Cannafield Detox Review

Cannafield Drug Free Detox

You’ve seen and heard about detox pills that claim to eliminate toxins just before scheduled urine drug tests. But do they actually work?

Based on our experience, there is only a handful that you can rely on.

My team and I decided to test a few products to see if they’re effective. In this Cannafield Detox review, we’ll tell you if it’s a go or a no for us.

What Is Cannafield Detox?

Cannafield Detox and Liver Cleanse is a USA-made premium dietary supplement, awarded as the Best Drug Detox of 2019 by the American Medical Association.

The company claims that this supplement is five times stronger than other detox brands and contains 100 percent natural ingredients to help speed up the detoxification process.

As per our research, Cannafield Detox is known for its powerful total-cleanse feature that accelerates natural detox up to 200 percent and supposedly removes all kinds of toxins.

This detox product has a 5-day toxi-freedom feature, which is a timeframe clinically-tested for its efficacy.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • 100 percent vegan-free
  • Clinically-tested 5-day toxi-freedom efficacy
  • Strong total cleanser
  • Instant detoxifier


  • May upset your stomach
  • 5-day effect varies
  • Not FDA evaluated

What’s In The Product?


Milk thistle is one of Cannafield’s key ingredients. According to studies, milk thistle has a detoxifying ability that prevents the entrance of toxins and helps remove them from the liver cells.

It contains a related compound called silymarin, which lowers the liver’s oxidative stress associated with toxin metabolism. [1]

Cannafield Detox pills also contain the following:

  • goldenseal root powder for indigestion
  • burdock root powder to increase urine flow and purify the blood
  • red clover flower powder to keep blood clots from forming
  • yellow dock root powder good for detoxification and cleanse the toxins
  • beetroot powder to reduce the risk of liver damage, and;
  • bentonite clay powder that helps cleanse your body of built-up toxins like mercury and lead.

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How Does It Work?

Cannafield Detox has an instant detoxifier formula that helps altogether remove toxins right away. It is formulated to give you a proper portion of natural ingredients for faster elimination of toxins.

The company claims that this supplement is the top toxin remover because its clinically-tested efficiency promises you only five days to get toxi-freedom.

With all the natural ingredients, this detox supplement claims to speed up your body’s natural detoxification process.

This detox supplement also has a robust total clearance feature that will help effectively remove harmful metabolites and other toxins from your liver, kidney, and blood.

6 Things to Consider When Using Cannafield

To maximize the effectiveness of this supplement, Cannifield recommends to do the following:

  1. Take the Cannifield Detox a week before the test.
  2. Make sure to drink eight glasses of water a day.
  3. Do cardio exercises to increase metabolism.
  4. To remove toxins, avoid consuming fast foods and sugar.
  5. Practice a healthy diet and sleep early for adequate rest and fast recovery.
  6. Make sure not to consume or use any new toxins during your detoxification process.


Cannafield Detox FAQS

Will the HR know that I took a Cannafield detox for my urine test?
No, this detox’s ingredients are all-natural. Other users’ reported that their probation test ran smoothly.

Does Cannafield clean for good?
It depends. While it may work for others, it may not conform to some. We’ve read a lot of reviews that claim Cannafield detox works well. However, some say it does not work at all for them. As every individual’s system varies, this product’s effectiveness depends on person to person.

How many Cannafield capsules should I take every day?
As per the product label, you may take one capsule four times a day, with meals.

Can I use this product to treat or prevent any disease?
No. The FDA did not evaluate this product to treat, diagnose, or prevent any disease or pre-existing health condition.

Do We Recommend Cannafield Detox? Our Verdict

While Cannafield Detox does have the 5-day clinically tested efficiency to give you toxi-freedom, we still prefer Rescue Detox as our go-to detox pill when it comes to toxin elimination, especially before a scheduled urine test.

We’ve tested other detox pills and we have to say the Rescue 5-Day Detox capsules work very well. We like how the product contains all-natural herbs that you can mix up at home. It’s backed by countless positive reviews, too.

When it comes to effectiveness, you’ll see results in 60 minutes on average. But if you want to see the full effects, give it at least 5 days to completely flush out the free radicals.

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