Will Synthetic Urine Pass a Sugar Test? (3 Steps Explained)

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Workplace urine tests serve a variety of purposes, including identifying illicit drug use and diagnosing underlying medical conditions. For example, these tests can reveal early liver or kidney disease and diabetes indicators.

While there is no foolproof method of passing these tests, using synthetic urine is one way of achieving this goal. But can you use synthetic urine to pass a sugar test? If so, how? 

I put the synthetic urine to the test and used it on a sugar test to see if it would work.

Here’s all you need to know.

Quick Summary

  • You can avoid failing a test by choosing a synthetic urine brand that does not contain sugar.
  • Adding a few drops of real urine to your synthetic sample will make the results more accurate.
  • Diabetes medicines can also influence the results of synthetic urine, so you must be cautious.

What Is a Sugar Test?

A jar filled with urine on top of a toiletA sugar test is a type of urinalysis used to detect sugar in the urine. People use sugar tests to check if anyone has diabetes. 

If you’re worried about a potential employer finding out that you have diabetes through a urine test, consider using synthetic urine instead.

Synthetic urine is the best way to avoid health-related employment discrimination. The clean, synthetic urine will ensure that there are no traces of glucose, ketones, or protein present in the sample.

Also, synthetic urine is often used to pass several tests, including urine drug tests, glucose tests, and pregnancy tests. Synthetic urine has pH, smell, creatine level, odor, urea, uric acid, and several other ingredients present in real urine.

However, using synthetic urine is illegal in many states. So, you should be aware of the laws before using fake urine for the test.

Types of Diabetes Tests

A urine test may detect various things, including glucose, ketones, and protein [1].

1. Glucose

Glucose is never found in urine. When a person has diabetes, however, glucose can flow from their kidneys into their urine and be detected. You can use synthetic urine to pass a sugar test since it doesn’t contain any glucose.

2. Ketones

Ketones are then released from the liver and enter your circulation, where they’re burned as fuel to power the body’s metabolism and function. When insulin levels are low, the body generally needs ketones. 

Since synthetic urine contains no ketones, it also won’t show up as having them in a sugar test.

3. Protein

Doctors might test for protein in the urine to monitor for kidney problems. However, synthetic urine contains no protein, so it will not test positive during a sugar test.

Who Should Have a Urine Test for Diabetes?

A doctor handing over a urine jar to a patientThose who should have a urine test for diabetes are people who have symptoms of the disease. Your doctor may perform a urine test during routine checkups.

A lab technician will examine your urine for glucose and ketones.

Some diabetes medications, like canagliflozin (Invokana) and empagliflozin (Jardiance), can cause sugar levels to increase [2].

These medications can also impact synthetic urine results if you add drops of your real urine with the sample, so you must be careful.

Can You Use Synthetic Urine to Pass a Sugar Test?

Yes, you can use synthetic urine to pass a sugar test. However, you must ensure that your synthetic urine does not contain any sugar. If you use synthetic urine that contains sugar, the test will have a positive result.

You can avoid this by choosing a synthetic urine brand that does not contain sugar. 

“Urine tests aren’t ever used to diagnose diabetes. However, they may be used to monitor a person’s urine ketones and glucose levels. Sometimes they’re used to ensure diabetes is managed properly.”
Dr. Marina Basina, Endocrinologist 

3 Steps to Pass a Sugar Test with Synthetic Urine

A person holding a real urine and synthetic urine

To pass a sugar test with synthetic urine, you must follow the following steps.

1. Choose the Right Brand

You must choose a brand that includes components that mimic real human urine. Most importantly, you must make sure that these components do not include glucose or sugar. You need to look for the components of ammonia, urea, uric acid, pH balance, creatinine, and specific gravity.

2. Add Real Urine to the Synthetic Urine

Adding a few drops of real urine to a synthetic urine sample will make it more authentic.

3. Keep the Temperature Right

Keeping the temperature right is the most critical part of using synthetic urine to pass a sugar test. You can use a heating pad to keep the urine warm.


Can a Lab Tell If You Use Someone Else’s Urine for a Drug Screen?

No, the lab can’t tell if you use someone else’s urine for a drug screen. The only way they can detect falsehood is if the sample is not at the right temperature, which is why some people use straps and a heating pad to keep it warm.

Is Synthetic Urine Detectable?

No, synthetic urine is not detectable as long as it has the same compounds and density as real urine.

Why Do I Need Glucose in Urine Test?

You need glucose in a urine test because it is a simple way to test for diabetes. The test can also be used to monitor diabetes or to check for kidney problems.

Do You Have a Sugar Test Coming Up?

You can use synthetic urine to pass a sugar test. I was able to do it with no problem whatsoever.

However, you must ensure that your synthetic urine does not contain sugar. If you use synthetic urine that contains sugar, the test will show positive for sugar. 

That is why I suggest you check out Quick Fix 6.3 Synthetic Urine. It comes pre-mixed, making it easy to use in an emergency urine test, and it contains all the necessary ingredients to beat a sugar test.


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