Clean Stream Urine Kit Review (2024) Should You Try It?

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A last-minute work drug test can make you feel like all is lost. Luckily, there’s no end to how you can pass drug tests, including using a synthetic urine kit.

I’ve tried and tested countless urine kits, and today I’ll talk about Clean Stream Urine. I’ll explain how this synthetic urine worked for me and if you should give it a try.

What is Clean Stream Urine?

Clean Stream Urine is a drug test kit. With this kit, you will get a vinyl bladder belt where you store pre-mixed synthetic urine, and a urine sample can be given through a rubber tube.

This is synthetic urine, not a real one. It doesn’t contain any toxins, which means you can pass a drug test easily.

Clean Stream Urine Benefits

I’ve used Clean Stream Urine a couple of times, and these are the biggest benefits it has.

1. The Package

clean stream urine productThe package includes everything you need:

  • 5 oz pre-filled bottle with synthetic urine
  • Vinyl bladder with tubing
  • 2 heating pads
  • Temperature strip
  • Instructions

I liked that the waistband is adjustable, and all genders can use it. It fits nicely under the clothing, and no one noticed I had it.

2. Easy to Use

I found Clean Stream Urine easy to use. The company says it has a state-of-the-art heating system, and I agree. The urine shouldn’t be microwaved. I used plenty of synthetic urines in the past that had to be microwaved to reach the correct temperature.

This can be tricky to do when you’re doing a test at a workplace, and I found it great that Clean Stream Urine can be heated without microwaving.

I followed these instructions:

  • person seated on the toiletOpen the first heat pad and shake for 1 to 2 minutes to warm. 
  • Place the heat pad between the bladder and the waistband when urine is warm enough.
  • Wrap the waistband around the waist. Make sure it’s under clothing, with the temperature strip against the skin and the tube pointing down.
  • Close the end cap and place the pinch clip in the desired location.
  • Cut off excess tubing.
  • Wait for 1 hour for the temperature to reach 94 to 100 degrees.
  • Expose the tubing, unfasten the clip and pour the contents into the cup.

Overall, I didn’t have issues delivering a urine sample through the rubber tube. It was easily done by releasing the two clips that kept the urine in the bladder bag.

Clean Stream Urine Pros

  • The kit comes already assembled
  • It heats easily
  • 2-year shelf life
  • Affordable

Our Official Rating:

  • Our Official Rating: 3.5/5
  • Price: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 4/5

Clean Stream Urine Review Shortfalls

I also found the Clean Stream Urine to have some shortfalls.

1. Effectiveness

medical person with a urine sampleThe main issue I had with Clean Stream Urine was its effectiveness. I didn’t pass the drug test with this product. While it’s true that it doesn’t contain any toxins, the ingredients don’t match the real thing.

The creatinine and uric acid content didn’t match the real urine sample, which was a dead giveaway the urine had been tampered with.

I admit I have friends who passed their drug tests with this product, but it didn’t work for me.

The effectiveness of synthetic urine, including Clean Stream Urine, in passing a urine test varies depending on factors such as product quality, laboratory detection methods, and testing personnel expertise. While synthetic urine aims to replicate the properties of human urine, such as color and temperature, its efficacy can be affected by these factors.

It is important to note that using fake urine to deceive a urine test is deceptive and may have legal consequences. The use of synthetic urine raises ethical concerns and can compromise the integrity of urine testing processes.

Clean Stream Urine Cons

  • Difficult to maintain the correct temperature
  • Doesn’t always work

Comparison to Other Synthetic Urine Kits

container with urineHere’s how Clean Stream Urine compares to other popular synthetic kits. 

Sub Solution synthetic urine kit comes in the form of powder. It’s even easier to heat as it has heat activator powder that does the job for you.

Quick Luck and Quick Fix both come as a liquid and use heating pads to reach the correct temperature, same as Clean Stream Urine.

In terms of price, Quick Fix is the most affordable at $34,95. Sub Solution is $85, and Quick Luck is $100.

Clean Stream is the largest one — it comes with a pre-filled 5 oz bottle. Sub Solution and Quick Luck are 3 oz, and Quick Fix is only 2 oz.

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Where to Buy?

You can buy Clean Stream Urine online. The shipping to the US is $25.

Other Users’ Reviews

thumbs up and 5 yellow stars

Nate M. from Michigan said he didn’t pass the drug test with Clean Stream Urine. His vinyl tube kept leaking, so he had to replace it, and he struggled to keep the urine at the required temperature.

Maria C. from Kentucky said she didn’t have any issues with Clean Stream Urine. She followed all the instructions, and she passed the drug test.


Can Synthetic Urine Be Detected Easily?

Yes, synthetic urine can be detected easily. But, if you follow instructions and use a high-quality synthetic kit, you can pass a drug test with synthetic urine.

Should You Use Clean Stream Urine?

There are some things about Clean Stream Urine that I liked, such as that there’s no need to use the microwave. However, my #1 choice is Sub Solution synthetic urine.

I passed the drug test every single time I used Sub Solution. It’s even easier to use compared to Clean Stream Urine, as it comes in the form of a powder. You don’t have to shake the heat pads, which can draw attention, but you can just use warm water or heat-activating powder.

Best of all, when the solution is mixed, you don’t even have to use it straight away, but you can keep it on you for 8 hours. This way, you’ll always be ready to pass the drug test. 

Check it out, and see for yourself why Sub Solution has hundreds of satisfied users.

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