Whizzinator Review An Honest Take on the Popular Kit

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This Whizzinator review was last updated in June 2024.

(Please Note: Whizzinator synthetic urine kit states that it is intended for novelty use only. This Whizzinator review is my personal experience with an alternative use.)

We’ve all been there: a massive weekend of partying and letting loose and then finding out you’ve got to pass a drug test at work. Nightmare!

You might have over-indulged a little, and now you find yourself in a really tough situation. You’re left making excuses, trying to find some clean piss, or trying to delay the drug test as much as possible. What can you do?

Fact: 43% of all work-related drug tests are “monitored”. It includes both urine and saliva test procedures.

It’s going to be difficult to fake the act of urinating if you’re being watched, right? That’s where the Whizzinator Touch comes in.

There are loads of reviews of the original Whizzinator out but none as in-depth as this, so you need not look for anything else to pass your drug tests.

What Is a Whizzinator (Our Reviews)?

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A Whizzinator is a device that consists of a fake penis, waistband, and synthetic urine pouch, designed to help individuals pass urine drug tests by providing a realistic way to submit synthetic urine for testing while being watched.

You strap Whizzinators on and fill the pouch with synthetic urine so that when the doctor asks you to fill a sample cup with a few ounces, you can whip it out and give them the fake stuff to pass a drug test.

It is supposedly a reliable system for taking a urine drug test where the doc or the lab assistant insists on watching you fill the cup like a creep. Some people think getting some clean synthetic urine is the hard part, but it isn’t.

Getting a clean synthetic urine sample into the cup while you’re being watched takes a good system, and that is where products like these come in to help pass drug test procedures.

The synthetic urine product comes with a fake penis, along with the waistband and straps to keep it all in place. I was really surprised at how lifelike the prosthetic dong was.

Good for you; the person who will watch you fill the cup up for your urine drug test may be convinced that your fake penis is real. Just make sure you attach and use it correctly.

The synthetic urine kit comes with a packet of synthetic urine, which comes in a powdered form that you can mix and insert into the pouch on the day you need it.

It is also important to get a good fake urine product, as the labs are always finding new ways to detect what is real and what isn’t. The stuff that comes with this device is decent quality, but for the best result, stick with Sub Solution, the #1 product.

You can buy a few packs of Sub Solution synthetic urine and get them sorted out, especially for a routine drug test at work. Most workplaces will test you more than once, so it’s better to be prepared for any random urine drug test.

Also in the synthetic urine kit are some heat pads that make sure your fake piss stays at body temperature. Even the best synthetic urine coming out of a genuine-looking fake dick will be seen as highly suspicious if it isn’t the right temperature. Cold piss is a dead giveaway.

How Does the Whizzinator Work?

The Whizzinator synthetic urine kit works by discreetly delivering synthetic urine during a supervised drug test, making it appear as though you’re providing a genuine sample. The original Whizzinator is simple to use, meaning to anyone watching you, it looks like you’re having a normal piss.

They’ll think they’ve seen you give a genuine sample, and you’ll know that you’re giving them some clean fake urine despite having alternative lifestyle systems. Everyone goes home happy!

On the day you’re expected to give your sample, you use the fake piss by preparing the synthetic urine and injecting it into the pouch attached to the prosthetic penis.

You then strap it to your body underneath your clothes so that the shaft sits at about the same place as your actual penis.

md varietiesThen you put one of the heat pads in next to the urine pouch, which will help to keep it warm until it is time to use it for your drug test.

A properly heated pad will keep the contents of the pouch at the right body temperature for up to eight hours, meaning you’ll be ready to use it any time throughout the workday.

The artificial pee in the pouch will pour out directly through the Whizzinator when you start the flow by giving it a gentle squeeze to activate.

The guy will see the synthetic urine coming out of your fake penis and assume you are giving a genuine sample during the supervised drug test.

This means that no matter what you’ve been up to, you’ll be able to pass a urine drug test. Nobody needs to know what you like to do in your spare time, especially on the weekends when we all like to have some fun (no judgment whatsoever).

They’ll take your synthetic urine away for a urine drug test and be none the wiser that it didn’t come out of your real dick, and your results will come back clean as it can be.

So, regardless of how you use the Whizzinator for, you can have some peace of mind that it will work 100% of the time as long as you follow the instructions properly. And, to be completely fair, the instructions are as simple as they come.

So, Does it Work?

Caveat: What you just read above is true… when everything goes smoothly.

In some cases, it doesn’t. You’ll read more about this in the final review, but here’s a hint… it may leak. And, I guess you guys know how the rest of the story may go.

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Top 3 Uses for the Original Whizzinator

Curious about what other reasons people might use the Whizzinator for? I found these while doing my reviews on the product and thought I’d share for S’s & G’s. So, let’s get into the details.

Item box1. Producing Synthetic Urine Samples

Urine delivery products combined with the top-quality Sub Solution synthetic urine will give you your best chance to pass your next urine drug test.

When your future is on the line, you want to make sure you’re using the best possible system, and Whizzinator isn’t necessarily it. Don’t take this lightly. The last thing you want to do is change your lifestyle for a job.

2. Pranks

Hopefully, you won’t have to piss in a cup too often, but that doesn’t mean your prosthetic dong needs to gather dust in a drawer somewhere.

There are a million and one situations where you can prank your buddies into thinking the original Whizzinator is the real thing.

Just make sure you do it to a friend and not a random stranger, or there might be a physical falling out. Your friend will be horrified and find it funny. Get creative when you use the Whizzinator. I’ve found getting a friend in on the prank helps too.

3. Halloween and Costume Parties

Another opportunity to get creative and use the Whizzinator is at Halloween or costume parties. Thought of an idea for a costume that requires getting your dick out, but are afraid to do it because society is so prudish? Strap on your Whizzinator and show the world you’re cool with letting it all hang out.

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Is there a Female Version of the Whizzinator?

Yes, there is a female version of the Whizzinator, known as the ‘Female Whizzinator’ or the Whizz Kit, designed for women who need to pass a urine drug test without the need for a fake penis. You don’t have to wear a fake penis for a urine drug test only – unless you’re into that, of course. Basically, it is the same as the regular one just without the fake dong.

femaleThe pouch lets out into a small tube, and the user can start the flow by releasing a valve. This can all be done quite discreetly.

Men can use this system too to pass a test (read more). If you know that your drug test will be done in private (i.e., nobody will be watching you piss), you don’t need to go to all of the trouble of setting up your fake dick and can use the Whizz Kit for women instead.

That said, just like the male Whizzinator has its flaws, so does the female Whizz Kit. Instead, take a look at Monkey Whizz which is MUCH more reliable.

The Whizz Kit isn’t too expensive. It’s $59.95, so if you know you won’t be observed, it is well worth the price. If you’re going to have some creep watch you though, definitely consider the Monkey Dong, as it is the only way you’ll pass.

What Comes With The Product?

The Whizzinator Touch system comes with several essential components, including the Whizzinator device, a urine sample, four heat pads, a syringe for sample insertion, and an instruction manual, ensuring you have everything you need for your needs.

  • 1 Whizzinator Urine sample
  • 4 heat pads
  • 1 syringe to insert the sample into the pouch
  • 1 instruction manual

If you’re concerned about the color of the dong matching your natural skin tone, the Whizzinator comes in five different colors (white, black, tan, Latino, and brown), so they’ve got you covered. Just pick a color and use the Whizzinator that matches your skin tone.

The Monkey Dong also comes in (more) colors, is more reliable, and 15% cheaper than the Whizzinator. So be sure to check it out.
The Monkey Dong is reusable so you can keep it and know that if a drug test ever comes up again, you’ll be safe.

However, if you insist on getting the Whizzinator and not stick with my advice, make sure to find out more on where to buy a real Whizzinator.

There are indeed some even worse knock offs that you do not want to deal with ever.

How to Use The Whizzinator?

how to use it with liquid inside

To use the Whizzinator effectively, follow these simple steps for a successful experience with the device.

Step 1: Firstly, you would need to take all the four items, the Whizzinator, dehydrated synthetic urine capsule, heat pads, and the syringe out of the kit.

Open all the straps of the Whizzinator and detach the reservoir bag, which is attached behind the fake penis.

Use the syringe to measure 60-90ml of room temperature water in a separate plastic cup.

Step 2: The dehydrated synthetic urine capsule which comes in a sealed plastic bag needs to be taken out of the bag before using. Then mix the dehydrated synthetic urine with the water you poured into the cup in step 1.

Swirl it for a few seconds to fully mix the urine with the water. Make sure that the content is not heated up too much. Otherwise, the temperature strip on the reservoir bag would shoot to 100+ degrees.

Ideally, the sample needs to be kept between 90 and 100 degrees to pass as fake piss.

Step 3: Then comes the filling of the Whizzinator process.

The reservoir bag of the Whizzinator has a screw cap located at the bottom of the bag. You will need to use the syringe to fill the sample you mixed up in the previous steps.

As mentioned before, only fill to a maximum of 130ml to avoid any leakage or bursting of the reservoir bag.

Step 4: Once done with filling the pouch, you can then use the heat pad to keep the sample warm. This is vital, as the first step taken at the lab is to check the sample isn’t too hot or cold.

The heat pad has a sticky side that has to be attached to the back of the reservoir bag of the Whizzinator. The heat pad can keep the sample heated for up to 8 hours. Now the Whizzinator is all set to be used.

If you still need some help getting it right, here’s a quick video with instructions on how to use it properly.

How Do You Clean A Whizzinator?

To clean a Whizzinator, simply rinse it with the provided cleaning solution after each use to maintain its functionality and prevent bacterial buildup. Do this whenever you use the Whizzinator synthetic urine kit to pass a drug test.

This isn’t included in the kit you receive, and if you plan to use it regularly, then you should consider adding it to your order. If you find this device works well, then it’s important to clean it after every use.

The reason is that even synthetic piss will attract bacteria. This will build up in the fake dick causing two issues.

Firstly, it can clog up the tubes, and on the day of the drug test, you could find yourself not being able to release the sample.

Secondly, the bacteria can be picked up during a drug test and cause it to be flagged as fake because of unnatural bacterial content.

So, make sure you clean it immediately after every use and check that you can still run fresh water through it.

Review Conclusion

D plus

Many drug test procedures will involve being monitored by an examiner. For this reason, you need to come prepared with a urine delivery system that looks like a penis.

However, I have to say that the Whizzinator has a tendency to leak.

We definitely went on a rampage on the internet and checked out more reviews of people using it in real-life situations. And what we found was a goldmine.

Reddit testimonial

There are tons of people having issues with the product’s ability to retain the liquid inside the container, as well as the heating element not being a very reliable option.

And on top of that, the Whizzinator is the most expensive option available right now, so this is totally unacceptable for something priced as high as this for drug tests.

There are definitely cheaper options if you just looked around a little bit, and lucky for you, that’s the next thing that we’re going to be talking about.

Are there Whizzinator Alternatives?

Yes, there are alternatives to the Whizzinator, and one highly regarded option is the Monkey Dong, known for its reliability and effectiveness in passing drug tests. Based on online reviews and raves from people I know, the Monkey Dong is better at holding in the synthetic urine, and yes, leaks are less likely.

I personally tested this one myself and spent a good half an hour trying to drug test it for leaks, but it didn’t matter how hard I tried, it worked really well.

Using the Monkey Dong is by far the best option out there, with high pass rates being reported on many forums.

Instead of the Whizzinator, I would highly recommend the Monkey Dong if there is even a slight chance you have a supervisor watching over you during the drug test.
When giving fake urine, you need the process to look real, or you will get busted.

Drug test procedures are always a bit nerve-wracking even when you know it’s going to be clean, but this system was so simple it made the whole process smooth sailing.