Does Quick Fix 6.2 Urine Work?
An Honest Review Of This Brand

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This Quick Fix Synthetic Urine review was last updated in November 2021.

After testing a dozen or so different solutions on the market for a drug test, I finally came across Quick Fix Synthetic Urine by Spectrum Labs. They’ve been around for years and boast a full money-back satisfaction guarantee on the Quick Fix site. But I wanted to test them for myself.

In this Quick Fix review, I’m going to answer all your questions. Like how this product works, where to get it for safe use, and how to use it to increase your chances of successfully passing a drug test.

What is Quick Fix Urine by Spectrum Labs?

bottle of artificial pee or synthetic urine, quick fix synthetic urine bottle for drug test

I will get a bit more scientific below, but for those who just want to skim this info, the down and dirty answer is: Quick Fix synthetic urine is a sample which you can use for a bunch of different reasons but most common one is for passing drug tests.

The more technical explanation:

Quick Fix Urine is a lab grade quality sample. Its “official” use is for calibrating machines which test chemical compounds in human urine — for medicine and shit.

Of course, these mad scientist dudes can’t be pissing on their chemical testing machines every 10 minutes when trying to do science, so they developed a urine sample to use while calibrating their machines.button

Now, people have figured out a way to use this lab grade sample to get around testing machines in their favor. Thanks, science. What would we do without these lab geeks?

The great thing about using this formula developed in a lab is that every batch of Quick Fix Urine is tested before it ever gets to your door. This guarantees that you’re getting a legit sample every single time for your drug test.

In fact, Quick Fix has NEVER failed an actual screening, which is one of the main reason I use it. Actually, it’s the only reason I use it for passing a drug test.

Why would you take a chance losing your job on a sample that could potentially change your lifestyle? No thanks to failing a drug test.

And while the biggest market is men, the Quick Fix product IS unisex, which means it works the same for both guys and girls.


One of the best parts of Quick Fix is it comes pre-mixed, which makes it easy to use in an emergency. Most of these products are dehydrated or powdered, which can get you busted since you need to go somewhere to mix it up.

Since Quick Fix plus comes pre-mixed, it only takes about 15 seconds until it’s ready to use for your drug test.

What are the Uses of Quick Fix Urine?

These products aren’t just for passing a drug test (although thank you mad scientist people for your wonderful contribution to supporting my lifestyle choices). I wouldn’t be here without you!

Although Quick Fix is popular for one highly controversial reason, this sample is actually marketed for a lot of different uses.

If you want to find out more about these types of products for passing your drug test, please visit our homepage. But in the meantime, here are some other common uses for the artificial products:


1. Animal Repellent

Is Thumper demolishing all your Mom’s Marigolds? No need to sit up all night with a shotgun — artificial pee is here!

People often use urine as an animal repellent to keep away pests from gardens or patios. Animals smell the human scent, and naturally, avoid the area. This is a technique most critters use themselves when marking their territory.

And Quick Fix Urine isn’t any different as it works the same. The best part is that you don’t actually have to keep peeing around your house yourself. You can just buy a bunch of Quick Fix and spray it all over your property to get them nasty buggers out.

2. Scientific Development

People in the lab created fake urine samples to use for medical and scientific testing purposes. By creating this substance in a controlled lab, scientists can get faster and clearer results.

The “urine” is more fresh and free of toxins, which has a better impact on your results. In addition, it can be balanced for particular pH levels, certain chemical compounds, and other unique characteristics.

This has led to a lot of improvements with the current drug test machines, as well as other medical discoveries.

3. Pee Therapy

Let’s get this out of the way. Quick Fix is NOT recommended for use internally. But – synthetic urine can be used for medicinal purposes aside from drug testing. A lot of people around the world use human urine as a medicinal compound.

For example, in the Indian Ayurvedic process of Amaroli, pee is used for its various health benefits. Human urine has been prescribed by some Indian medical practitioners who follow the Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi for more than five centuries.women sexy outfit

4. Sexual Fetishes

Look – it’s not my thing, but who am I to judge. I’m just a dude with an artificial product sample review site. Whether you’re into it or not, you can’t deny that pee is a big fetish for a lot of people.

If you’re going to get kinky, then at least be safe about it. You can use Quick Fix to stay healthy while you get your jollies on. Real pee has a lot of toxins and impurities, so by using the best fake piss you can mimic the look and smell of natural urine, but make your foreplay way healthier with fewer germs.

5. Pranking Your Buddies

Everybody loves a bit of toilet humor. If someone says they don’t — they’re lying. I had a buddy in college who thought it was hilarious to piss on other people’s beds.

Now, if he had used a fake urine instead – he probably wouldn’t have gotten his ass kicked so many times.


Plus, it’s way healthier since it doesn’t have disgusting toxins and chemicals from the human body. It’s just for a laugh dude! You don’t want anyone to get sick. I would only prank your buddy if he can take a joke.

Please don’t do it to a total stranger or you might get your head kicked in.

How Does Quick Fix 6.2 Compare to Version 6.1?

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine by Spectrum Labs with temperature strip included for drug testAfter spending some time going through the differences between the Quick Fix 6.1 and the 6.2 versions, we found that both products are as effective as ever with the Quick Fix 6.1 coming in at second place for passing your drug test.

Quick Fix did say that they have added in a new formula that is supposedly making the 6.2 version the superior option in the market. And, outside of the packaging change from the 6.1, there’s isn’t too much of an improvement on the sample itself as Quick Fix already boasts a 99%+ passing drug tests.

People really can’t ask more of this fake urine in my opinion.

This improvement from the Quick Fix 6.1 version is a very good sign for everyone as it just means that you know you’re in the right hands with this brand.

You can also look into the Quick Fix Plus review online and see how many people swear by this synthetic urine product.

How does Quick Fix work?

Now, here is the most important part. When you take a drug test (or use any other method for measuring chemicals in the body through urine), you usually use fresh pee straight from the human body that is the same temperature.

The makers of Quick Fix 6.1 and 6.2, Spectrum Labs, have created it in a scientific environment to simulate the natural substance of real pee.

This lab process produces a substance which can pass for fresh urine that is totally balanced for pH, creatinine, urea, specific gravity, and other characteristics of natural pee — ideal for a drug test.

Since Quick Fix is unisex, it can be used by both men and women for passing drug tests (which is one of the main reasons it’s considered the best sample on the market). And one other good thing about it is that the instructions are pretty clear on how to use it, and it is totally fool proof.


The way it works is by warming up the sample to between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Each order comes with a bottle of their recipe, a heat pack, a cap, and a temperature reading strip.

You toss the bottle into the microwave, check the temperature, and then cap the pee sample so you can use it exactly when you need to.

The heat pack lets you keep it the correct temperature for up to 8 hours, so you’re ready to go whenever you need to take your test. 8 hours is normally a working day so that is more than enough time for you to conceal it and prepare for your drug test.

Will The Lab Ever Know?

This is one common question (obviously, since no one wants to get busted). A lot of labs have started to test samples to make sure they contain urea. Before, there was no chance you could get caught with artificial pee — but with this new technology, you have GOT to choose a product which contains urea to get past lab drug tests.

A lot of product manufacturers CLAIM that uric acid is the same thing as urea. Dude, don’t take that chance. They are NOT the same thing. If a drug test can’t see urea in your sample, the people will know it’s not real.

They’ll report the sample as non-human (or invalid), and you’ll be slammed. So, make sure you only choose a sample which contains urea.

Quick Fix has that covered and is guaranteed to stand up to any drug test which checks for urea in the pee sample. It’s completely untraceable and has never failed a urinalysis drug test. There are a number of Quick Fix reviews out there that back these results up.

So, long story short, Quick Fix does work and will help you get through that challenging urinalysis that you’ve been dreading for weeks.

For more information about how well Quick Fix Urine works, keep reading on. There are a lot more goodies in store for you below.

What are the Ingredients for Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

Quick Fix urine plus, Quick Fix Synthetic UrineAlright, I am about to get technical. So, if you don’t give a shit about the quality and how this stuff works then just skip this part. It’s pretty simple, though, and it’s not like artificial samples are a new thing.

In fact, the process of synthesizing urea was developed in a lab back in 1870 and is still used today. It’s actually a HUGE industry! In the USA alone, labs produce somewhere around 1 million lbs of urea every single year.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has gone through several different formulas as technology has changed over time.

Even the differences between the current Quick Fix 6.2 version and its predecessors Quick fix plus 6.1, 6.0, 5.7-1, 5.7, 5.0 and 4.0 are quite different.

These people keep up with testing trends (much-appreciated science people). The formula is made up of ingredients you’d normally find in pee.

It contains pre-mixed urea, and is chemically balanced for pH, substances like creatinine and specific gravity.

Urea is an organic chemical that is basically human waste substance. It’s also called carbamide, and is made naturally by your body as it breaks down proteins. Your liver metabolizes proteins, amino acids, and ammonia. Then your kidneys send the urea from your bloodstream into your pee.

Urea is how your body naturally gets rid of nitrogen — mostly through human urine, but also sometimes when you sweat.

Most people excrete around 30 grams of urea every day either in liquid or solid form. The current version is developed from carbon dioxide and ammonia through a process of dehydrating ammonium carbamate through extreme heat and pressure.

Totally pure urea is made up of around 46% nitrogen, and is balanced for pH when dissolved in water. Your bladder, urethra, ureters, and kidneys all help process these compounds so you can excrete them naturally.

As extra water and toxins move through your body, and you piss them out, your body gets rid of by-products which are considered waste – such as urea, extra ammonia, and uric acid.

Quick Fix Urine version is the biggest selling urine sample of this brand and they continue to improve their solution every year.

How to Use the Quick Fix for Best Results

Quick fix synthetic urine grade: pass

Here are some quick instructions on how to use Quick Fix, so you don’t mess up your drug test and have something bad happen.

Quick Fix tests every single batch before shipping out so you know you’re getting a quality sample for your drug test if you order directly from the manufacturer.

Please, don’t buy Quick Fix Synthetic Urine from unknown sellers as normally they will be shipping a phony or watered down Quick fix product.

When Quick Fix arrives, it’s pre-mixed and comes with a temperature checker included. So all you need to do is heat it up, and it’s ready to go. No chemistry degree or special lab equipment needed.

Here’s the best way to use Quick Fix, so you can make sure you’re not going to get slammed:

1. Heat Up the Product Sample

Before you leave your house, open up the bottle of Quick Fix and stick in the microwave for 20 seconds. Make sure you open the top before putting it in the microwave!

If you CAN’T microwave Quick Fix, then tape the heat pack to it an hour before you want to use it (or secure it with a rubber band). Heating up the Quick Fix urine is the most important step because if you make a mistake, then you could be leading yourself up for a failed drug test.


2. Test The Temperature

After you take it out of the microwave, close the top and shake the Quick Fix bottle up really good. This makes sure the temperature is consistent throughout the entire bottle. Then use the temperature strip to test how warm it is. It should be between 94 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the temperature is not enough, then put it back in the microwave for a few seconds and test the temperature again. If it’s too hot, then let it cool down a little bit or use something to fan the product off before testing. Don’t waste too much urine testing it.

3. Keep Quick Fix Warm Until The Drug Test

Use a rubber band or tape to secure the heating pack around the bottle. This will keep the correct temperature until you’re ready to use it.

The heating pad is guaranteed to keep the bottle of urine at the right temperature for around 6 to 8 hours. So, if you need longer than that, put it in the microwave again or use warm water so the temperature is right.

You can reheat Quick Fix Urine as many times as you need to. The temperature has to be somewhat consistent throughout the whole ordeal, and the only way to do that is to follow the instructions provided in the box or keep reading this article. I recommend you wear two pairs of undergarments. That way, you can put the pack in between the two pairs and keep the sample warm, and that way you’re comfortable.


4. Give Your Sample Properly

When you’re ready for the test, shake the bottle of Quick Fix, make sure the temperature is correct and then pour the bottle into the testing collection cup. If you see it “settling” – this is natural. Normal pee does this too.

If you’ve got a supervisor in the room, then you have to use a tool like the Monkey Dong to pretend you’re actually pissing into the cup. Supervisors are specially trained to check for tubes, and straws, and filled condoms. Come prepared.

Where to Buy Quick Fix Urine?

buy symbol for the 6.2 with store locators

So, many people are asking the question “where can I buy quick fix near me?”.

Read on down below to learn more about the product price and where you can get it from in stores.

OK, this is important.

Do NOT buy Quick Fix 6.0 unless it is directly from the original manufacturer retailers.

Sometimes you see people selling the Quick Fix urine on eBay and Amazon for a super cheap price, and those are two places I don’t recommend, because usually, these are expired (especially on Amazon) and don’t match the quality required.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is only guaranteed to work if you get a FRESH quality sample, so don’t risk getting something that’s degraded by trying to save a few bucks.

Also, you might encounter a few smoke shops near you that sell Quick Fix formula in stores, but I wouldn’t trust those people as they might be cheap knockoffs of the real Quick Fix.

Usually what happens is these sellers buy a bunch at liquidation sales and then try and hawk them online or even local smoke shops. It’s not worth it. Just get it from the manufacturer so you can be guaranteed Quick Fix urine will work.

The Quick Fix synthetic urine promises you’ll get a fresh sample that will be good for several years before it expires, and there are many positive Quick Fix reviews backing that claim up.

There are not too many Quick Fix Synthetic Urine retailers that sell them in store, so it’s always best to shop online to get the best price.

There was also a case a few years ago where someone was selling knock-off versions of the original Quick Fix product and creating bogus Quick Fix urine reviews.

The guys at Quick Fix eventually got these counterfeit manufacturers retailers shut down – so any that you buy online (direct from the manufacturer) is guaranteed to be the real deal with real and honest reviews.

Always read the actual content and look at the length of the review. Normally if you see a bunch of super long reviews, they are not real. So just watch out.

Don’t fall for any scam sites which say that there are still counterfeit products that are on sale – unless you’re buying on eBay or Amazon, there are NO counterfeit products out there anymore.

You can’t buy this product in any high street store as it’s only available for sale online.

One other reason you want to make sure you buy directly from the real manufacturer is so it will be shipped discreetly to your place. The last thing you want is a box labelled “fake human urine, so this dude can cheat his piss test at work” showing up on your doorstep.

OK – I exaggerate, but the manufacturers of Quick Fix synthetic urine guarantee your package will be delivered to your place in a generic box that will NOT say what’s inside the box.


How Much Does it Cost?

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is great because it offers a legit discounted price if you buy in bulk.

Personally, I ALWAYS order extra. You never know when you’re going to get a nasty case of someone asking you to give an extra sample of human urine – “just to be safe”. I almost got nailed last time because of that, so now I always make sure I bring an extra pack.

The difference between Quick Fix urine and Quick Fix Plus is the size of the bottle. Most of the time, the lab won’t need more than a couple of ounces, but sometimes you will spill. If you want to be 100% sure for your drug tests, get the Quick Fix Plus version. It’s not that big of a price difference.

Single 2oz bottle 2 pack 2oz bottles 10 pack 2oz bottles
qf 2oz qf 2oz qf 2oz 10 pack
Total Volume: 2oz Total Volume: 4oz Total Volume: 20oz
#Tests: 1-2 #Tests: 2-4 #Tests: 10-20
Savings Per oz: 0% Savings Per oz: 14% Savings Per oz: 48%
cta table
cta table
cta table

Single 2oz bottle
qf 2oz
Total Volume: 2oz
#Tests: 1-2
Savings Per oz: 0%
cta table
2 pack 2oz bottles
qf 2oz
Total Volume: 4oz
#Tests: 2-4
Savings Per oz: 14%
cta table

10 pack 2oz bottles
qf 2oz 10 pack
Total Volume: 20oz
#Tests: 10-20
Savings Per oz: 48%
cta table

Single 3oz bottle 2 pack 3oz bottles 0 pack 3oz bottles
qf 3oz qf 3oz 2 pack
qf 3oz 10 pack
Total Volume: 3oz Total Volume: 6oz Total Volume: 30oz
#Tests: 2-3 #Tests: 4-6 #Tests: 20-30
Savings Per oz: 61% Savings Per oz: 66% Savings Per oz: 80%
cta table
cta table
cta table

Single 3oz bottle
qf 3oz
Total Volume: 3oz
#Tests: 2-3
Savings Per oz: 61%
cta table

2 pack 3oz bottles
qf 3oz 2 pack
Total Volume: 6oz
#Tests: 4-6
Savings Per oz: 66%
cta table

10 pack 3oz bottles
qf 3oz 10 pack
Total Volume: 30oz
#Tests: 20-30
Savings Per oz: 80%
cta table

Also, trust me on this one dude, get a 10 pack of the formula. You do NOT want to be caught without enough stuff if you’re asked for a second sample. Plus, Quick Fix has a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work you can always just return it.

They offer what they call a “200% satisfaction guarantee” on each sale – and they allow you to return the product within 30 days of buying. I don’t think you will find many negative Quick Fix Plus reviews that don’t like the guarantee offer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you read Quick Fix Plus temperature strip?

You read the Quick Fix Plus temperature by checking for a green color underneath the numbers.

It takes a few seconds to adjust, but the reading is accurate enough in that range to indicate whether it’s too hot or cold.

What temperature should Quick Fix Plus be?

Quick Fix should be at a temperature between 95 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is what’s classified as a normal temperature for fresh pee that has just left your body.

How long does Quick Fix Plus stay at the right temperature?

Quick Fix Plus will stay warm and at the correct temperature for up to 8 hours if you properly attach the heat pack.

Can you reuse Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine?

Yes, the people in the lab designed Quick Fix synthetic urine to be reusable.

However, it’s something you shouldn’t keep for longer than the recommended shelf life on the packaging.

What is the shelf life of Quick Fix?

Typically the shelf life of the Quick Fix product is around one year.

Can Quick Fix be reheated?

Yes, you are able to reheat Quick Fix in the microwave with no problem whatsoever.

Is there a temperature strip included with Quick Fix?

Yes, there is one temperature strip included in every box of Quick Fix.

What if my temperature strip is not working?

It is common when you’ve overheated your product. Leave your product at room temperature for a little bit and the strip will work just fine.

Is the 2- ounce bottle of Quick Fix enough for my urinalysis?

Yes, it is.

Can I use Quick Fix for drug testing if you don’t have a microwave?

Yes, you can simply use the heating pad included with the Quick Fix product as instructed. It will work just fine if it’s the right temperature.

Can you freeze synthetic Quick Fix 6.2?

Yes, you can freeze Quick Fix Synthetic Urine as the freezing process will not alter the chemical structure of synthetic pee. However, you should avoid going through a freeze and defrost cycle more than once, as, over time, this can degrade the sample, making it less reliable be sure to always recheck using the temperature strip.

Does Quick Fix 6.2 smell like real human urine?

Yes, Quick Fix 6.2 does smell like real human urine, and to the human nose, this formula will be indistinguishable from the real stuff. The reason for this is that the chemical mix of the synthetic sample is the same as you would find in a human urine sample. And it’s this combination that creates the smell.

Does Quick Fix come with instructions?

Yes, Quick Fix comes with easy to use instructions.

Our Honest Quick Fix Urine Review:

How Much Does It Cost? – Good

Quick Fix Plus is a little more expensive than some other options for drug tests, but given the high success rate of Quick Fix, it’s still the number one best value for money. And, when you’re dealing with something as important passing a mandatory test, then you really don’t want to risk it with some cheap product, do you?

So, I don’t think spending a little bit more for it is a big deal as long as it guarantees that it works as it was intended to. All in all, the price is completely fine because quality always wins when it comes to these matters.

Adulteration – Good

toxic logo

All products need to pass an adulteration test to be worth their salt. Adulteration means the urine has been contaminated, diluted and tampered with. And, using those kinds of products will get you in trouble for sure, so avoid it at all costs.

If you are still unsure of what this issue is, do some of your own research get an idea of how serious it can be for a lot of people.

Research done on Quick Fix Plus confirms that it’s a safe product that is free of adulteration, which is part of the reason it has such a high success rate.

Success Rate – Incredible

So, for the people asking, “has Quick Fix Synthetic Urine failed?”

Quick Fix Plus has a 99.987% success rate. You can’t really hope for anything higher than that in the real world. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is absolutely the best and easiest to use pee formula on the market for drug testing!

Sure, it costs a few bucks more when you compare it to the crappy stuff that you can buy at your local head shop but if you want the preferred method for drug testing, Quick Fix Plus by Spectrum Labs is where it’s at. It’s my favorite brand!

Check out this one Quick Fix Urine review in a closed Facebook group.

FB group

And that’s it people! If a stoner like me can do it, you can too. Don’t get busted by using a shitty product. Spend the few extra bucks and get the real Quick Fix formula. I can assure you, Quick Fix Plus by Spectrum Labs is worth it for passing your drug test!

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