Rapid Clear Detox Drink Review (2024) Is It Proven?

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Synthetic urine isn’t the only way to get a clean urine sample for your drug test. Detox products like Rapid Clear can help you both cleanse your urine and avoid raising eyebrows in the lab.

Unfortunately, most detox products don’t work as advertised. That’s why we’ve put Rapid Clear to the test.

We’ve read all we could find about the product and had our colleague test its effectiveness. Here’s whether Rapid Clear can cleanse your urine and if you should purchase it.

What Is Rapid Clear?

Rapid Clear Detox DrinkRapid Clear is a detox drink promising to help you pass your urine drug test. One package includes a 1-pint (16 oz) bottle filled with a detox drink and eight capsules. 

To explain how it works, I’ll quickly walk you through how toxins end up in your pee in the first place.

All toxins are stored in your fat cells. When your body burns those cells, the toxins get released into your bloodstream and get all the way to your kidneys. After that, they’re released through urine.

But Rapid Clear inhibits your body’s ability to burn the fat cells [1]. Thanks to that, your urine sample remains toxin-free for up to five hours after consumption. 

The product works best for individuals over 200 lbs with light to moderate toxin levels. So you may want to pass on this product if you’re a heavy smoker or below 200 lbs.

Rapid Clear Detox Drink Benefits

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Let’s go over the four main benefits of Rapid Clear.

1. 99.6% Success Rate

Rapid Clear claims to have a 99.6% success rate at passing laboratory urine tests. But we wanted to see if it can help real people pass their drug tests.

That’s why our colleague tested the product himself. He uses medical marijuana with moderate THC concentrations. After he took the capsules and the drink, we waited 45 minutes before testing his urine sample with a home test. The test was negative. 

Also, the urine remained yellow. That’s crucial because our colleague wouldn’t want the lab to think he was tampering with his urine sample. Unfortunately, many detox drinks raise suspicions because they strip urine from its natural color. So, Rapid Clear is an overall better choice than many similar products we’ve tested.

We advise taking the product two hours before your drug test. That’s when your body should reach peak detoxification.

2. Tasty

Rapid Clear comes in two flavors: cherry and lemon-lime. Both flavors are pleasant and easy to digest. Just make sure you store the bottles in your fridge and shake them before consumption.

3. Easy To Use

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Rapid Clear offers an easy way to deliver a clean urine sample, especially when compared to synthetic urine and other options you have. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Take the capsules with 16 oz of water.
  2. Drink 32 oz of water after 30 minutes. 
  3. Drink the Rapid Clear Detox Drink after one hour. 
  4. Drink 16 oz of water immediately after drinking the Rapid Clear Detox Drink.

After that, your body will produce more urine than usual. You should pee three to four times after taking the drink if you’re experiencing optimal cleansing. 

It’s also recommended that you:

  • Eat lighter food on the day of your cleanse. 
  • Skip exercise, especially 24 hours before your drug test — Exercising burns fat cells that store drug metabolites, so the metabolites get released in your urine faster [2]. That could contribute to getting positive results. 

4. Satisfaction Guarantee

A woman drinking happily from a cupRapid Clear is backed by a satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to get a refund if you’re not happy with the product.

You’ll only have to describe your reason for being dissatisfied with the product and ship the original bottle back to the company. 

Just make sure you file a refund claim within 45 days of purchasing Rapid Clear, or you won’t be eligible to get your money back.


  • A high success rate
  • Pleasant taste
  • Ease of use
  • Satisfaction guarantee

My Rating:

  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Price: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 4/5


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Now, let’s look at one potential shortfall of Rapid Clear.

No Full Ingredients List 

One shortfall is that you don’t know what Rapid Clear contains. The packaging only mentions a blend of B-vitamins, Creatine, numerous nutrients, and herbs. Although that doesn’t sound dangerous, we prefer detox drinks with transparent lists of ingredients.


  • No transparent ingredients list

Where To Buy Rapid Clear Detox Drink?

You can buy Rapid Clear on DetoxForLess.com or RapidClearDetox.com. The same company, 513 Ventures, manages both websites. The current price on both sites is $39.95. 

What Do Other People Say?

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Unfortunately, not many customers have reviewed Rapid Clear. Here’s the only review we’ve managed to find [3]:

“This drink is great, I’m an occasional smoker maybe once or twice a month. (…) Rapid Clear makes a drink that works well and tastes good too! [I’m] Only giving them 4 stars because I miss the 32-ounce drink, and now you take pills with the drink. Other than that, it has worked for me over a dozen times and I will continue to use it!” — Brent S.

So, Brent has probably passed his drug test using this product. But one review doesn’t tell us if it will work for others. 

That’s why we asked our colleague to share his view on Rapid Clear after he tested it himself. Here’s what he said: 

“The drink tastes great, and the capsules aren’t bad either. The whole process could be done in less than fifteen minutes if you didn’t have to wait in-between taking the capsules and the drink. I liked that the urine remained yellow. I can imagine how relieving that would be if I was taking a real drug test.” – Anonymous colleague, identity known to the authors 

We hope that that review helps. Also, note that we haven’t found any negative reviews either, which is usually a good sign.

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How do you know if detox is working?

You know detox is working if you’re experiencing bodily and mood changes, such as nausea, anxiety, tremor, and changes in appetite. But you’ll know for sure if you take a home test after starting your cleansing process.

Do cleanses make you poop a lot?

Yes, cleanses make you poop a lot and pee more. 

Is The Rapid Clear Detox Drink Right For You?

We prefer Rapid Clear over synthetic urine any day. It’s easier to use and less stressful. But we found it more convenient and effective than most detox products, too. 

It starts removing toxins from urine faster than most detox drinks. Plus, it maintains urine’s natural color and helps you avoid suspicions.

But maybe you’re looking for a product that works even faster. In that case, check out the Rescue Cleanse detox drink.  It’ll help you reach peak detoxification within an hour, making it the perfect choice for getting your urine clean asap.

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