Often times, a drug test must be done for one to be recruited as an employee of a particular company. Besides, most employers often do random checkings to their employees nowadays. This is why the increase of sales in synthetic pee has sharply risen over the last decade.

UPass synthetic piss is used by substance users who do not want to quit their habit yet but still want to keep their jobs or want to get a job. Let's be honest, who wants to give up their enjoyment of a Saturday night just for a job. UPass 8.4 synthetic urine has had mixed results with many users stating they have failed.

You'll learn more about this later.

What are the Ingredients of UPass?

So, if you're interested in buying this product then you probably want to know what goes in it because whatever those are will somewhat define whether you pass the test or not. It's a pretty big deal.

Now that we're in the topic, UPass synthetic pee has a good reputation in that it has all the necessary components of the human piss. This is a good sign if you are interested in buying this for your next drug test.

These ingredients are:

  • Proper creatinine levels
  • Specific gravity (more on this later)
  • pH balance
  • Urea
  • Color
  • Odor

Let's talk about the more important details a bit more.


Creatinine levels of the synthetic pee should not be below 15Mg/Kg of body weight or otherwise, it will look diluted than the human pee. The specific gravity of the fake piss is the concentration of solids and density of the piss compared to water.


UPass synthetic piss has a pH range of between 4.6-8. This is the pH of normal urine, and therefore any fake pee you consider buying should also be having a similar ph. U Pass urine should have urea samples; absence of this shows that the pee tested is fake.


Normal human pee has a yellowish color and odor, so as not to raise any suspicions during the test UPass fake urine also has the same color and smell.


For the people that are new, urea is the chemical that the lab guys look for when it comes to confirming if the urine is genuine or not. If urea is not present in the pee, then it will be flagged as fake.
testing sample

What's in the UPass Package?

UPass contains 3 oz. of synthetic pee, plastic bottle (reduces heat loss), heating pad or warmer, thermometer (used to measure the correct temperature), rubber band (used to strap the hand warmer to the UPass 8.4 bottle) and a set of instructions.

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Passing A Test With UPass (Instructions)

  1. Open the UPass synthetic urine, heat the fake piss in a microwave for 10 seconds. You want the temperature to between 94 -100 degrees Fahrenheit when submitting your sample.
  2. Close the Upass 8.4 bottle and shake well ensuring that the liquid has been mixed propeFailrly. If the bottle feels to0 warm to touch then give it time to cool down to the optimal temperature.
  3. Using the rubber band, strap the hand warmer to your UPass. This hand warmer will supply the device with a heat source necessary to keep it between 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. When doing the check, make sure that the synthetic pee is between 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit and put it into the pee collection cup. Put in a little less than what is in the bottle so that your piss sample is not exactly 3 ounces. This will ensure that the person in-charge of the screening does not suspect that the urine is fake.

The product does come with instructions inside so please read every step carefully. Now please remember, you will be nervous. Practice this as many times as you can as when match day comes you won't get a second chance.

Our Honest Review

How Much Does It Cost? - Good

It is cheap to buy at only $18.99.  You can't complain about their sale price.

Also, these prices can vary if you buy them from Amazon, Ebay, or Craigslist if you do find them on there.

The bright side of this product: when you want to pass a piss test, and you need a cheap option, then the product could be an option. The company has assured of a 100% pass rate however there has been some reported cases were users have failed using the piss.

Adulteration - Good

contaminated sign

The product for sale must be checked for adulteration before buying.

Adulteration means the fake pee has been contaminated, diluted and tampered with.

According to research done on the use of UPass Synthetic Urine, it was indeed confirmed that fake piss is free of adulteration and therefore is a safe product.

Success Rate - Poor

Reports have shown that UPass synthetic pee has had mixed results with many users complaining they failed the check. However, a larger percentage of weed/marijuana users around the world gave positive comments and success stories after using the product in their drug tests.

About 80% of the people who have used the U Pass Synthetic Urine during their tests, posted a positive result/pass online.

This may be enough guarantee for you, but it certainly isn't enough for me.

My alternative (see below) has less than a 0.02% fail rate.

Overall Score - Does it Work?

c minus

Upass is priced low but as reported users have failed some tests, is it worth the risk? We carried out some more reviews on synthetic piss and only one product really stood out from the crowd...

The most popular, with reportedly the highest pass results, is Quick Fix (read more to see our review on this product) or buy it directly from the official website on discount by clicking the link below where you can find the best prices for it.