X-Stream Review Does This Urine Brand Do the Job?

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This XStream Synthetic Urine review was last updated in May 2024.

On this page, I’ve put together an XStream synthetic urine review, which compares its results to other synthetic urine options I have tested.

This product appears and smells like natural urine, allowing you to use it to fool even the most sophisticated drug testing equipment, but there are certain drawbacks.

While XStream is not officially advertised for people who need to pass a normal urine test and more as fetish urine, they do make a big deal out of the fact that it has all the necessary ingredients to be used for testing equipment calibration.

The big question is whether that’s actually true. This Xstream synthetic urine review will reveal all the facts.

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What is Xstream?

Xstream is a product designed to replicate real urine. It is made to mimic real normal urine and can be used for a variety of purposes. Some people use it to pass a drug test, while others use it for pranks, fetish urine, or other forms of entertainment. It consists of water, urea, creatinine, and sodium chloride. This fake pee is available in powder form or as a pre-mixed liquid.

How Does Xstream Work?

Xstream Urine replicates the properties of real human urine, including creatinine, pH, specific gravity, and urea, to closely mimic the appearance and composition of natural urine. This means that it will contain the same creatinine, pH, and specific gravity as real normal urine. The fake pee also contains urea, which are two other important components of natural urine to pass a drug test.

All of these ingredients work together to create a product that looks, smells, and even foams like real urine. The only difference is that X-Stream Urine is completely drug-free.

One of the key reasons that the XStream urine solution doesn’t always pass as “real” is the inadequate heating element. This failure is probably because the manufacturers are marketing this product for fetish urine and medical testing facilities. Their website repeatedly emphasizes that this synthetic urine solution is not intended to save your career.

Instead, they are thinking of laboratory facilities that will use this product for calibration and other testing purposes. Simply put, the purpose of the X-Stream is not to help people cheat on substance screenings.

What’s Included with XStream?

XStream urine kit typically includes a vial of synthetic urine solution, a heating pad, and a temperature strip, although the accuracy of the temperature strip can be inconsistent. The vial is pretty standard and has everything you need to know printed on the label. The pad is also nothing special. It’s the same sort of thing you would use to relieve muscle pain.

The big issue comes with the temperature strip. This is supposed to be your way of knowing if the urine is within the correct temperature range, but it’s often inaccurate.

I have had several instances where the temperature strip said the urine was at the correct temperature, but when I submitted it, the lab said it was too cold.

This brings me to my next point, which is that you should never use the temperature strip as your only indicator of whether or not the urine is at the correct temperature. Instead, you should always use a reliable digital thermometer to check the temperature of the urine. This way, you can be positive that it is within the correct range.


guy thinking about xstream

Labs pick up on several critical elements besides the substances being checked to ensure that the synthetic urine product is real human urine.

XStream Synthetic piss claims to have all the essential ingredients of natural human urine to pass a drug test. Moreover, the chemical compounds that make up the XStream solution are balanced for pH and contain:

  • Creatinine
  • Urea
  • Protein
  • Amino acids

One of the other chemical compounds that adds a nice authentic touch is that when shaken, the XStream solution foams up, just like real urine. The manufacturer also makes a big deal of the fact that it has the right smell.

Just from these headline ingredients, this synthetic urine does look like a good solution, but does it stand up to closer examination?

Benefits of XStream

X-Stream urine does have some benefits, even if it’s not a perfect solution.


  • It is cheaper than other artificial urine products on the market. A single vial will only cost you around $30
  • It is easy to use. The instructions are clear and straightforward, and you don’t need to mix anything
  • It comes with a heating pad and a temperature strip. This makes it easier to use than other fake urine products
  • It has a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days for a refund


  • It is not always accurate. The temperature is often inaccurate, and the urine can be too cold when you submit it
  • It is not always reliable. I have had several instances where the urine sample was rejected because it was too cold
  • It is not intended for use in passing a drug test. The manufacturers do not guarantee that you will pass a drug test using this product
  • The money-back-guarantee only applies to unused products. If you have used the product and it does not work, you cannot get a refund

Our Official Rating: 

  • Effectiveness: 3.5/5
  • Price: 4.5/5
  • Ease of use: 4.5/5

Side Effects of XStream

There are some side effects of using X-Stream urine:

  • Unknown health risks: Composition of XStream fake pee is undisclosed, raising concerns.
  • Invalid test results: XStream may lead to flagged or inconclusive urine drug tests.
  • Legal consequences: Tampering with drug tests using XStream can have legal implications.
  • Reputation damage: Discovery of XStream use can impact personal and professional standing.
  • Powdered urine alternative: Consider powdered human urine for a safer and genuine solution.

How to Use XStream?

To use X-Stream Urine, you must make sure you have a microwave, heating pad, and all the ingredients ready.
Here are the instructions for using X-Stream urine:

  1. Remove the lid from the vial and microwave the contents for 10 seconds.
  2. Place the heating pad on the vial and attach it with the provided clips.
  3. Wait for the urine to reach the correct temperature. The strip will change color when it is ready.
  4. Remove the pad and clips, then replace the lid on the vial.
  5. Your urine is now ready to use for passing a drug test.

Who is XStream for?

X-Stream urine is intended for use in laboratory testing and calibration. It is not intended for passing a drug test. The manufacturers do not guarantee that you will pass a drug test using this product.

How Much Does It Cost and Where can I Buy it?

It costs around $20 for a 3oz bottle of fake urine and you can buy it online. It seems high if you’re working on a budget, but there are other fake piss out there that are almost the same price, such as Sub Solution, which is only a tad bit more expensive (but guarantees you’ll pass) for the same size bottle.

Other Users’ XStream Synthetic Urine Review Comments

I use this stuff all the time and it works great.”- Murphy, Reddit User

“So I knew I had a drug test for a job coming up. I was 38 days clean, and still pissing dirty on at-home test strips. I had xstream for an emergency backup. I went to the sauna for 30 min plus for a month, sometimes twice a day. I incidentally heated it too long in the microwave, so no temp was readable. I had to be there on time. Left it by itself for a 5min car ride there. Put warmer on it and walked in, had to wait about 10 min tops, they sent it to the lab and it worked.”- James, Reddit User

Alternatives To XStream

There are several other products on the market that you can use, such as Clear Choice Sub Solution, Quick Fix 6.2, or Test Clear. Let us compare some of their features.

XStream vs Clear Choice Sub Solution:

Both are simple to use, with XStream fake urine being less expensive. The solution of Clear Choice is a powder that must be mixed with water, unlike XStream, which is only in liquid form. Based on the reviews, I would say that Clear Choice Sub Solution is more consistent in its effectiveness in a urine test.

XStream vs Quick Fix 6.2:

The most significant difference was that Quick Fix 6.2 was more costly. Quick Fix 6.2 is more precise and more dependable when it comes to drug tests. The components in Quick Fix are also healthier in nature. However, a money-back guarantee is included with XStream.

XStream vs Test Clear:

According to my experience, both are simple to use when trying to pass a piss test, but Test Clear fake urine is more expensive. Test Clear is more reliable than XStream fake urine and is intended for drug testing. Although XStream has a money-back guarantee, Test Clear also offers a same-day shipping policy.

As you can see, there are several synthetic urine products on the market that you can use. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages on drug tests. You will need to decide which product is right for you based on your needs and budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can X-Stream handle extreme temperatures?

No, XStream cannot handle extreme temperatures as scorching heat will break down the chemicals and evaporate the water. As a result, you will end up with a concentrated sample that will be immediately picked up as a fake.

Can X-Stream fake urine be reprocessed?

Yes, XStream fake urinecan be reprocessed a couple of times by heating it again. You should also avoid reheating the synthetic urine sample at extremely high temperatures because even after reprocessing it a few times at regular temperatures, some of the water content will evaporate.

Does X-Stream’s box include a temperature strip?

No, XStream’s box doesn’t include a strip, so you will have to make your arrangements for getting it to the right temperature and making sure it’s still at the optimum range before you enter the urine test facility.

Can X-Stream fake urine be iced?

Yes, XStream fake urine can be iced to prolong its useful life span. However, be careful not to defrost it too many times as this can cause the chemical structure to change. In some drug testing facilities, this will be picked up, and you can get flagged for submitting a fake pee sample on your drug tests.

Can X-Stream fake urine be purchased in chain stores?

No, XStream fake urine cannot be purchased in chain stores and is only available with a few select online retailers. The safest thing you can do is buy it directly from the manufacturer to avoid falling victim to a scam product.

Does X-Stream fake urine have a funky smell?

Yes, XStream fake urine has a funky smell, and it’s there for a perfect reason. If it didn’t smell as bad as real urine does, then it would be an indication that the ingredients aren’t suitable. This would also be an indication for further testing, which could lead to it being flagged as fake pee during a drug test.

Does Xstream Synthetic Urine Expire?

No, Xstream Synthetic Urine does not expire. You can use the fake pee as needed.

Does It Have Uric Acid?

Yes, XStream synthetic urine has uric acid as well as urea as its main ingredients. This is one of the critical substances that all labs test for these days, and if it’s not in the right concentration, then the synthetic urine will be automatically flagged as fake, and you’ll fail the drug test.

Is XStream Worth It?

person on a computer, xstream synthetic urine review conclusion

If you’ve heard from acquaintances and friends that the XStream synthetic urine does work, and you’re willing to take your chances with it to save your lifestyle and pass your drug test, then you can buy the fake pee product online.

The truth of the matter is we don’t recommend buying it for your drug tests.

If you’re looking to buy a synthetic urine solution that is proven to have a higher drug test passing rate, then you really should get Sub Solution instead. With a positive track record of helping countless people save their careers, it is the smarter fake pee choice.

To make it easier for you, we’ve provided this link to buy it directly from the manufacturer. No third parties, and no worries that you won’t get a good result on your next test. Click here to go to an approved reseller of the official Sub Solution.

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