Zydot Detox Drink Review

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With the number of different detox drinks available today, you’d wonder why there is a need for so many products.

If you’ve followed our blog and product reviews, you’ll know that we’ve probably tested over 50 of these. And most of them are useless.

In the last couple of months, we started hearing some feedback from readers about Zydot Ultimate Blend.

The obvious question is: did drinking it lead to a passed urine test?

As with all our product reviews, we did some good old fashioned partying to find out.

What Is Zydot Detox Drink?

zydot thumbZydot Detox Drink is a detoxification drink that aims to help people get rid of all sorts of toxins. All the marketing materials highlight that this blend should be effective for the majority of chemicals we might become exposed to.

But does it cover a mandatory piss test?

Technically, that isn’t the case. You won’t find information on the bottle label or website that this is aimed at being able to pass a urine drug test.

But if you look at the actual product reviews online, then it does seem to have become popular with folks that enjoy certain types of recreational activities.

I’ll say no more and judge even less.

Zydot Detox Drink Natural Ingredients

This is actually where some of our problems and criticism started with Zydot. All the online retailers and the actual company website don’t actually make a clear statement about what it contains.

For a cleansing drink, that is pretty unusual, but we didn’t give up.

Here’s what we found:

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1 – Fructose

Looking at the nutritional label, you’ll see a lot of carbs in the form of sugar. The company claims that it contains complex carbs, but those would mainly be the fiber.

Fructose would not be a complex carb [1], and it would explain why it tastes so sweet.

2 – Creatine

This is an interesting thing to see, and it’s important in an indirect way.

What I mean is that it won’t actually remove THC. But during the detox process, you’ll be drinking a lot of water and peeing a lot. This will dilute your pee.

Is that a problem?

One way that labs check for diluted pee is to measure for creatinine, which is what your body produces naturally. Technically, taking some extra creatine should raise your creatinine levels high enough to not raise a warning flag during a test.

“Creatinine is a normal waste product that the body produces every day during muscle movements and when digesting meat.”

– Jenna Fletcher, Freelance Health Writer.

3 – Vitamin B Blend

What we did find quite positive is the long list of B vitamins.

While they provide general health benefits to pretty much everyone, what might be more important is that they are believed to have positive detox effects [2]. What we couldn’t tell is whether the dose is strong enough.

In theory, though, it’s a positive that should help with natural cleansing.

Now it’s time to check out the instructions.

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How Do You Use Zydot Products?man drinking

You use Zydot Products by drinking the full bottle after being clean for at least two days. Once you’ve downed the drink, you need to refill the bottle with water and drink it 15 minutes after consuming Zydot.

I know it’s a lot of water, and you’ll likely feel a bit bloated.

The instructions go on to say that you must urinate at least three times to flush out the toxins from your body.

Based on some online reviews, you would probably need to be consuming this at least 2 hours before a urine test.

Does Zydot Work For Drugs?

Unfortunately, I don’t believe that Zydot works well as a detox drink.

Let me explain.

Our testing criteria always involves ordering a few standard urine test kits. We then find a suitably busy party weekend, and two days later, we see how the body reacts to the product.

The results for Zydot were not in favor as we got two failed tests, even when using it exactly as described.


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Can Zydot Ultimate Detox be detected?
No, Zydot Ultimate Detox cannot be detected as the product only includes natural and legal substances. Based on all the information we could find, there is nothing in it that would be actively tested for.

Does Zydot Ultimate Detox work for THC and other drug toxins?
No, Zydot Ultimate Detox doesn’t seem to work for THC and other toxins. Based on a moderate to high amount of drug use, the results seem to be less than convincing.

Are There Better Cleansing Products?

Yes, there are better options, and I would recommend anyone who needs a passed test result to avoid Zydot.

No matter how much water we drank in the detox process, we just couldn’t get the results needed to be able to recommend it. Add the fact that it’s not all that clear what it contains, and there should be enough doubt.

Our go-to product is still Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse, and you can find out how well it worked on our dedicated review page.

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