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The High Voltage Detox drink is one of the most recent products that showed its face around the Internet and social media platforms.

In fact, such drinks usually keep popping up in the form of ads, which is enough to make anyone suspicious.

Still, in order to avoid being too dismissive (which is fairly easy to do now, more than ever), we thought it would only be fair to find out what’s in this particular detox drink and whether it actually works for a urine drug test.

Just as with all the other detoxes that we’ve reviewed so far, we put this eye-catching product through meticulous examination.

What Is High Voltage Detox Drink?

high voltage productHigh Voltage Detox claims to be a potent toxin cleanse that delivers ingredients in capsules and liquid form.

The formula aims to trigger metabolic processes and reactions in your liver and kidneys, in order to filter out drug metabolites and remove them through your urinary tract.

On paper, the idea seems simple:

With the first significant dose, you let the active ingredients inside the capsules jump-start the detoxification process, and afterward, you follow up with smaller doses in liquid form to give your body that extra metabolic push.

The manufacturer has a reasonably good reputation, offering a range of fast detoxes with various flavors as well as long-term solutions.

To be frank, I haven’t seen any advertising that specifically mentions detox for drug use. But considering that they mostly advertise in herbal online stores and magazines, I must add, it isn’t unexpected that they target that specific niche.

The big question is whether the chosen ingredients have any scientific backing to make them work.

Let’s take a peek.


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Between the detox drink and the capsules, here’s what you’ll be taking.

Vitamin C: Shown to be an antioxidant and important for releasing unwanted toxins from fat cells [1]

Vitamin B Complex: It gives the pee the characteristic smell and color [2]

Nettle Leaf: A proven ingredient commonly found in health food stores

“Nettle tea is gradually assuming huge popularity in the West, a part of it is attributed to its excellent detox properties.” – NDTV Food

Echinacea Purpurea Extract: Claimed to stimulate immune responses

Caffeine: May boost mental focus and brain activity

Creatine supplementation: Important to replenish your creatinine levels, ensuring proper kidney function.

Milk Thistle Extract: Possible benefits on liver function for increased toxin removal

Burdock: May promote increased blood circulation and detox

Uva Ursi Leaf: Studies are inconclusive about its detoxification effect

Guarana Extract: Included as a diuretic to flush out your kidneys and bladder

Turmeric: Proven detox agent that is common in health supplements

Ligustrum Extract: We couldn’t find much information to support the inclusion of this ingredient

Gentian Powder: Mainly benefits digestive function

Corn Silk: Possible benefits for detoxification processes

Dandelion Powder: Commonly available as a supplement for metabolic benefits

Alfalfa Leaf: Often used to help with kidney function issues

Licorice Powder: Most commonly used to aid digestive functions

The main issue we have with the ingredients is that you don’t get details of how much of each is included.

Yes, it’s another one of the proprietary blend labels, and our suspicion is that the most effective ingredients are included in sufficient doses.

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How Does High Voltage Detox Work?

high voltage product bottle and boxThe manufacturer claims that the ingredients in the detox drink were specifically chosen to boost kidney and liver functions, promising maximum detoxification in a short period of time.

And here’s how it would work in theory.

Your liver and kidneys are the primary organs suited to remove free radicals, which include toxin leftovers from drug use.

That filtered residue is then transferred into your urinary tract, which is where a drug test may detect them if they are concentrated enough.

However, if you rapidly flushed out drug evidence a few hours before urinalysis drug tests, then the levels should be reduced enough to pass it during a certain timeframe.

More on whether this works shortly.

How Do You Use High Voltage Detox?

The High Voltage directions are relatively simple, but it’s always important to read them first to get the timing right before urine tests.

Here are the instructions from the website:

  1. Don’t consume drugs for at least 48 hours
  2. Take six capsules with 16 ounces of water
  3. Drink another 32 ounces of water after 30 minutes
  4. Drink the High Voltage liquid after one hour followed by another 16 ounces of water
  5. Urinate frequently

The big question is this: is it effective?

Does It Work?

detox body

First, we ordered a few home drug test kits and then tried them out on a Tuesday after a Saturday night party.

We started after breakfast on the morning of the trial test. We have to note that a lot more water had to be drunk in one day – more than any other detoxes we tried – which led to some concerns as it could end up diluting urinary matter too much.

Later that day, we then took urine samples after 1, 2, and 4 hours and used the test kits.

What we found is that the third test passed, but the other two failed. That seems to be matching what online reviews are saying, proving that its reliability doesn’t seem to be all that great for lab tests.


Can You Eat With High Voltage Detox Drink?

Yes, you can eat with High Voltage Detox products, but based on the info on the website, it may be best to just have a light snack. Having a large meal could potentially slow down absorption.

Can a Lab Test Detect High Voltage Double Flush?

No, a lab test shouldn’t detect High Voltage as the ingredients are not illegal or commonly tested for. Taking these would be perfectly normal and healthy, even if they were being tested for.

Should You Rely On This Detox Drink?

Based on our own test results and the customer comments we read online, we think that this is not the most reliable option available.

It just seems to trigger more positive test results than it would be worth risking.

In contrast, what we still do recommend for all our readers is Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse. It hasn’t let us down even after several years of testing.

And our readers from social media tend to agree with us the most on that one.

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