How to Keep Urine Warm in a Bottle? (8 Steps to Know About)

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If you’re attempting to beat a urine test, the urine temperature is the first thing that needs to meet normal urine temperature. Anything other than that will have your urine sample flagged as invalid. 

This article has been carefully curated through extensive research and practical testing of methods to keep pee warm in a bottle. Additionally, we have included valuable tips gathered along the way to ensure you have the most comprehensive and effective guidance.

Quick Summary

  • To keep urine warm in a bottle, wrap it with a hand warmer or a heating pad. 
  • Urine samples must have a desired temperature between 90°F – 100°F. 
  • Monitor the temperature to ensure it stays within the correct temperature range. 

8 Steps to Keep Urine Warm in a Bottle

A person holding a jar of urine

When you submit your urine sample to a drug testing center, a collection technician will first check that it’s within body temperature.

If the temperature is not within the desired temperature, then that could mean your urine sample has been tampered with or watered down, making tests unreliable or useless. 

To help you submit it at the optimal range, there are steps that you’ll need to follow to keep it warm for drug tests.

1. Gather Supplies

Before anything else, you must first gather several supplies needed. They include a clean bottle, rubber bands, a heat source, a reliable thermometer, and anything that’ll prove useful, like a towel or sock. Remember that all these tools must be clean to avoid contaminating your pee sample. 

2. Heat Your Urine

A woman using a microwave to heat urineThe second step after gathering your tools is to heat your urine quickly. A microwave is the fastest and easiest way to bring your urine sample to 100°F.

Remove the bottle cap and place it in the microwave for 10 seconds. Proceed to shake and check the temperature, ensuring it reads close to body temperature, around 37 or 98.6 [1]. If not, reheat the sample until it reaches the correct temperature range. 

Note that you should heat the synthetic urine sample for no further than 10 seconds, or you will overheat it to an extreme temperature.

Beyond the 100°F point, the organic compounds in urine start to break down, which can destroy their validity [2].  

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3. Keep the Cap Tight

After heating your synthetic urine, you must keep the lid tight so it doesn’t get contaminated by other substances. Furthermore, this ensures that your urine stays clean as possible to avoid fast decomposition from the entry of unwanted substances. 

4. Choose an Effective Heat Source

A top view of heating pad for urineAn effective heat source is essential to keep the urine at the optimal temperature. Quality heating pads are the efficient and stable heat source that most synthetic urine kits come with. 

You must first activate the heating pad to keep warm for a drug test. Activating the heating pads starts a chemical reaction that keeps your pee sample warm.

You should also gently press the bottle against your body to gain extra body heat to keep your sample warm as you go to the facility. Quality synthetic urine products have heating pads that work up to 8 hours in keeping synthetic urine warm for longer.

Although heating pads are the best, other options are available, like heat activator powder, hand warmers, and warm water baths. But with hot water baths, you’ll need to be careful not to overheat the pee sample. 

5. Insulate the Bottle

Insulation helps the heat from the hand warmer last longer. Wrap the urine bottle in something warm, like a sock or a towel. The insulation prevents the heat from escaping too quickly. Still, avoid wrapping the bottle with too much insulation since this could make it excessively hot.

6. Monitor the Temperature

Getting the temperature of urineRegular temperature checks are needed to ensure the urine samples’ temperature stays within body temperature.

That way, the only thing left to do is to check the temperature as soon as you get to the testing facility before submitting it for testing. 

Use a reliable thermometer to monitor the temperature periodically. Insert the thermometer into the urine sample and read the temperature.

“Human urine samples should have a temperature range between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit (32 & 38°C). If the temperature is outside this range, it could raise suspicion, leading to a failed test, or you’ll be asked to resubmit a fresh sample.”
–  Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration 

We also recommend using a temperature strip to check the temperature that the best synthetic urine has attached to the bottle. This makes it simple to monitor the temperature without buying separate temperature strips. 

Still, if you opt for separate temperature strips, ensure the maximum temperature allowed is above 90°F. 

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7. Stash the Bottle

You may be asked to empty your pockets when you go in for a urine drug test. If they notice the bottle, they might ask you to provide another sample under direct observation.

This means you must find a way to hide the sample before heading in. You’ll need to stash it securely to hide it. A stash belt can help you strap it to your leg firmly. You can also use convenient underpants that are not noticeable. 

8. Check Timing

A man checking the timing closelyTiming is crucial for preventing synthetic urine from becoming too warm for a drug test.

To avoid keeping the pee warm for an extended period, take it as soon as possible before the test.

We recommend moving the synthetic urine sample slowly and closely to your body because your body heat can help maintain the urine sample’s ideal temperature.

What Bottles Help to Keep Urine Warmer?

The bottles that help to keep urine warmer are those that are heavily insulated, such as thermoses, vacuum flasks, stainless steel bottles, and foam bottles. 

  • Thermoses: Their double-walled, airtight design traps heat and minimizes heat loss.
  • Vacuum flasks: They stop conduction-based heat transmission by removing air. 
  • Stainless steel bottles: Heat transfers more slowly, improving temperature control.
  • Foam bottles: Provide better insulation that reduces heat transfer.

Tips for Keeping Urine Warm in a Bottle

A doctor testing a urine sample

Here are a few tips to keep urine samples warm for drug tests: 

  • Shake the bottle periodically to distribute the heat.
  • Keep urine close to your body as possible.
  • Choose a bottle with a squirting cap to simulate peeing experience, especially in supervised tests.
  • If using synthetic urine, ensure you purchase quality synthetic urine kits with a temperature strip, good heating pads, or hand warmers. 
  • Use temperature strips and a digital thermometer to ensure it stays within body temperature.
  • Keep the pee sample in a sterile container. 
  • Warm your urine sample as close as possible to the time of your test to reduce the time it needs to be warm. 
  • Practice keeping your pee warm for a drug test at home several times to ensure you’re confident and comfortable with the process. 


What is the Normal Temperature of Urine?

The normal temperature of urine is between 90-100°F or 32-37°C. It’s essential to submit your urine sample at this temperature; otherwise, you’ll raise suspicion and might end up failing your test. 

How Long Can Pee Remain Warm in a Pill Bottle?

Pee can remain warm in a pill bottle for roughly 1-2 hours. This is only possible if you keep it warm with hand warmers or heat pads and insulate the bottle properly. 

What Are the Most Effective Ways to Keep Your Urine Warm?

The most effective way to warm your urine in a bottle is by activating the heating pads and wrapping them around it. After that, you should also insulate the bottle to trap heat and prevent losing it. 

Achieving Temperature Precision: Preserving Warm Urine in a Bottle

If you have an upcoming drug test, keeping your urine at a warmer temperature before submitting it is essential. To do this, wrap the bottle in a heating pad or hand warmer and use small towels to trap heat.

It’s also important to ensure that your method doesn’t damage your sample by overheating it. 

We also recommend choosing a good synthetic urine kit like Sub Solution. Sub Solution contains a carefully balanced synthetic urine formula made using a high-quality laboratory process.

Every sample has the same pH level, specific gravity, and chemical makeup as human urine.



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