Clear Choice Sub-Solution Review Did You Make The Right Choice?

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This Sub Solution review was last updated in June 2024.

The stakes are high when it comes to passing unexpected urine drug tests. It could be the difference between getting your dream job, being unemployed, or worse, legal action with potential incarceration.

No matter what your reason is for using artificial urine, one thing you don’t want to gamble on is whether or not it works when you’re going through a drug test screening.

That’s why we will review Sub Solution fake urine today. It’s a solution that’s been getting rave reviews for years, but we wanted to see whether this product lives up to all the hype and if it is indeed the best artificial urine out there.

Let’s get into the Sub Solution synthetic urine review.

What is Sub Solution Synthetic Urine?

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Sub Solution Synthetic Urine is a powdered artificial urine solution that is mixed with water to mimic human urine, offering a reliable alternative for passing urine drug tests.

The powdered artificial urine form serves as a testament to why this Clear Choice urine kit solution works better than many others on the market. With pre-mixed artificial urine solutions, there is the risk that the components in the bottle can separate. When in powdered urine form, you can mix it on the day you need to take the urine drug test, and rest assured that the solution won’t separate.


How Does It Work?

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine works by allowing you to create an artificial urine mixture that closely mimics the temperature and composition of real human urine, helping you pass a drug test successfully.

When you receive the Sub Solution Synthetic Urine kit, you get:

  • A vial of the sample
  • A vial of heat activator powder
  • A mixing container

creating the mixture

Instructions on how to use Sub Solution and mix the complex formula are specified on the urine kit, but here’s a quick overview on how to use it to create the artificial urine mixture.

Mix tap water and the contents of the plastic bottle into the mixing container. The solution can be mixed up to 8 hours before the drug test.

As you near the time of the actual drug test, you can add the contents of the heat activating vial. The mixing container has a strip on the side that indicates whether the materials are at the correct temperature range. When real urine comes out of the human body, it has a temperature between 98°F to 102°F. If the contents of the solution are in the correct temperature range (ideally around 100 F), the temperature strip on the side will be green.

If the content of the vial is below that temperature range, then you can add the heat activator powder. If the temperature is below 88°F, then you’ll want to add 1/3 of the contents of the heat activator powder into the rest of the urine formula. If the temperature strip is between 88°F and 92°F, you’ll want to add 1/4 of the heat activator powder into your current solution.

clearchoice subsolution productIf you end up adding too much of the heat activator powder, you can cool off the Sub Solution by placing the mixing container against a cold surface. If you’re in a tiled bathroom, a cold surface such as the floor or the toilet tank might work to bring the temperature strip down.

Putting the heat activator powder mixture in the microwave for 10 seconds at least 2 hours prior to your drug test may also help maintain the ideal urine temperature.

It’s important to note that if you mix the Sub Solution heat activator powder before going in for the drug test, you don’t want to tuck it in with the strip pressed against your skin. This can lead to false readings of the temperature, which won’t come off like real human urine.

What Are the Ingredients?

ingredientsThe Sub Solution formula contains 11 ingredients, with urea and uric acid being the key components that make it closely mimic real human urine. Most of these are chemical compounds that help to balance the pH, specific gravity, and creatinine levels, in addition to chemicals that facilitate the heat activation of the fake urine sample using a heat activator powder and heat activator powder vial.

But the most important components as to why this solution mimics normal urine formula so efficiently are:

  • Uric acid
  • Urea

Because the Sub Solution urine kit contains urea, uric acid, specific gravity, and other components found in real human urine, this sample is as close as you can get to a mixture that passes as the real stuff. It’s pretty good, but how do you even use it?

Let’s get right into that.

Benefits of Clear Choice Sub Solutions Fake Urine Brands

The benefits of Clear Choice Sub Solutions are various, as this product is one of the most reliable on the market and will help you pass a drug test due to the uric acid content. Let’s look at some of these advantages but also the disadvantages below.


  • Powdered urine form prevents separation
  • Reliable and consistent results due to uric acid content
  • Inexpensive and easy to use
  • All US orders over $135 enjoy free USPS standard shipping
  • You receive a $30 discount if you purchase Practice Kit with a Sub Solution or Quick Luck
  • You receive a 25% discount if you add 4 products from a single category to your cart


  • Must be mixed with water
  • Takes longer to use than in the liquid form

Custom Rating Criteria

  • Quality: 5/5
  • Price: 4.5/5
  • Usability: 5/5
  • Effectiveness: 5/5

Side Effects of Clear Choice Sub Solution Fake Urine

There are no reported side effects of Sub Solution. This product is safe to use and will not cause any harm to your body.

How to Use Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit?

To use the Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit, follow the instructions to mix the powder with warm water until it’s clear and ensure the temperature reaches around 100°F using heat activator powder if needed. The instructions that come with the product are clear and easy to follow.

  1. You will need a plastic bottle to mix the solution in. Pour warm water into the bottle.
  2. Add Clear Choice powder to the bottle, cover it, and shake it until the solution is clear.
  3. The temperature on the side of the crucible should be around 1000F. If it is not close to 100F, then your temperature is not high enough, and you need to increase it. Keep in mind that if the temperature falls below 880F, the strip will not be able to read it.
  4. Increase the temperature by adding some heat activator powder to the bottle.
  5. Shake the bottle gently for a few minutes and let it settle. Then, recheck the temperature. If it is still far from 100F, you can add some heat activator again until you reach the desired temperature.

Where Can I Buy Sub Solution Fake Urine?

You can purchase Sub Solution fake urine directly from the manufacturer to ensure authenticity and avoid potential issues with third-party sellers. It is essential to be sure you’re purchasing the real deal and something that hasn’t been tampered with by any third party.

There might be some of these artificial urine samples on sale on eBay or Craigslist, maybe even at your local smoke shops, but I wouldn’t trust those at all. They’re usually old, outdated, and some may even be fake. So, do you really want to add another problem to the equation? Didn’t think so.

Manufacturers guarantee a lot of things that third-party sellers just don’t; this is a huge draw when it comes to these products. You’re just in a safer place if you buy it from the official company.

And luckily for you, we have the link to the website right here, just click on the button below, and it will take you there. Once you have bought your Sub Solution, we can promise you that you’ll sleep better at night, knowing you have a better chance of passing with flying colors.

How Much Does It Cost?

money and question mark signThe cost of Clear Choice Solution is currently $75 on the manufacturer’s website, which may be higher than some other products on the market. Sure, that’s more than twice the cost of other products (see our other synthetic urine recommendations) on the market, and it’s probably why most people do their homework by reading reviews before purchasing one.

Regardless of the price, if you find yourself seriously needing a artificial urine solution that does work, then the Sub Solution is a great investment. It does the job, and once you pass your urine test, you’ll be able to look at the cost as $75 well spent.

Other Clear Choice Sub Solution Review Comments

When it was time for my drug test, I was told I had 4 minutes and to not flush or wash my hands. I went in, opened the cap, and quietly poured it in the cup. The test cup also had a temp strip and it was 96 degrees, so no need for the heat activator. I was so nervous that I couldn’t even actually pee in the toilet. I dumped the little tiny bit of sub solution that was leftover in the toilet but it was not enough to change the color. Carelessly, I walked out without even throwing toilet paper in the bowl (I’m a female, so I’m sure the lady was like WTF she didn’t wipe??) She did ask if I had accidentally flushed. I said no, and that was it. I watched her mark the temperature, record that it was not adulterated with, and I signed some papers and walked out. Took me a long ass time to get the results. Quest wouldn’t post it on my portal. I found out I passed 11 days later by logging in to the company website that had ordered the drug test. Clear Choice Sub Solution DOES work” Impressive-Ad6598, Reddit User

“I just received the good news that I have passed my pre-employment drug test (5-panel).”-NorCalWeedologist, Reddit User

“Used Sub Solution for a 9-panel non-DOT LabCorp drug screen on 4/26. Got my report back today, 4/28, with passing results! This was pre-employment for a pharma company.”-OverallSpecific0, Reddit user

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Sub Solution Fake Urine Still Work Correctly Even in Hot Temperatures?

No, Sub Solution will not work correctly in hot temperatures because lab testing facilities will first evaluate the temperature of the artificial urine sample. If it is warmer than the average human body temperature, then it’s an immediate indicator of failure. Also, at very high temperatures, the Sub Solution sample’s chemical composition can change.

Is One of the Items Inside the Sub Solution Fake Urine Package a Temperature Strip?

Yes, one of the items inside the Sub Solution package is a temperature strip, and it is essential that you familiarize yourself with how to read it. It should also not be placed between the container and your skin, as this can create a false reading.

Can You Put Sub Solution Fake Urine in a refrigerator?

Yes, you can put Sub Solution in a refrigerator to store it for future use. The chemical structure of the artificial urine formula will not diminish as long as you avoid sudden temperature changes. You should also avoid using Sub Solution after the recommended use-by date to avoid problems during the urine test.

Does Clear Choice Sub Solution Fake Urine Expire?

No, Clear Choice Sub Solution does not expire. This product is reliable and will help you pass your urine drug test.

How Long Does Synthetic Urine Last After Mixing?

Synthetic urine will last for up to 24 hours after mixing.

Does the Sub Solution Work?

Yes, the Sub Solution synthetic urine does indeed work, as confirmed by numerous customer reviews and its 15-year reputation for near-perfect effectiveness since its launch in 2002.

Numerous customer Sub Solution synthetic urine review comments have raved about this artificial product. Some people have even said that they passed more than one drug test using Sub Solution, so you can be confident that it was not a one-time deal for many users.

Furthermore, it may be the best synthetic urine since it launched in 2002, and with a 15-year reputation for near-perfect effectiveness, you can be confident that this mixture works when used properly.

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