Urine Luck Review The Real Deal or Cheap Knockoff?

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This review was last updated in May 2024.

Synthetic urine products have become popular as of late, and we understand why. You don’t want to let having a little bit of fun with your friends prevent you from getting that dream job.

Situations like this are where things like Urine Luck come in! This synthetic urine is designed to help users pass their pre-employment drug test with flying colors and pursue opportunities in their life as they please without fear of being held back by a negative result on their urine tests.

If you’re faced with the prospect of an unexpected substance screening and don’t have time to get clean, or even if you do have adequate warning but don’t want to stop the use of substances just to pass the test, then products like Urine Luck are designed exactly for you.

However, is it as good as it claims to be? Is the ability to cheat a drug test using a simple synthetic urine product like Urine Luck too good to be true? Or is using some other fake pee product still the way to go?

In this review, we’ll take a closer look.

What’s Urine Luck? What’s in it?

ingredientsUrine Luck is a synthetic urine additive produced by Spectrum Labs, designed to help users pass urine drug tests by eliminating unwanted toxins in the urine sample. As a result, this helps users to beat a urine drug test. The current formulas in use by Urine Luck are 6.9 and above, which are completely undetectable on drug tests.

It is distributed by Spectrum Labs and comes in the form of two small vials around the size of your pinkie finger. Both bottles must be poured into the human urine sample before submitting it to testing. Because the product is an additive, meaning you add it to your own urine, the temperature should also not be an issue as it can be with other artificial pee products.

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Does Urine Luck Work?

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Urine Luck by Spectrum Labs works with a 90%+ success rate for passing drug tests when used correctly but carries a higher risk compared to Sub Solution, a more recommended alternative.

First, let’s address how this artificial urine works.

The instructions to use are simple. After producing your human urine sample, you are to pour the fake pee substance into the sample. That’s it. It’s that easy, and it’s supposed to yield a negative result on your drug test. The more time the artificial urine substance has contact with the sample before being tested, the more reliable the results are.

The formulas and levels used in this product are designed for daily users subjected to random drug tests. The reason the design of this Spectrum Labs product is well-suited to this type of user is that it doesn’t require any form of preparation.


This Spectrum Labs artificial urine should only be used on GC/MS tests which is a major issue.

Urine Luck alters molecular structure of your pee, which turns every single chemical property of the compound. The formula is designed to work on all substances, including tobacco and alcohol. Finally, it is intended to be undetectable, and it contains no nitrites, acids, glutaraldehyde, or pyridine.

man scared out of his wits

With all this, though, does this Spectrum Labs artificial urine do what it claims it will do? How does it hold up against real-world applications?

It boasts a 90%+ success rate when done correctly. While this is decent, it still leaves a relatively large margin for error (seems even higher with all the negative reviews I found). When it comes to getting a mandatory screening, you likely want to minimize risk as much as you can—in which case, we recommend Sub Solution synthetic urine over Urine Luck.

This is because, at 99.9%, Sub Solution has a higher pass rate and reduces your risk of being flagged for using substances.

While Urine Luck synthetic urine is a solid product, the risk factor is a bit too high for our comfort levels compared to synthetic urine samples. If you prefer to live life on the edge and test your luck, Urine Luck may be able to help you get through your next exam.

However, if you prefer to skip the hassle, worry, and anxiety altogether, then we recommend Sub Solution as the most high-quality, reliable product.

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How Long Does Urine Luck Take Effect

While some sources may suggest waiting for 3 hours, the effect of Urine Luck is immediate. However, certain preparations are necessary. Begin by shaking the fake urine for 2 minutes. Prepare a sample of 2–3 ounces (60–90 ml) in quantity. Prior to mixing your sample with Urine Luck, urinate 2-3 times. Remember, add Urine Luck to your urine, not the other way around.

Throughout the day of testing, consume 3-5 meals, but limit fluid intake to 10 ounces per 60 minutes. Urine Luck can be used for over 1 year, regardless of whether it has been opened or not, as its expiration date is 18 months.

Using Urine Luck ensures you can pass drug tests successfully, as it effectively masks the presence of substances that may be detected in real human urine.

How Much is it and Where Can I Get it?

a very expensive bill

Urine Luck typically costs around thirty dollars and can be found at various retailers, but it’s important to be cautious of both overpriced and significantly cheaper options to ensure you’re getting the genuine product. If someone is charging a lot more than this price, then they’re likely trying to use your desperation to make extra money off of you—in which case, you should keep on walking (if you have that option).

On the other hand, if the provider you find is selling the product for a dramatically lower price, then this should also raise red flags and set off warning bells in your head. If they are advertising an alarmingly low price and saying that it’s merely because they want to offer “the best deal around,” then what they are selling you may very well not be the real thing—and it likely won’t work as well.

Your safest bet is to look for a product that sells at right around the suggested retail price to avoid either of these issues. Alternatively, you can just buy Sub Solution, which is only slightly more expensive but has a way better pass rate than Urine Luck.

What are a few extra bucks in exchange for self-assurance and peace of mind?

If you want to purchase Urine Luck, you shouldn’t go running straight for a Spectrum Labs store locator. While there are many untrustworthy third-party sellers out there, it can be difficult to know if what you are purchasing is the real deal. Before handing over your cash and entrusting the results of your substance screening to just any provider, try to do your research on them and ensure that what you’re getting is the real Urine Luck version.

Our Official Rating:

  • Effectiveness: 3.5/5
  • Price: 4.5/5
  • Ease of use: 5/5

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Urine Luck withstand extreme temperatures?

No, Urine Luck cannot withstand extreme temperatures. For example, exposing it to extreme heat can damage the active ingredients, and this exposure prevents the product from working at optimum levels for the test.

Can Urine Luck be reheated?

No, Urine Luck cannot be reheated, because it comes in vials that need to be added to your pee. It should also not be added to a sample before you arrive at the test facility, as the success rate will drop after a short time.

Does Urine Luck’s package hold a temperature strip?

No, Urine Luck’s package doesn’t hold a temperature strip because it is a product that is added to your pee. This process should be done at the drug testing facility, which means your pee should be at the right temperature, hence a temperature strip isn’t necessary.

How long does Urine Luck become futile?

Urine Luck becomes futile after a couple of hours, but even within the first hour, it’s success rate will drop. That’s why you should add it to a fresh sample at the test facility where it will be tested within minutes after you submitted it.

Do urine additives work?

Yes, a urine additive may work for your drug test, but it doesn’t have the same success rate as some other premade samples. While they do change the chemical structure of individual elements that can be associated with drugs and alcohol, testing equipment has also become more sensitive, so you’re not guaranteed a pass.

Can a diluted urine test positive?

Yes, diluted urine can test positive, and this is something that is checked thoroughly by modern test facilities. If the chemical composition of individual elements is not within the specific normal human range, then a fake pee sample result will be issued.

Can you put Urine Luck in the freezer?

No, you should not put Urine Luck in the freezer, as it won’t extend the expected shelf life. As the product is added to your pee when you submit the sample, you also want to avoid reducing the temperature of the sample with a frozen additive.

Can you buy Urine Luck in chain stores?

No, you can’t buy Urine Luck in chain stores, but there are a few online retailers that sell it. As with any synthetic urine products, the best place to get Urine Luck is directly from the makers where you have maximum peace of mind that you’re getting the real deal.

Does Urine Luck have a pungent smell?

No, Urine Luck doesn’t have a pungent smell unlike fake pee products. Once you add it to your pee, it will not change the odor, but it will just smell like your pee. This is important because changing the scent could trigger a fail or at least an immediate retest.

What elements can be found in Urine Luck?

The elements in Urine Luck are a proprietary secret, but I can say that it contains two vials of the active ingredients. This is enough to clean about 3 ounces of urine, which is usually what is submitted at a testing facility.

Final Thoughts About Urine Luck

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While Urine Luck is a decent product, we recommend you purchasing Sub Solution instead to avoid the risk of dodgy third-party sellers. Also, thanks to its better pass rate, you can buy it and know you’re getting one the most scientifically sound solutions on the market.

It’s not only us that have tried Sub Solution and have seen good results.
It’s the number #1 product for passing tests on the market… period.

Use our direct link to purchase Sub Solution from an authorized source here (on sale through the end of May).

With this, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the product you are purchasing is Sub Solution and will not be contaminated, diluted, or end up being a knock-off version that doesn’t work nearly as well. It has a higher success rate and you’ll most likely have a negative result on your drug test.

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