Absolute Detox Drink Review
Does It Really Work?

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If you’ve been smoking weed recently, and you have a parole or work drug test coming up, your best chance of passing is a detox drink.

I’ve reviewed a fair share of detox drinks so far and found that some work better than others.

When a friend recently asked me what I think about Absolute Detox, I decided to try it. I also studied Absolute Detox ingredients and checked what other users had to say about it.

Here’s my Absolute Detox review.

What is Absolute Detox?

Absolute De-Tox flavorsAbsolute Detox is a detoxifying drink that holds the drug metabolites in your body.

It works by blocking new toxins from going into the bladder for a couple of hours, which gives you enough time to pass a drug test.

Many drug metabolites are stored in the fat cells and are released once these cells are burned.

Absolute Detox claims to prevent the body from burning fat cells for about 5 hours.

This stops the drug metabolites from being released.

It’s sold by Seaton Hydro, an Australian family-owned business that’s been operating since 2010.

Absolute Detox Benefits

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These are the most important Absolute Detox benefits:

Contains Creatine

A person flexing his musclesAbsolute Detox manufacturer claims it blocks the drug metabolites from entering the body.

It does this with a combination of natural ingredients, the most significant being creatine.

While creatine won’t mask or diminish THC in your body on its own, it’s still an important ingredient.

Urine parameters are always checked when you do a drug test.

Urine parameters include creatinine levels, color, and specific gravity.

If the drug test finds the creatinine levels aren’t in the accepted range, it’s a sign that urine has been tampered with.

Creatinine is a by-product of creatine. Because Absolute Detox contains creatine, you won’t have diluted urine even if you consume a large amount of water, and you’ll pass the drug test successfully.

The last time I had to do a drug test, I decided to give Absolute Detox a try and see what the results will be.

I ended up passing the drug test, so I can say that the company’s claim is true. 


Red detox drink I’ve had my fair share of detox drinks that are so thick and bitter that they taste almost unpalatable.

I was happy to find this isn’t the case with Absolute Detox.

It comes in two flavors: cherry and lemon-lime.

I tried the cherry one, and I was delighted by its taste – it was better than I expected.

Suitable for Heavy Smokers

Guy in blue shirt smoking One final benefit of Absolute Detox is that this detox drink is suitable for heavy smokers.

You can choose between two options: one Absolute Detox bottle, or two, for heavy detox.

This is also suitable if you’re a large person.

As I’m on the leaner side, I only tried one bottle, but I found some reviews from people who claim they’re heavy smokers, and the drink worked for them.


  • Contains creatine for optimal creatinine levels in urine
  • Option for both heavy and light smokers
  • Two flavors available
  • Easy to use

Absolute Detox Shortfalls

Absolute Detox also has some shortfalls, the main one being the potential laxative effect. Many users claim that they had stomach issues for up to 48 hours after using this detox drink, and some also experienced overall soreness. However, I didn’t experience any of these side effects.


  • Causes a stomach ache

Where to Buy Absolute Detox

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You can buy Absolute Detox on the official website.

It comes in two flavors, and the price is the same for both.

However, you can also choose between two sizes:

  • 1 bottle of 473ml for $50
  • XXL 2 bottles of 473ml each for $80

The seller states they only give refunds under special circumstances, without specifying what these are.

However, they don’t give refunds if the product doesn’t meet your needs. So, if this product doesn’t work for you, it is not a good enough reason to get your money back.

Other Users’ Experience

Detox drink on a mug

Mikey from California

In his review, Mikey says Absolute Detox worked as a laxative for him. After 10 minutes of taking this detox drink, he had to run to the toilet, and this was repeated several times.

Jenny from Texas

Jenny says Absolute Detox made her fail two home drug tests that she had to pay for out of her pocket. Moreover, the detox drink gave her a terrible stomach ache that lasted for two days.

The company refused to give her a refund.


Is Absolute Detox Safe?

Absolute Detox has some side effects, such as diarrhea, and stomach aches, so it may not be safe for everyone.

Does Absolute Detox Work?

Absolute Detox doesn’t work for everyone. While there are many positive reviews, some claim this product didn’t work for them.

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Should You Try Absolute Detox?

You could give Absolute Detox a try. It contains creatine, so you don’t have to fear if the creatinine levels in your urine are satisfactory.

Also, it’s easy to use, and you should have enough time to get to the testing site after consuming it.

However, if you’re looking for something with more certainty and better user reviews, check out the Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse.

The manufacturer is trustworthy, and they’ve been around for 25 years. It has free shipping in the US, and it’s suitable for both light and heavy smokers. 

Best of all, you’ll have a 5-hour window to pass your drug test.

Check it out for yourself and pass a drug test today.

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