Dr. Greens Agent X Synthetic Urine Review
Can it Work for You?

Woman curiousLast Update of Review: January, 2018

The excitement of being offered a job can quickly go from 100 to zero when you hear two words— drug test.

After all, you’ve got the skills and knowledge it takes to perform (and to do so exceptionally) so why should you be screened for the substances you like to enjoy recreationally? Luckily, some options allow you to keep what you do in your private time.

Cue, synthetic urine products. The internet has ushered in many amazing things that can be delivered directly to your front door, and artificial pee is definitely on that list.

This review will cover Dr. Greens Agent X Synthetic Urine. With mixed assessments thanks to incorrect or misleading information, we wanted to get down to the specifics about this fake pee.

Let’s dive deep into this review about Dr. Greens Agent X synthetic urine and see precisely what it’s all about.

Sorting Through the Bad Reviews

confused womanBefore getting into this detailed analysis, we want to take a moment to sort through and explain the mixed reviews on Dr. Greens Agent X synthetic urine. It’s essential that you don’t trust every evaluation you read when verifying if this product works because there is an unfortunate amount of misinformation out there.

The negative reviews that claim the Dr. Greens Agent X solution doesn’t work can be highly misleading. You can tell these reports are written by people who have little to no experience with the actual product, with some going so far as to mislabel the product as ‘Mr. Green fake pee’.

Not only is the mislabeling an issue, but many of these testimonials also don’t have all the information on the ingredients in the product. The misinformed reviews that bash the Dr. Greens solution claim it only has uric acid and not urea.

This is not true. You'll find out in just a second...

So, What are the Ingredients?

red green blue chemicalsWhile the manufacturer’s website only highlights that it contains uric acid, it also does include urea. Their FAQs page says it in plain language that all the Dr. Greens Agent X products contain both uric acid and urea.

The ingredients are essential information you’ll need to check when looking for artificial pee solutions (we've also reviewed other products here that have these effective ingredients) that work. A few years back, drug testing facilities started testing for urea content levels to try to sort out the synthetic urine from the real stuff.

So, when looking for a solution that will help you pass the drug test undetected, you want to make sure the product has both uric acid and urea. Dr. Greens Agent X synthetic urine has both:

  • Uric acid
  • Urea

How to Use Dr. Greens Agent X:

When you receive the Dr. Greens Agent X Synthetic Urine, you will get a couple of items in the box:

  • Three fl. oz. pre-mixed synthetic pee
  • One package heating element

mixing the solution with water

On the day of the drug test, all you have to do is microwave the pre-mixed solution. With Dr. Green’s Agent X formula, you can reheat the mixture a few times without breaking down or degrading the product.

As you head to the drug testing facility, the pre-mixed solution will inevitably cool down. This is when you will want to use the heating element. Just pack the heating element with you and add it in to the bottle of pre-mixed synthetic urine. Be careful not to put the heating element on the side of the temperature strip, as this can lead to incorrect readings.

When real pee comes out of your body, it usually has a temperature between 98°F to 102°F. When you get in the bathroom at the testing facility, you’ll want to check that the synthetic solution is between this temperature range. Urine that is not the right temperature will be flagged immediately as fake.

How Long Does It Last?

If the box is unopened and stored in a cold and dark area, the Dr. Greens Agent X synthetic urine can last up to two years without any issue. If the bottle is opened, exposed to air, and stored at room temperature, the solution is good for up to two weeks. If it is opened and refrigerated, the solution can last for up to four weeks.

Does Dr. Greens Agent X Work?

yes in greenSo, now that you have all this information, you want to know— does it work? The answer is, yes, most of the time, and it works for both men and women.
Men and women can have different pH levels in their pee, but the Dr. Greens Agent X synthetic urine is engineered with balanced pH levels that allow it to pass as real human piss from either sex.

The mains reasons why the Agent X solution works is because it has two key ingredients—uric acid and urea—and because it comes with a heating solution. These are elements that you must look for in any synthetic pee solution, and if the product doesn’t have these, then that is a sign that it definitely won’t work.

Dr. Greens synthetic solution has all the necessary elements to allow it to pass as real pee for a drug test, so you can feel confident that when used correctly, you’ll pass every time!

Shipping Limitations

Possibly the only downside for the synthetic urine sold by Dr. Greens Agent X is that there are several states where the company will not ship to. The reasons for this are unclear. But if you live in any of these states, the company will not ship to you, and if you purchase it anyways, then you will be charged half the cost of processing.

The states where the manufacturer will NOT ship Dr. Greens Agent X are: AK, GA, IL, IN, KY, LA, NE, NJ, NC, ND, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, and WI.

How Much Does It Cost?

Compared to some of the synthetic urine products on the market, the Dr. Greens Agent X solution is surprisingly affordable. Each package costs $29.95 + shipping and taxes.

Where to Buy It?

person on a computerDon’t fall victim to tampered products from third-party suppliers or misinformed reviews. The safest place to buy Dr. Greens Agent X synthetic urine is directly from the manufacturer where you can check out their different packages and product availability.

Again, we stress that you do not purchase this product from third-party sellers as many of them are either overpriced or tampered with. I wouldn't even suggest to buy it from local shops or smoke shops because those are just as bad. Stick to what works which is to get is straight from the manufacturer itself.

Should You Use Dr. Greens Agent X Though?

That is completely up to you, but if you ask us, we would say no to that. The reason being that is even though the product works, there are bad reviews of it on the internet which raises an alarm. Also, with all the shipping restrictions, it's not the most ideal thing to deal with when you're already stressing out with something. Having said that, we would go for Quick Fix over Dr. Greens Agent X because it has a higher passing rate and a flawless reputation. The folks over at Quick Fix also update their product constantly to keep up with the testing machines which is a great sign that you are in the right hands.

If you are interested in buying one, you can do so by clicking the link below to get the lowest price for it, straight from an approved reseller.

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