Ultra Pure (Klean) Review What You Need to Know About It

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This Ultra Pure review was last updated in June 2024.

Facing a mandatory urine drug test is never a fun experience. Preparing for it is almost worse than actually going to the lab to submit your sample.

The panic and anxiety that most people feel who know their personal lives will result in a failed drug test can even become a red flag at work. But it doesn’t have to be that way, as long as you take a few simple steps.

Fake pee is one of the most reliable ways to not get caught in one of these drug tests. They allow you to keep your personal and work life separate without your employer getting an insight into what you’re up to in your own time.

Ultra Pure is one such product, but before you just blindly buy what you see in your search results, you have to make sure it’s reliable and effective. You’ll find several Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine reviews online, some may be honest and unbiased, while most aren’t. In this review, we’ll lay down all the things that you need to know about the product, and help you decide if it’s worth it or not.

After all, there’s no point in spending your money on something that could still completely change your life.


  1. Drugs are present in pee from within 5 minutes of use to weeks after, depending on the type of drug.
  2. Synthetic urine products are still the most reliable way to pass a substance screening.
  3. Losing your job because of a failed lab test makes it statistically significantly more difficult to find future employment.

So, let’s see how the Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine stacks up to the challenge.

How Does Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Work?

Pee Kit

Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine effectively mimics real human urine with its proprietary formula, making it useful for passing tests and scientific research.

These include creatinine, phosphates, sulfates, chlorides, urea, uric acid, and water that simulate the physical and chemical properties of real human pee. The pee also needs to be free of any kind of waste material that wouldn’t be found in human pee.

Most synthetic brands producing these solutions can’t produce an accurate enough composition that closely mimics this combination.

The same synthetic urine brands also have trouble evolving with the ever-changing technology developed in the labs to flash out fake pee samples.

Therefore, they create ineffective fake pee products that don’t work. To create an effective product that can be relied upon to beat a urinalysis requires years of scientific research, insider knowledge, and manufacturing expertise.

Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine (sometimes referred to as Ultra Klean) is the 2nd most popular synthetic urine product behind the market leader Sub Solution (our recommended product).

This brand uses a proprietary formula that was created in 1997. As a non-biological, completely homogeneous, safe formula, it contains all the ingredients required in a high-quality fake pee sample.

The product is properly balanced for pH, specific gravity, creatine, and uric acid, which are all good signs that it should do the job.

Ultra Pure fake pee is also ideal for a variety of diagnostic applications, including quantitative analysis, general research, and test kit calibration.

This is actually where its formulation came from, as researchers needed reliable synthetic urine samples to fine-tune their equipment.

Ultra Pure fake pee can also be used as a buffer to test for the availability of E. coli and salmonella in foods. Although less common, Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine has also proven to be a valuable novelty item or as a fetish item in adult toys (no judgment here).

What is Included with Ultra Pure Kit?

The Ultra Pure kit includes a small 2 oz. bottle of solution, a rubber band, an essential heating pad, and a temperature strip to help you maintain the right temperature for your sample during drug tests, all discreetly packaged for your convenience.

Finding out last minute that a vital part is missing is not a good situation to be in.

The Ultra Pure kit contains the following items:

  • Small 2 oz. bottle of the solution that is light and easy to carry around. This size is more than enough for a couple of drug tests.
  • A rubber band is included to help you secure the heating pad.
  • One essential heating pad that helps you maintain the temperature of the sample. Try and keep the temperature at a steady heat. Don’t have the temperature jumping up and down as this can damage your sample.
  • 1 temperature strip that allows you to check your pee before heading into the lab. You need to hand it in at the right temperature, or your fake sample will be detected. Please note if there is no reading on the strip, there is a good chance that the temperature strip reading may be too high or low.

You can store this product for up to 3 years without the need to freeze or refrigerate. If you do open the bottle, make sure you use it within seven days as oxygen can damage the sample over time.

What Makes Ultra Klean Synthetic Urine Kits Stand Out?

Ultra Klean’s synthetic urine kits excel in offering a realistic solution for passing drug tests, with meticulously formulated synthetic urine, temperature maintenance, and clear instructions. Their synthetic urine is formulated using extensive scientific research, positioning it as one of the best options available.

What sets Ultra Klean apart is its dedication to providing a comprehensive package that ensures a realistic experience. Recognizing the critical importance of maintaining an accurate temperature, they include a heating pad to prevent any suspicion of tampering.

To guarantee customer satisfaction, Ultra Klean offers a superior urine sample along with clear, user-friendly instructions. They also offer a variety of additional products for individuals seeking solutions related to drug testing. With Ultra Klean’s synthetic urine and the accompanying support, customers can confidently navigate drug tests, relying on reliable products designed to closely resemble real urine.

How to Use Ultra Pure:

An increasing number of employers are favoring urinalysis as a drug test, and this has positively affected the trend and demand for this synthetic urine brand over the years. However, the proper use of any synthetic urine solution is a must for success. Below are some steps you need to follow.

1. Prepare the chemical properly before going for the drug test.


Start by shaking the bottle with the pee prior to using it, then place the fake urine sample in a microwave for ten seconds, and you’re done.

Don’t have a microwave? Shake the heater pad that comes with the product, attach it to the bottle with the rubber band and place the bottle with the heater in your pocket for forty-five to sixty minutes. This should bring it up to the optimal temperature required.

Leaving the fake urine on for a longer period will give it an unusually high temperature, so be careful. In some instances, the sample can cool to the needed levels and still be effective. Just remember too much heat can destroy the sample.

2. Hide the fake urine sample in a place administrator don’t frequently search.

Buying a life-like male organ such as the Monkey Dong (read more) and attaching it to your body is an efficient way to go about it. You can also hide the synthetic urine in your bra or inner pants with some specialty flat pouches. Just be careful it doesn’t spill.

Lab administrators may have been trained to identify signs of attempting to use human urine samples during a drug test, so your plan should be to always appear as relaxed as possible and make the process of using the product as seamless as it can be.

Practice the procedure at home before the actual drug test and bring a book or newspaper to read while you’re waiting to be tested.

If you’re traveling a considerable distance, you can use your body heat to keep the urine sample warm. The body part you choose is up to you, but the inner thigh works very well. Place the sample in a sealed plastic bag and strap it to your body.

Remember, the temperature of pee samples is tested within four minutes of submission and is expected to lie between 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures higher or lower than this range are bound to trigger suspicion.

Can You Reheat Ultra Pure?

Yes, you can reheat Ultra Pure; however, you have to be careful how often you do this.

On the day of testing, it’s fine to heat the urine up a couple of times to get it right. But if you do this over a couple of days, then some of the water will evaporate, and the concentration will increase. This is a big red flag at a testing facility, so make sure you’re careful.

Does Ultra Pure Urine Work?

Ultra Pure Urine has a very low success rate in drug tests, making it an ineffective option for those seeking to pass such tests. If you’re concerned about your pee being detected as “not real,” we would suggest looking at other synthetic urine brands.

Many users in forums complained that they had failed a test with Ultra Pure synthetic urine. After reading a couple more of these, we were quite discouraged about using this particular brand of artificial urine.


Ultra Pure Testimonial

Basically, the effectiveness of any artificial urine comes down to three things: the quality of the product, the temperature, and the strictness of those conducting the drug test.

If you can get the first two right and sneak the pee past the administrators, you’ve passed the drug test.

For whatever reason, Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine has a very high failure rate. All the ingredients they use should give you a pass, but there are far too many reported cases where it has let someone down.

If you want to learn in-depth about other fake urine products check out the link.

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Will the synthetic urine work for all drugs?

The synthetic urine is designed to mimic clean human pee in drug tests. While it doesn’t contain common toxins and DNA, the base sample should be exactly what is used to calibrate testing equipment.

Therefore, Ultra Pure won’t contain any trace elements of drugs whatsoever. As long as it doesn’t get flagged as fake, it will work to pass a drug test. However, as mentioned, Ultra Pure is not reliable enough to pass as real.


Our Honest Review

How Much Does Ultra Pure Cost? – Good

$24.99 isn’t bad for a 2oz Ultra Pure bottle, so there are no complaints about how much you have to spend to try it out. However, we strongly advise to never focus on price when it comes to fake pee.

There’s too much at stake if you end up failing a drug test.

Adulteration – Poor


Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine – as with all pee products – has to be checked for adulteration before you try to use it. Adulteration means the sample has been contaminated, diluted, or tampered with.

There are no reports available as to whether or not Ultra Pure passes the adulteration test, so that’s just an added risk you’ll end up taking if you try to use it.

Success Rate – Poor

There are many reports of users who had tried to use Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine to fool a drug test and ended up failing, despite preparing the product properly and having it at the correct temperature when they gave their urine sample.

There are some reports of users passing their drug tests with this Ultra Pure, but the ratio isn’t great, especially when there are alternatives available (like Sub Solution) that have a failure rate of less than 0.02%.

Ultra Pure might be a cheap option for urine tests, but the chances of failing your test could end up costing you serious cash in the long run. Yeah, losing your job or not getting the dream job certainly does have an impact on your lifestyle.

Our Official Rating: 

  • Effectiveness: 3/5
  • Price: 4.5/5
  • Ease of use: 4/5

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine handle harsh conditions?

No, Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine cannot handle harsh conditions like the extreme heat and direct exposure to dry air. When this happens, then a considerable amount of water can evaporate, leaving the sample with a much higher concentration that will be picked up urine tests.

Can Ultra Pure be reused?

Yes, Ultra Pure can be reused, as long as you avoid heating and cooling it more than a couple of times. If you know you’ll only need a small portion of it, then keep the rest refrigerated for another time. But make sure you don’t exceed the use-by date.

Does Ultra Klean’s box comprise a temperature strip?

Yes, Ultra Klean’s box comprises a temperature strip that is needed for the process immediately before you enter the urine tests facility. With a preheated sample attached to your body, you’ll want to check the temperature strip just before you enter the facility to confirm it’s still at the optimum temperature.

Can Ultra Pure be refrigerated?

Yes, Ultra Klean synthetic urine can be refrigerated to keep the sample viable for a more extended time. You still have to avoid using it beyond the shelf date, and also avoid reheating it too often. This process will change the chemical concentration that can lead to a failed test.

Can Ultra Klean be gotten in stores?

No, Ultra Klean cannot be gotten in stores, and the makers only offer it as a guaranteed authentic product on their e-commerce store. You might find it at other stores like Amazon, but always make sure that you source it from a reputable retailer to guarantee correct uric acid levels.

Does Ultra Klean have a disgusting smell?

Yes, Ultra Klean has a disgusting smell, but it’s no more or less disgusting than real human pee. The smell ultimately comes down to a few chemical elements and uric acid, which don’t make for a pleasant experience. But having that smell is a good thing as it makes it appear more authentic.

What elements can be spotted in Ultra Klean?

The elements that can be spotted in Ultra Klean are a 2-ounce bottle of liquid, a rubber band, a heating pad, and a temperature strip. These are all needed to successfully prepare the sample and bring it into the test facility at the optimum temperature.


d minus

Always remember to follow all the instructions carefully, no matter what product you choose, or it might end up costing you dearly. It’s the number one reason why people fail, even with the best available products.

Unfortunately, this product has too many red flags even with uric acid presence, and we would suggest strongly not to use it. Only a few times has this product passed a pee test, and that is not good enough when failure can lead to you getting sacked or losing out on a chance of a new job.

Choosing this product based on its relatively low price point would appear to be the ultimate false economy when your whole future is at stake as it is with a drug test.

The only product we know to have a near-perfect success rate is Sub Solution. It’s quite simply the most reliable product on the market.

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