How to Use Quick Fix Without a Microwave? (5 Steps to Note)

A doctor a holding a jar of urine and a Quick Fix synthetic urine product

If you’re looking to heat Quick Fix without a microwave, you can use other effective heat sources. To help you know what to do, we researched the official Quick Fix website and tried different heating methods until we finally compiled this article with detailed instructions on what to do and what works best. 

Here’s everything you’ll need to know about using Quick Fix without a microwave. 

Quick Summary

  • To use Quick Fix without a microwave, attach it to an activated heating pad or hand warmer. 
  • Monitor the temperature strip to ensure urine heats up to the desired temp. 
  • Heating pads keep urine warm for up to 5 hours.

5 Steps to Using Quick Fix Without a Microwave 

Here’s what you need to do to heat this pee without a microwave:

1. Check Batch Number

A person holding the box of Quick Fix to check the batch numberThe first thing that you do before using your Quick Fix synthetic urine is to check the batch number. A Quick Fix batch number is an identification code issued by Spectrum Labs, and you can use it to trace the product’s formula.

Checking the batch number ensures you have a current batch from Spectrum Labs and an updated formula. 

The batch code is on the top left of the instructions in the box. You can validate your product using a batch validator on Spectrum Labs’ website or contact them directly if any challenges arise. 

Failure to check the batch number before use may lead to using a fake, outdated, or expired product. Therefore, your best bet is to review the batch number before using it. 

2. Activate Hand Warmer

To activate the hand warmer for heating, gently unwrap it from its packaging and shake it quickly. Activating a hand warmer can take roughly 45 minutes or more before it starts working, so you must be patient. Also, ensure it’s exposed to air after shaking to start the chemical reaction [1]. 

Afterward, set the hand warmer aside and let it warm up.  

3. Shake the Bottle and Remove Foil Seal

A person holding a bottle of Quick Fix urineShaking the bottle is an easy way to ensure that all the components in the urine sample blend.

This is because the ingredients in synthetic urine can settle during shipment, so it’s essential to shake them for a few seconds so they’re ready for the heating process. 

Some Quick Fix synthetic urine bottles have a tiny induction or foil seal that keeps them from spilling during transport.

If your product has one, remove it before wrapping it in a hand warmer. 

4. Tape Quick Fix Bottle to a Handwarmer

A hand warmer can heat your urine if you don’t have a microwave. A hand warmer keeps Quick Fix synthetic urine between 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit for about 5 hours. 

Tape-wrap the hand warmer around the bottle using a rubber band provided in the kit at least an hour before your test.

It will take longer to heat Quick Fix with this method, so it’s important to use it if you have enough time to prepare for your drug test. 

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5. Check the Temperature 

Checking the temperature of Quick Fix urineQuick Fix synthetic urine has a temperature strip on the side of the bottle. The temperature strip should show a green dot between 94° – 100°F.

If the bottle feels warm but is not displaying a reading, the synthetic urine is overheated. Let it cool down slowly until you see a reading on the temperature strip.

If the synthetic urine temperature is below 94°F, heat again in the hand warmer for a few more minutes until you see the green dot.

Before submitting your urine sample, confirm it is between 94-100°F and pour it into the urine collection cup.

“Urine samples must be at a range of 90-100°F or 32 to 38°C to be a valid sample.”
–  U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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4 Tips for Using Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 

Quick Fix product with a blue background

  • Buy directly from the source: There are several advantages of buying from an official website. First, you get an authentic product at fair prices and an updated formula. If you validate the batch number and the product is outdated, the company exchanges retail products at no charge. 
  • Practice using it: It’s best if you try warming fake pee multiple times at home to build confidence to avoid problems that may come up, like submitting  it when it’s too cold or too hot. This is usually a common mistake that most people make, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the preparation method as much as possible. 
  • Purchase a current formula: Before purchasing Quick Fix, be thorough with checking the formula you’re purchasing. 
  • Know where to hide it: You can stash your bottle in underpants, around your thighs, or inside a bra. Ensure you tuck it in without leaving any bulkiness, as this could lead to suspicion. Remain calm when submitting your urine too. 


Can You Heat Up Quick Fix without a Microwave?

Yes, you can heat up Quick Fix without a microwave. Using a hand warmer or heating pad is the most effective way we recommend, as these heat sources keep urine warm for longer periods. 

How Long Should I Heat Up Quick Fix?

You should heat up a Quick Fix for at least one hour using a hand warmer or heating pad. Be careful not to overheat it, as extreme temperatures may destroy its validity. 

Heating Up Quick Fix Without a Microwave

Heating up Quick Fix without a microwave requires using a hand warmer or heating pad, but they must be activated first. After activating, tape the bottle to the hand warmer and monitor the temperature until it reads between 94-100°F. 

Additionally, check the product’s batch number to see if the product is real and effective. That way, you’re not buying any fake or expired products.

Check out more about Quick Fix in our Quick Fix review and learn all the ins and outs of using this synthetic urine.



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