Urine The Clear ReviewIs It Actually as Good as Advertised?

Urine the Clear Review

This Urine The Clear review was last updated in April 2024.

Urine is big business these days thanks to the fact that drug testing labs are quickly becoming the norm rather than the exception.

The declaration in 2017 of a national opioid crisis only served to accelerate the move toward random drug tests by companies of all sizes.

The result of all this is that many good people have been forced to seek out ways to achieve a negative result that may not be entirely above board.

Hence, synthetic human urine (particularly products like Urine The Clear, which we’ll get into below) has become a big business.

Among all providers, Urine the Clear stands out as one of the few that actually sells real human urine samples provided by paid donors. They then test this donated sample to make sure it’s clean and safe and resell it to folks who need to pass their routine drug tests.

But is this focus on “real” pee actually useful or is it simply a marketing ploy? Let’s find out in this Urine the Clear review.

Real Pee vs Urine The Clear

real and synthetic urine face offUrine the Clear, as a company, is built on the notion that using “real” human pee provides you a better chance of passing a standard laboratory drug test than using synthetic urine. Drug tests are designed to identify certain chemicals in a urine sample, and with the advancements in the current testing standards, it has become easier for them to detect actual human urine vs fake urine on a drug test.

But is this true?

The idea has a certain appeal to those who maintain that “real” is always better, but there are actually no hard and fast facts that establish that a real sample is more effective for beating a urinalysis than artificially-made products.

In fact, you probably stand just as good a chance, and in some cases a better chance, of getting through it unscathed if you use synthetic urine instead of real piss for routine drug tests.

What Makes Synthetic Products So Great?

pee bottles ready for aquiring samples

The companies that are manufacturing the testing machines these days needed some way to test and calibrate them as it was making many people feel uncomfortable during drug tests.

Since they couldn’t ask their technicians to stand around and piss into cups all day, they developed artificial piss that is chemically identical to real human samples and has used it ever since to validate their machines.

It wasn’t long after high quality synthetic urine products were first created that some forward-thinking chemists realized they could make a handsome living selling the same product to people who needed to get past those drug tests.

So, the answer to the question “What makes these products so great?” is this: “It was developed specifically for the machine you need to get past to keep your job.”

Alright. So, What About Urine the Clear?

pee sample for drug test

As we mentioned above, Urine the Clear takes a different approach to the fine art of getting around a drug testing.

They believe that a real human sample provides you the best chance to obtain a negative result and go to great lengths to convince potential customers of the validity of their approach.

But while there is no doubt that Urine the Clear kits are well-conceived and tripped out with everything you’ll need and that they have helped lots of people get through mandatory drug testing for work or athletics, the fact is their record is no better than that of the best fake products. And in some cases, not as good.

But why is that?

First of all, Urine the Clear is upfront about the fact that they use only male pee for their kits. They say it doesn’t matter, which raises the question that if it doesn’t matter, then why insist on it?

The fact is even something as elementary as a home pregnancy test strip can differentiate between a man and a woman so it can’t be all that hard to do in a lab.

Therefore, while some women may get away with submitting a sample of male pee, others are not going to be so fortunate.

Secondly, the way Urine the Clear is mixed, stored and used is no different than the process you would use when submitting artificial samples.

That means that, just like with fake pee, if you missed or neglected a vital step, your sample is going to be caught as “not real,” no matter how real the person was who donated it.

As we said, none of this means that Urine the Clear doesn’t work well. It actually has an excellent track record.

But because its reliability is no better than that of an artificial sample while its price is as much as three times more, the question then becomes: “Why would you pay so much when you could get something just as good or better for 1/3 the price?”

What’s Included in the Clear Synthetic Urine Kit?

Urine The Clear offers three different kits: the frozen urine kit, the single-use dehydrated urine kit, and the dehydrated urine kit. Each kit contains the following components:

  • Heating element: This helps in maintaining the urine sample’s temperature within the desired range for a urine drug test.
  • Elastic belt: The kit includes an elastic belt that helps secure the urine sample discreetly during the test.
  • Temperature strips: These strips allow you to monitor the temperature of the synthetic urine to ensure it falls within an acceptable range.

In addition to these components, the dehydrated urine kits also include syringes for conveniently adding water to the powdered urine sample and mixing it. The single-use kit contains 2 fluid ounces of water, while the standard kit contains 4 fluid ounces.

These synthetic urine kits are designed to assist individuals in passing drug tests by providing a substitute urine sample that closely mimics real urine. It’s important to follow the instructions provided with the kit to ensure proper preparation and usage.

Urine The Clear Instructions

Preparing and using your sample involves just a few steps that you have to follow exactly. Most people that fail a urine test tend to miss a step or not pay close enough attention.

Step 1: Read The instructions – We cannot repeat this too often. Read all the instructions before you open any of the contents so that you understand what you need to do and when you need to do it.

Step 2: Mix Dehydrated Urine – Your kit will include a pouch with sterile water, and you simply use the syringe to mix in the concentrated pee. Shake it well and let it sit for a few minutes. The color will change immediately and look like real piss.

Step 3: Attach the Heating Element – The heating element will bring the temperature gradually up to between 90- and 100-degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you attach the temperature strip to the opposite side of the pouch to avoid false readings.

Step 4: Strap the Pouch Under Your Clothes – The elasticated belt that is included is thin enough to comfortably fit under your clothes without looking bulky. Make sure you strap the pouch in a comfortable place so that it doesn’t rub or make you walk awkwardly.

Step 5: Check the Temperature Before Entering The Lab – Never start checking the temp once you’re inside the lab as people will notice. Ideally check the temperature in your car before you enter, or find somewhere you can do it without being noticed.

Step 6: Submit Your Test – In the cubicle, you will have to be careful when opening the pouch outlet. Don’t fully empty the pouch as it will provide an exact 2-ounce sample which could be noticed as odd.

This part takes some practicing, so make sure you try it out at home before. It’s likely that someone will stand nearby while you pee in a cup, so this step has to become natural.

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So How Much Does It Cost?

product cost

The simple Urine the Clear kit retails for $59.95 while the “full” kit retails for $99.95 plus shipping and handling.

Now, when taken in the larger context of potentially saving your well-paying job, that’s a relatively small price to pay. However, it’s also three times the cost of the basic Sub Solution kit.

Again, while spending a hundred bucks on saving your career isn’t such a big deal (or shouldn’t be anyway), why would you spend so much if you don’t have to?

Our Official Rating: 

  • Effectiveness: 4.5/5
  • Price: 3.5/5
  • Ease of use: 3/5

Frequently Asked Questions

What range of temperature should Urine the Clear be?

Urine the Clear should be used at a temperature range of 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because lab testing facilities will check for the sample’s temperature to ensure it is within normal human ranges. Anything above or below this range could be flagged as a fake.

Can you reprocess Urine the Clear?

Yes, you can reprocess Urine the Clear, but it’s best to avoid reheating it more than a couple of times. This reprocessing can change its chemical concentration and result in a failed test result.

Does Urine the Clear’s box hold a temperature strip?

Yes, Urine the Clear’s box holds one, and it’s essential that you become familiar on how to read the output. You have to check the temperature reading before you head into the testing facility to make sure it’s within the ideal range.

Is powdered urine effective?

Yes, powdered urine is effective, as the ingredients mix easily in water and are designed to match with real human pee. The powdered substance also gives it a longer shelf life which doesn’t degrade, which is one of the main causes of failed tests.

After how long does dehydrated urine become useless?

Dehydrated human urine becomes useless after the expiration date has passed, which is usually about 2 to 3 years. However, once it has been mixed with water, it should be used within a couple of months as long as it’s stored in a cool dark place.

Can Urine the Clear be packed in ice?

Yes, Urine the Clear can be packed in ice to store for a more extended time. It’s important to remember that natural cooling and freezing process can diminish the samples purity and concentration levels, which can result in a failed test result.

Can Urine the Clear be bought in chain stores?

No, Urine the Clear cannot be bought in chain stores and is only available through select online retailers and the maker’s online store. If you do see it on the shelf in a store, you will need to be careful to avoid fake products.

Does Urine the Clear smell bad?

Yes, Urine the Clear does smell bad, but it’s no worse than the real human stuff smells like. The main reason for the nasty smell is urea and uric acid, which are ingredients in the synthetic samples you mix up.

What products can be seen in Urine the Clear?

The products that can be seen in Urine the Clear kits are an IV bag of the urine sample, heating elements, an elastic belt, a temperature strip, and detailed user instructions. Mostly, it’s everything to help you prepare and submit the sample.

Conclusion: So, Should You Buy Urine The Clear?

Based on our Urine the Clear review, these kits contain everything you need to submit a convincing substitute sample during your next urine test.

It also includes an IV bag full of someone else’s sample, heating elements, an elastic belt to hold the IV bag in place, a temperature strip to test the temp of the sample, and a pretty decent set of instructions.

But, so does the Sub Solution kit.

Urine the Clear requires you to monitor the temperature of your sample and if necessary, use the heating elements to bring the sample to between 90- and 100-degrees Fahrenheit. So does Sub Solution.

Urine the Clear has a better than 99% success rate when all instructions are followed to the letter. So does the Sub Solution.

So, with all things being equal, why would you choose the more expensive option? Save yourself some cash and buy a Sub Solution kit. It will get you the negative result you’re after, and you’ll have enough to get a celebratory pizza afterwards. Pizza aside, the Sub Solution is still the better choice, in my opinion.

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