Ultra Pure (Klean) Review
What You Need to Know About It

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This review was last updated in February 2019.

Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine is a well known brand in the market with lots of positive reviews. The reality is, finding quality product, one that is effective, can be tough. As you probably know, there's a ton of erroneous information online surrounding this topic. Perhaps you've read a hundred different blogs and watch some videos, and you're not quite sure which brands are dependable.

Some other websites even have long-winded, do-it-yourself methods that supposedly help you try and create a way of passing a substance screening but who has the time, will take the risk and wants the hassle of such alleged 'solutions'?

Alternatively, most of the information out there is just marketing hype, intended to get you to purchase a product. We put this Ultra Pure review together to accomplish one purpose; help you succeed in your pee tests.


  1. Drugs are present in pee from within 5 minutes of use to weeks after, depending on what type of drug it is.
  2. Artificial products are still the most reliable way to pass a substance screening.
  3. Losing your job because of a failed lab test makes it statistically significantly more difficult to find future employment.

How Does Ultra Pure Work?

Pee KitHigh-quality products should be artificially manufactured chemical, composed of organic and inorganic components, that is, creatine, phosphates, sulphates, chlorides, urea, uric acid, and water that simulates the physical and chemical properties of human pee. The pee also needs to be free of any kind of waste.

Most companies producing these solutions can't produce a chemical that closely mimics this combination. They also have trouble evolving with the ever-changing technology developed in the labs to flash out bogus samples. Therefore, they create ineffective products that don't work. To create an effective product that can be relied upon to beat a urinalysis requires years of scientific research, insider knowledge and manufacturing expertise.

Ultra Klean urine is the 2nd most popular product behind the market leader Quick Fix (our recommended product). This brand uses a proprietary formula. The formula was created in 1997, and it is a non-biological, completely homogeneous, safe formula that contains all the ingredients required in high-quality sample. The product is properly balanced for pH, specific gravity, creatine and uric acid.

Ultra Pure urine is also ideal for a variety of diagnostic applications including quantitative analysis, general research and test kit calibration. It can also be used as a buffer to test for the availability of e-coli and salmonella in foods. Although not familiar, the pee has also proven to be a valuable novelty item or as a fetish item in adult toys.

What is included with Ultra Klean?

For you to check that you got the right thing, you need to know what comes with the package. Ultra Klean contains a number of items:

  • 2 oz. Small sized bottle of the solution that is light and is easy to carry around. This size is more than enough for a couple of tests.
  • A rubber band is included to help you bind the bottle to your body.
  • One essential heating pad that helps you maintain the temperature of the sample. Try and keep the temperature at a steady heat. Don't have the temperature jumping up and down as this can damage your sample
  • 1 temperature strip that allows you to test your pee before handing in your sample. You need to hand it in at the right temperature, or you fake sample will be detected. Please note if there is no reading on the strip, there is a good chance that the temperature maybe too high and just needs to cook down slightly.

You can store this product for up to 3 years without the need to freeze or refrigerate. If you do open the bottle, please use within seven days as oxygen can damage the sample over time.

How to Use Ultra Klean:

An increasing number of employers are favoring urinalysis as a method for testing, and this has positively affected the trend and demand for this brand over the years. However, proper usage of this brand of synthetic solution is a must for success. Below are some steps you need to follow.

1. Prepare the chemical properly before going for the test.

Microwave Start by shaking the bottle with the piss prior to using it then place the sample in the mini-oven for ten seconds, and you're done. Don't have a microwave? Shake the heater pad that comes with the product, attach it to the bottle with the rubber band and place the bottle with the heater in your pocket for forty-five to sixty minutes. This should attain the optimal temperature required.

Once the correct temperature has been attained (from the microwave), take the container holding the chemical and place it on the heating pad. The purpose is to ensure it stays warm. Remember, the body warms human pee and it logically follows that a given sample should also possess this trait otherwise it will be deemed to have come from somewhere other than the body.

Leaving the pee on for a longer period will give it an unusually high temperature so be careful. In some instances, the sample can cool to the needed levels and still be effective. Just remember too much heat can destroy the sample.

The normal temperature of human pee is about thirty-five degrees Celsius. Use the temperature strip to determine if the sample is usable. Container cups for the samples usually come with inbuilt thermometers that register the heat of pee as soon as it enters the container.

2. Hide the sample in a place administrators don't frequently search.

Buying a life-like male organ such as the Monkey Dong (read more) and attaching it to your body is an efficient way to go about it, you can also hide the liquid in your bra or inner pants. Just be careful to ensure it doesn't spill.

Lab administrators may have been trained to identify signs of attempting to use fake samples so your plan should be to always appear as relaxed as possible and make the process of using the product as seamless as it can be. Practice the procedure at home before the actual test itself.

If you're traveling a considerable distance, to maintain the heat of the pee you can use your body heat to keep the sample warm. The body part you choose is up to you Place the sample in a sealed plastic bag and strap it near a hot body part. Remember, the temperature of pee samples is tested within four minutes of submission and is expected to lie between 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures higher or lower than this range are bound to trigger suspicions.

Does Ultra Pure Urine Work?

This brand of synthetic urine has a very low success rate. If you're concerned about your piss being detected as "not real", we would suggest looking at other products. Many users in forums complained that they have failed a test with Ultra Pure. After reading a couple more of these, we were quite discouraged about using this brand.

Ultra Pure Testimonial

Basically, the effectiveness of this piss comes down to three things; the quality of the product, the temperature and the strictness of those conducting the testing. If you can get the first two right and sneak the pee past the administrators you've passed the test.

For whatever reason Ultra Pure has a very high failure rate. All the ingredients they use, should give you a pass but there is far too many report cases were it has let someone down.

If you want to learn in depth about other urine products click here.

Will the urine work for all drugs?

The pee is designed to mimic clean human pee. Regardless of the drugs being tested it will work the same and deliver negative results.

Our Honest Review

How Much Does It Cost? - Good

$24.99 isn't bad for a 2oz bottle, so there are no complaints with how much you have to spend to try it out. At least you won't be too badly out of pocket if and when you need to try a different product.

Adulteration - Poor


Ultra Pure - as with all urine products - has to be checked for adulteration before you try to use it. Adulteration means the sample has been contaminated, diluted, or tampered with.

There are no reports available as to whether or not Ultra Pure passes the adulteration test, so that's just an added risk you'll end up taking if you try to use it.

Success Rate - Poor

There are many, many reports of users who have tried to use Ultra Pure to fool a substance screening and ended up failing, despite preparing the product properly and having it at the correct temperature when they gave their sample.

There are some reports of users passing their test with this product but the ratio isn't great, especially when there are alternatives available (like QuickFix) that have a failure rate of less than 0.02%. As far as I see it, you might not be paying very much for a bottle of Ultra Pure but the chances of failing your test could end up costing your serious cash in the long run. Yeah losing your job or not getting the dream job certainly does have an impact on your lifestyle.


d minusPlease remember to follow all the instructions listed here carefully no matter what product you choose, or it might end up costing you dearly. This product has too many red flags and we would suggest strongly not to use it. Only a few times has this product passed a pee test and that is not good enough when failure can lead to you getting sacked or losing out in a future job. Choosing this product based on its relatively low price point would appear to be the ultimate false economy when your whole future is at stake as it is with a drug test

The only product we know to have a perfect success rate is Quick Fix. It's quite simply the most reliable product on the market.

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