The Ultimate Detox Cleansing Drink Review

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About a month ago, we received a few messages from our readers in our social media groups. Most of them pointed to reviews they had read about a product called Ultimate Detox.

It seemed like a sudden flood of positive reviews, which, interestingly enough, all looked and sounded the same.

This isn’t uncommon with detox drinks.

We have seen dozens of them pop up all of a sudden over the past couple of years, and we always research each product to see if they truly help users pass a drug test.

Unfortunately, most of them fall well short of giving people what they need.

Will that also be the case with Ultimate Detox? Read on to find out.

What is The Ultimate Detox?

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The Ultimate Detox is a detox drink that claims to use natural ingredients to make your body flush out toxic materials.

The company says it could start working within 60 minutes with the possibility of cleansing your wee-wee for up to five hours.

That sounds like a good window where you might be able to prepare yourself for a drug test.

The company website makes some extreme claims, such as that it’s 100% proven.

But the information is very sketchy and doesn’t really address whether or not the success rate for drug urine tests is at an enviable level.

It also boldly claims to support all types of toxins no matter where they came from.

But it always comes down to how well a cleansing drink is formulated and if the proper ingredients are included in the dose.

Let me show you what we found.


First, let me say that it annoyed me to see a proprietary blend on the label. That means you don’t get the exact details of what’s actually in it.

Here’s what we found out about the ingredients, though.

1 – Creatine Monohydrate

This is a type of protein that your body transforms into creatinine. Levels of this substance drop when you go through a cleanse and urinate a lot.

This might be picked up during drug testing and could flag that your sample is diluted [1].

“Below normal creatinine levels indicate that a person has been drinking excess fluids. Such a reading is a red flag in drug tests because it signifies that the person tested has attempted to tamper with the results by disguising other active by-products that would have otherwise been detected.” – Confirm Biosciences

2 – Riboflavin

This is a type of B vitamin, and some research suggests that it’s important for some detoxification processes in your body [2].

But, it’s not clear how well it might be suitable for flushing out drug toxins.

3 – Niacin

Apparently, niacin is commonly used in drug treatments, and research suggests that it could help to release toxins stored in cells [3].

Take a look at what we’ve discovered while investigating does niacin help pass a drug test.

4 – Pantothenic Acid

This is another vitamin B component that is quite popular in the biohacking world. There is some research to back up that it could be suitable for flushing out drug toxins [4].

5 – Choline

Some nutritionists deem it essential for our general health due to some proven detox capabilities. But we are fairly certain that there is an insufficient amount of this ingredient in Ultimate’s product to actually accomplish what is promised.

6 – Inositol

Apparently, this is more commonly used to help folks sleep, so we’re not sure why it’s included in this product [5].

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How Does It Work?

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The general idea is that Ultimate Detox helps boost your liver and kidney functions to filter out any toxic leftover, which is normally found after indulging cannabis and other drugs.

And it’s through your urinary system that your body will get rid of it, which is why a urine test is done in the first place.

By flushing out your system in a short period of time, you should be able to produce clean pee for a while.

Don’t misunderstand this as being a permanent fix, though, as it could take several weeks to fully cleanse out all of the leftover evidence.

How Do You Use It?

Make sure you follow the instructions accordingly. Most people tend to fail tox screening with these products because they skip a step.

  1. Avoid all drug use for at least two days before your test deadline
  2. Have a light breakfast before taking the test
  3. Shake the bottle well and prepare to drink it at least one hour before the test
  4. Drink the full content of the bottle within 10 minutes
  5. Refill the bottle after 15 minutes with water and drink it quickly
  6. Avoid eating anything after drinking Ultimate Detox and until drug testing is finished

It’s easy to follow, but we’ve identified one problem:

Ultimate Detox’s label advises its users to refill the bottle only once. However, that might not be enough to flush out any remnants of cannabis, so I would suggest refilling the bottle 2x-3x instead.

Does It Work?

fruit variationAfter moderately smoking some weed, we abstained from using as recommended prior to testing. We just went about our normal life without changing our diet or exercise routine.

Each review, we purchase three home test kits. The first day in the morning, I just ate some toast. Then I followed the product information on the company website. This included refilling the bottle only once.

We used the first test kit after one hour, and then the other two at one-hour intervals.

The result was that all of them came back as ‘failed’ with evidence of THC in the system.

To be honest, it didn’t surprise us.


Can Ultimate Detox Be Detected in a Drug Test?

No, Ultimate Detox can’t be detected in a drug test. There is nothing illegal in the drink based on the ingredient information.

How Long Does Ultimate Detox Take to Work?

Ultimate Detox takes about 60 minutes to work according to details on the website. This is pretty much normal for such products, but our advice would be to expect maximum effectiveness after 90 minutes at the earliest.

Should You Consider Using Ultimate Detox?

No, based on the customer reviews and our own home drug testing results, we just don’t feel comfortable enough to recommend it.

Even if you just want to purchase something for the sole purpose of improving your health, the amount of sugar in this product wouldn’t make it our top pick.

After all the products we reviewed, we still believe that Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is the best product available. We have tested it extensively, and most of our readers agree with the results we’ve delivered in our review.

What is the best detox product in your opinion? Got any additional information or advice you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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