The Female Whizzinator (Whizz Kit) Top Synthetic Urine Kit for Women?

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This review was last updated in July 2024.

(Please Note: Whizzinator states that the Female Whizzinator is intended for novelty use only. This is my personal experience.)

In this review, we are going to discuss what the female Whizzinator is and if it lives up to its hype.

This product is also known as the female Whizz Kit. It is a unisex refillable fake pee bag that is often bought by women. Previously in the market, we only had male products, but in this era of drug testing in work, it became important for manufacturers to design one for girls. It is a complex-looking product that is very hard to replicate but easy to use.

The female Whizz Kit has continued to grow in demand from women, and we decided to do this review to give ladies a real overview of how it works during a drug test.

In this review, you’ll learn about the pros and cons of the female Whizz Kit and whether or not it can successfully do what you need it to.

What is the Female Whizzinator?

The Female Whizzinator, or Female Whizz Kit, is a synthetic urine kit mainly for women to pass unsupervised drug tests with premixed synthetic urine and essential accessories. The Female Whizzinator fake urine kit or the female Whizz Kit for females comes with over 3 oz. of toxin-free premixed synthetic urine sample, a body temperature strip, two organic heat pads, a 60 ml syringe, and a 100% cotton elastic belt. The great thing about it is that it works like a charm for women.

It can also be used for men as well, but only if they’re doing an “unsupervised” drug test. We ladies typically get privacy during ours.

The product can be used the same way a traditional Whizzinator Touch fake urine kit would be used. There are instructions included in the fake urine product, so there is no need to worry about the ins and out’s of it, you just need to buy it, read the instructions, and do what it is that you need to do during a supervised drug test. It applies whether you’re using liquid or powdered human urine.

With the purchase, one also receives a manual on how to use the Whiz Kit along with a 24/7 customer support number that will walk you through the whole fake urine process from start to finish.

So, what are the important features of the Whizz Kit?

  • The special elastic band is used to wrap around the waist.
  • Refilling the fake pee bag or pouch is made very easy by the syringe that is included in the female urination kit.
  • The temperature of the synthetics can remain warm for up to seven hours, facilitated by the two organic heating pads.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to use the Whiz Kit.

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confusedHow to Use the Whizz Kit?

To use the Whizz Kit effectively, it’s crucial to follow the provided step-by-step guide and keep a few key points in mind for a successful fake urine sample submission during a drug test.

The Female Whizzinator’s refillable belt is operated by gravity, so to speak. It works in such a way that when giving the pee sample during a drug test, it will be toxin-free. It does that through a rubber tube, a part of the light apparatus that is wrapped around your waist and worn under your clothing.

The issue I had with the Whizz Kit was that it was bulky. The actual size of the fake urine sample device is too big, in my opinion. It is fine if you’re wearing SUPER BAGGY clothes, but for most women who are not pregnant, it will look fishy and raise suspicion while they’re in a drug test facility.

For this reason alone, we recommend the trusted Monkey Whizz which has a much better design.
The Monkey Whizz is designed for tighter clothes and does not stick out.

However, if you want to risk it with the Whizz Kit, the product comes with a step-by-step guide on using the device during a drug test. With the correct processes followed, the fake urine sample will last up to 7 hours and the female urination device does the job of delivering it… albeit looking suspicious.

One will be able to see the urine temperature using the heat strips, ensuring it’s within the right body temperature, similar to real human urine. Once you are set up, it’s a simple process to follow for you to give your fake urine sample.

Important Points to Note:

  • It is important to remember that you should not remove the refill cap on the pouch as that will expose the fake urine to the air. Such exposure can result in the formation of bacteria in the pee bag. You do not want that, do you?
  • During our review, we noticed that you need to clean the kit. It is essential to only use warm water and hydrogen peroxide. Such a mixture ensures that all bacteria are removed from the piss and all dangerous risks are eliminated.
  • The device is not designed to be used for illegal purposes, and thus all statutory or state laws apply to anyone who chooses to use it for a purpose other than the intended use.

How to Make a Female Whizzinator?

It is strongly discouraged to attempt making a DIY female Whizzinator for passing a drug test, as even creating the male version is incredibly complex and unreliable.

Even the male version of the fake penis kit product is extremely hard to emulate. Many people have attempted in the past and failed and due to the complexity of building such a device.

Stick with a professional female urination device that has had a proven track record of passing a human urine drug test. Besides, they’re super cheap anyways.

The Monkey Whizz is small, reliable, and has a great track record of passing urine drug tests for any woman.



Review Conclusion

c plusFor me, using the Whizz Kit is risky for drug tests. It’s just far too big to hide from the examiners. It is easy to set up, but you will need to wear a hoodie and loose jeans to hide the bulge. I don’t know about you, but that’s not my normal work attire.

The examiner could easily ask you to lift your hoodie and WHAM BAM, you’re caught. You won’t get a second chance once they know you attempted to con them.

By the looks of it, I’m not the only person that struggled with the Whizz Kit.

Unhappy customer

And, here is one more over at the 420 magazine forums. So basically, we went around the internet to make sure that our review about the Whizz Kit was as accurate as real human urine. After a long time going through a bunch of actual reviews online, we found that our analysis was pretty accurate. Some people even reported leaking while using the product; that’s not something that could be easily explained to the examiner.

Another person reported that the heating element that was in the box was somewhat subpar. We somewhat agree with this statement, in the sense that there could be better options for the heating element, it could be improved, but it wasn’t unusable.

You do only get one shot at passing your drug test, so make sure you pick the best female urination device on the market that can pass off as real human urine, even if it starts off as powdered human urine.

We would highly recommend the Monkey Whizz to any woman due to the discreetness, high quality, and success rate of reported passes over hundreds of different reviewers, including myself. If you need to pass urine drug test events, then this is a must for you, woman.