What’s the Best Home Drug Test?Ratings, Reviews & Where to Buy!

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This review was last updated in July 2024.

There are a lot of reasons to want to purchase a home drug testing kit.

Whether you’re concerned about your young one being involved in activities, or if you’re trying to make sure you’re clean before a urinalysis to get a job, it’s not uncommon for people to search for solutions within their home.

The good news is you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to selecting the one that is right for your purposes.

With so many companies and brands offering drug screening kits, narrowing down your choice to the option that is going to give you the top and most reliable results may give you pause. That’s why we have put out this best home drug tests review as a guide for you.

The 3 Best Home Drug Testing Kits Today

Here, we’ve included reviews of our top 3 drug screening kit options. With our in-depth reviews, you should be able to have all you need to make an informed decision regarding which to purchase.

Without further ado, here are our reviews of today’s top-rated home drug test kits to help make your decision easier.

1. PreScreen Plus Mini


The new kid on the block, the PreScreen Plus Mini home drug tests have hit the ground running with what seems to be an effective and reliable home drug test kit. With 25 pieces per package, you surely won’t be running out of drug testing strips anytime soon. And with its high substance accuracy, you won’t be worrying about whether you’ll pass your next drug test or not either.

You’ll know right away if you need to redo your plans, if you know what I mean.

This 12-panel home drug test kit by PreScreen Plus Mini looks for more substances than your normal random urinalysis. So, whatever your situation might be, you will have accurate results that you can use to prepare if your drug test comes out positive. That way, you can increase the likelihood of a negative result during the final drug test.

With 18 months of shelf life, you’re only going to need to buy one package, and you’re set for a while. This is especially important if your company is one that regularly runs its employees through unannounced drug tests. Be prepared!


How to Use It:

whole package

Product use is the same as with most other at-home drug test kits [1].

You just open the package and take out the test cup. The next thing you need to do is fill the cup with your urine sample ranging from 30ml to 110ml. Not more than that. Close the lid of the container then give it 5 minutes before reading the results.

It’s also important to note not to interpret the results after ten minutes.

As for storing the product, room temperature is the most ideal for keeping the strips as fresh and effective as they can be.

Where to Buy it?

You can purchase it online through the manufacturer or an approved reseller, making it a convenient option for buying the product.

However, you can buy it online, which is arguably a more convenient way of buying products these days anyway. So, if you are interested in getting this product, the safest place to do it is through the manufacturer itself or from an approved reseller.

Lucky for you, this link will take you to an authorized distributor of PreScreen Plus Mini home drug tests, where you can buy the products at a great price.

Our Thoughts on PreScreen Plus Mini

back of the bottle

I think we’ve hinted enough about how much we love this home drug test kit. It’s, by far, the most accurate one that we’ve tested and it covers way more substances than most at-home drug test kits out there right now, which makes it a great value.

I think the biggest thing that we’ve learned after testing PreScreen Plus Mini is to never assume something before actually testing it yourself. That’s because this relatively new brand has been a pleasant surprise.

After spending some time trialing this brand up against the other top-rated home drug test strips, we’ve found that it really deserves to take the #1 spot on our list of home drug test kits, purely off of accuracy and ease of use.


2. Easy@Home

Easy at Home Drug Test

Easy@Home is a company that develops reliable and trustworthy options in home drug tests for users. Offering a screening for users of marijuana and another type that screens for 12 commonly checked substances, users can find a choice that covers many different types of drugs.

With easy and accurate results, the Easy@Home home drug test kits are very convenient, as they come with multiple usage with each order. Typically sold in a 5-pack set, this allows users to complete the process numerous times with the home drug test as needed.

How to Use It:

Using a home drug test kit from Easy@Home could not be simpler. Offering results in only a few minutes, all the user needs to do is dip the strip into a urine sample produced by the person being checked.

From there, two lines reveal the user to be clean, while one line indicates that there are substances present in their system. It’s that easy.

Instruction for Easy at Home Drug Test

Where to Buy it?

To ensure the reliability of your at-home drug test kit purchase, you can find the Easy@Home drug test kit available on Amazon. When it comes to buying something like an at-home drug test kit, it is important to purchase from a source that is reliable and trustworthy. If you end up purchasing a knock-off brand or a product that is not genuine, you will more than likely get skewed results.

Should you choose to purchase the Easy@Home drug test kit, you can probably buy it from Amazon.

Our Thoughts on Easy@Home

Easy at Home Result of drug test

Easy@Home’s drug test kits have been FDA-approved and CLIA-waived for OTC use. They also meet SAMHSA standards for substance abuse screening.

While the company does not offer individual home drug tests and for each substance you may want to check for, the quality is fairly reliable, and the company provides a solid option for those looking to check for traces of substances present in urine.

If you want to check for 12 substances at once and aren’t too concerned about differentiating between those substances—or if you are primarily concerned about marijuana—then the Easy@Home home drug test kit should be great to get the job done for you.

3. Care Check

Care Check Drug Test at home

Care Check is a company that offers customers an easy-to-use solution to take care of all their home drug test needs using a simple strip. With the intention of providing a home drug test package that can be used several times, the company offers a kit that has 16 checks for marijuana alone and another kit that screens for 14 different types of substances.

Like Easy@Home, Care Check offers only a marijuana option and another option that screens for multiple commonly used substances. They do not have an option to check for individual types of drugs, which could allow the user to narrow down which substance is in their system. However, these products are of good quality and offer reliable results.

How to Use It:

Using this product could not be any easier. The kit contains detailed instructions for use to yield lab-accurate results in less than 5 minutes. One simply needs to immerse the strip in urine, lay it flat, and read the results.

The individually wrapped strips stay sterile, fresh, and ready for use until the user chooses to open them and immerse them in urine for checking. This drug test kit meets all FDA standards and has been FDA-approved.

How to use Care Check Drug Test

Where to Buy it?

To ensure the authenticity of your drug test home kit, it’s essential to purchase it from a reputable and trusted seller, such as Amazon. This is because if you choose to buy something from an untrusted, third-party seller, it is possible that what you are getting is not real and won’t be from Care Check.

Do your research and make sure that you are purchasing from a trusted seller before relying on the results you get from the products.

Our Thoughts on Care Check

Fast Result of Care Check Drug Test

Care Check is a reliable and trusted brand that has been known to produce consistent results. As long as the seller you’re purchasing from is genuine, you will likely get a good outcome from choosing to use this brand.

If you don’t need a drug testing kit that allows you to differentiate between the different types of substances being checked for, then this kit will fit your needs.

Other Drug Tests We’ve Reviewed:


Steroid Test of ITG Labs

With ITG Labs, you can trust that your product has been designed by a good brand and has undergone rigorous checks for accuracy. The company takes great pride in its products when it comes to customer service, ease of use, and above all, accurate results.

One of the better things about ITG Labs is that it offers different tests to search for different types of substances specifically. This is somewhat convenient and a hassle at the same time. So, instead of needing only one product like PreScreen Plus Mini that tests for everything, you’ll be buying a bunch of others as well just to be sure that you’re clear on all cylinders.

How to Use It:

10 Panels of ITG Labs Drug test

Because ITG Labs offers a wide variety of options regarding drug test kits, each designed to search for a particular substance, the methods for how to use each may vary slightly.

However, for the most part, these products offer results in as little as five minutes. By merely dipping the strip in a urine sample provided by the user, one line will show a positive result (substances in system), and two lines will show a negative result (no substances in system).

ITG Labs boasts a 90%+ accuracy rate for its products.

Where to Buy it?

To buy ITG Labs products safely, it’s best to purchase directly from the manufacturer for the genuine product, affordability, and excellent service. You wouldn’t want to rely on the results that come from a knockoff version of an ITG Labs product.

Drug test from ITG Labs

When you purchase products from the manufacturer directly, there is no need to fear that you are not buying the real deal. By purchasing your at-home drug test kit from ITG Labs directly, your result is much more likely to be one that you can trust and base future decisions on.

Our Thoughts on ITG Labs

Regarding these products, ITG Labs is one of our top choices but definitely is too expensive to be in the top 3. By offering many different options for home drug test kits with good accuracy rates, you cannot go wrong with purchasing your at-home product from ITG Labs.

The result of a urine drug test often has a lot riding on it, whether it is admission to an academic program, landing your dream job, or passing court-mandated checks. You don’t want to walk into your official substance screening lab with your head held high and your confidence is going through the roof because you used a product that told you that you were clean—only to come out with a disappointing result.

Our Verdict on the Best Self-Check Multi-Drug Test Kits

With these reviews on the top three best home drug test kits, this should make it much easier for you to make your decision! Regardless of why you want to use one, these are all excellent options to have made our list of selections.

Based on the information here, you can choose the one that works for you and order it today.

And after putting up these products head to head against each other, we are confident that PreScreen is the head of the class. By only needing one accurate product that covers all your needs, you won’t need to bother buying multiple home drug test kits. You’ll only need PreScreen and you’re all set!

Oh, did we forget to mention its 99%+ accuracy rate? Well, there you have it.

Keep in mind that buying straight from the manufacturer is always your top bet, so for the most guaranteed results and product, use our direct link to buy PreScreen Plus Mini today, and skip any third-party sellers that you might find.