New Choice at Home Drug Test Review (2024) Is It Worth It?

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Home drug tests are the best way to check if you’ll test positive on a drug test. It’s also a great way to test a family member on drug use.

I’ve been using and testing home drug tests for years. A friend recently told me about New Choice at Home Drug Test, so I decided to give it a try. I’ll explain its pros and cons and if it worked for me.

What is New Choice at Home Drug Test?

New Choice at Home Drug Test is a drug test you can do in your home to test for the presence of weed.

It detects the presence of marijuana, and you get results in five minutes.

New Choice at Home Drug Test Highlights

Here’s what I liked about New Choice at Home Drug Test.

1. Ease of Use

A drug test strip dipping in a cup of urineI found New Choice at Home Drug Test extremely easy to use. 

The package comes with one test strip, and pictures and instructions on the back of the box tell you how to use it.

All I had to do was collect the urine sample in a cup, place the test strip in the cup, and wait for five minutes. That’s all. 

One thing to note is that you shouldn’t insert the test strip past the max line, or you’ll get invalid results. Depending on how much urine you’ve collected, you may have to hold the 

test strip for five minutes to make sure it doesn’t sink above the max line.

2. Affordable

A man holding a cellphone and a credit cardNew Choice at Home Drug Test is extremely affordable, especially compared to other home test kits.

You can find it at the dollar store or order it online for a couple of bucks.

The affordable price makes it a great choice if you want to test someone in your household without shelling out a ton of money for a lab test.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • 98% accuracy
  • Results in 5 minutes


  • Not reliable 
  • Doesn’t come with a cup

Out Official Rating:

  • Effectiveness: 3/5
  • Price: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5

New Choice at Home Drug Test Shortfalls

A male hand holding a plastic jar of urine test

I tried New Choice at Home Drug Test several times, and there were a couple of things I didn’t like about this home drug test.

1. No Cup

New Choice at Home Drug Test doesn’t come with a cup for collecting the urine sample. I know it’s extremely affordable, but the manufacturer could include a cup as well, especially considering that many other home drug tests include a cup and gloves.

I didn’t know the package came without a cup, so I had to go out and buy a cup separately, which was a nuisance.

2. Effectiveness 

The final, and most important thing for any drug test, is how effective it is. Unfortunately, New Choice failed here. 

I tried this home drug test three times. The first time I got an invalid result, the second time was positive, and the third was negative. The test is extremely inconsistent, and you won’t have peace of mind.

“While the difficulties associated with establishing the length of time a drug will continue to test positive in urine after use are not unique to marijuana, the problem is exacerbated by the extended elimination characteristics of cannabinoids relative to other drugs of abuse, most notably after chronic use.” – Paul L. Cary, M.S. 

Comparison to Other Home Drug Tests

Comparison between two drug test productsNew Choice and Easy@Home only check for the presence of one drug — marijuana [1] [2]. Care Check and Pre Screen Plus Mini check for the presence of 12 drugs [3] [4].

Care Check and Pre Screen Plus Mini both come with a test cup, while New Choice and Easy@Home don’t.

Finally, New Choice, Care Check, and Easy@Home all show results in five minutes, while you have to wait 10 minutes for Pre Screen Plus Mini.

Where to Buy New Choice at Home Drug Test?

You can buy New Choice at Home Drug Test online. It’s available on Amazon. You can also find it in dollar stores.

Who Should Use It?

People who want an affordable home drug test should use New Choice at Home Drug Test.

If test results aren’t extremely important, but you want to test a teenager or another family member, this could be a good choice.

Who Shouldn’t Use It?

If drug test results are extremely important, you shouldn’t use New Choice at Home Drug Test.

For example, if you have a work drug test, and you’ve been using weed recently, so you want to check if it’s still detectable in your system, you shouldn’t use New Choice because it’s unreliable.

Other Users Reviews

A collage of a disappointed woman and a urine test sample

Serena ordered two boxes, and in both of them, the test strip was different from what was shown on the box, so she struggled to figure out which side of the strip to use. She also said she wasn’t able to get an actual result. – Serena from Texas

The home drug test was accurate and quick. He used it to know if he passed a work test ahead of time.
– Mike from Florida

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Can Home Drug Tests Give False Positives?

Yes, home drug tests can give false positives. This happens because of medications and certain foods.

How Accurate is the Easy at Home Drug Test?

Easy at Home drug test is not particularly accurate, although it’s advertised to be. However, it is affordable and easy to use. 

Should You Try New Choice at Home Drug Test?

I don’t recommend trying New Choice because it’s not reliable. My top home drug test is Pre Screen Plus Mini. This home drug test can check for the presence of 12 drugs, which is much more compared to New Choice.

Pre Screen comes with a test strip, a cup for collecting the sample, and even gloves, so you don’t have to buy anything extra.

Most importantly, it’s extremely reliable. This test is CLIA waived and has a 99% accuracy. It worked every single time I used it.

Click here and order your reliable home drug test.

PreScreen Plus Mini


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