Quick Fix vs UPass (5 Significant Feature Comparisons)

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In high-stakes scenarios where drug testing becomes a concern, individuals often seek alternative solutions to overcome such challenges. Synthetic urine has emerged as one of these solutions to bypass urinalysis tests.

During my pursuit of knowledge in this realm, I came across two prominent brands—Quick Fix by Spectrum and Upass by Safeguard Labs.

To provide an unbiased assessment, I personally acquired drug testing kits from both brands and conducted rigorous testing over several weeks. Through meticulous research and experimentation, I have compiled this comprehensive review guide.

Key Differences Between Quick Fix and UPass 

The main difference between Quick Fix and UPass is that Upass synthetic urine lacks uric acid in its formula. Quick Fix utilizes a proprietary formula that closely mimics real human urine in terms of color, odor, pH levels, and specific gravity. 

UPass also aims to replicate these characteristics but may have slight variations in its formulation, as we’ll see further down. 

Comparing Features Head to Head

A person holding two different synthetic urines in a jar

During my research, I gathered five features that I used to compare Quick Fix and UPass synthetic urine solutions. Let’s see them below. 

1. Ingredients

Certain ingredients make up human urine that drug tests look for.

Both Upass and Quick Fix contain the following essential ingredients: 

  • Creatinine: Creatinine is a naturally occurring chemical created during damaged muscle tissue repair [1]. It gets released with your poop after being filtered by the kidneys. The vial’s creatinine concentration should not be less than 15 mg/kg of body weight, or it may appear diluted compared to actual pee [2]. 
  • Urea: Urine always contains this chemical, one of the most often tested nowadays [3]. The lack of urea content in synthetic urine is the most obvious indication that the pee you supplied is phony.
  • Coloring agent: The typical human urine is smelly and yellowish in appearance [4]. UPass and Quick Fix synthetic urine have an identical color and smell to real human pee, hence avoiding any suspicions during the drug test.
  • PH and specific gravity: The pH range of both Quick Fix and Upass synthetic urine is roughly 6–7, within the pH range of typical pee [5]. Thus, any fake urine brands you consider purchasing must be within this range. According to Spectrum and Safeguard Labs, their products’ specific gravity is comparable to actual human pee. 

2. Effectiveness 

A doctor inspecting a urine sampleQuick Fix synthetic urine ranks as one of a handful of fake urine out there that uses no biocide as a preservative. It is quite effective because of this feature since it won’t be flagged during validity checks when looking for that particular type of artificial preservative. 

However, Quick Fix’s formula is still very basic, but It can still pass close visual scrutiny quite easily. Additionally, I found it competent enough to pass that low-level drug test if it is a simple pre-employment drug test that is inexpensive to commission and where they won’t care much about close examination. 

Similarly, UPass synthetic urine has a chance to help you pass a drug test. Although it has the essentials, it is not the most realistic or well-balanced imitation of urine. But as with Quick Fix, you may be in trouble if it runs afoul of more thorough validity checks or a technician’s doubts.

Likewise, it will undoubtedly be checked for biocide preservatives if it is undergoing an automated eCup study or is being examined by one of the major labs, in which case you might be in trouble. 

UPass synthetic urine tested in labs yielded identical results as those of actual pee. This is because the fake urine is not altered, diluted, or polluted in any way, and Upass urine is precise in the concentration of each essential constituent. 

Marijuana users who used this fake urine recommended it and claimed it helped them pass their tests. However, users of other hard drug substances hardly showed a positive result. This may suggest that it occasionally fails rigorous, non-standard drug tests. But marijuana is the substance that labs test the most frequently. 

In most urine testing laboratories, Upass synthetic urine did have a long history of being a great option for passing a drug test. Still, recent modifications to testing equipment have significantly changed its success rate.

Although UPass is still heavily promoted and advertised, it is not the best or most trustworthy option for a drug test unless you are aware that a urine testing facility is not using the most current testing methods.

Additionally, the UPass fake urine kits’ packaging clearly states that they should only be used for research and novelty purposes. They never say that it can replace actual urine in a drug test. 

3. Solution Form

A person opening a jar filled with urineQuick Fix and UPass unisex synthetic urine are pre-mixed and ready to use.

To pass a urinalysis test, users must ensure the sample’s temperature is within the correct range.

Most synthetic urine brands are dehydrated or powdered, which can get you caught as you’ll have to go someplace to combine it hence why Quick Fix and Upass are better based on this feature. 

4. Smell and Appearance 

Safeguard and Spectrum Labs’ synthetic urine perfectly simulates the color of real urine. UPass synthetic urine also smells exactly like the real thing.

You can even mimic the foaming action frequently seen in a valid urine sample by shaking the fake pee a little. So both brands undoubtedly succeeded in a physical examination.

5. Price

A man counting moneyThe UPass synthetic urine kit costs around $29, while a 2-ounce Quick Fix vial costs roughly $35.

Everything you need to pass a urinalysis test, including fake pee, a temperature strip, and a hand warmer or heating pad, is included in this pricing. Therefore, UPass synthetic urine is a more reasonably priced brand of fake urine.

You can also be cost-effective by buying the synthetic pee value pack if you must undergo urine drug tests frequently. With this package, you may purchase 4 UPass pee bottles instead of just 3, whereas with Quick Fix, you can get a 10-pack sale for a discounted price. 

Stand-Out Features

Quick Fix and UPass synthetic urine samples are tested to ensure accuracy. Of course, this is of utmost importance if you intend to pass a drug test using fake pee.

The fake sample kits perform a good job of accurately simulating the pH, creatinine, specific gravity, foam, heat, and other internal urine contents due to the meticulous science and testing that goes into it. 

Spectrum and Safeguard Labs synthetic urine work to make it appear as though you are dealing with actual, authentic pee as long as you carefully follow the directions included with the kit. They are extremely easy to use, and many think they are of the highest quality. 

Moreover, while advanced drug testing is normally not required for pre-employment or on-the-job screening, it may not be the most dependable alternative if you are unaware that the test is more thorough than the standard five-panel test. 

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Users Review

A person reading users review on a smartphone

“I used Upass urine on January 30th, 2023. I went to Quest Diagnostics and did everything how you were supposed to. This will only work if the temperature is correct, anywhere from 90-96 degrees, and you should be good. Got my results a few days later, and everything was good! I heard mixed reviews from Upass, but I tried it, and it works. I also used Quickfix urine in 2022, and it worked as well! Good luck, people!”
Kiki_Raw, Reddit 

“So I had used QuickFix before for my last job (pre-employment drug screen by LabCorp) and passed with flying colors. The only thing is, I like to smoke the reefer now and then, so I knew exactly what to do and got the 3 oz bottle of QuickFix from UrineLuck.com just like last time. L Thank you QuickFix, for helping me get this to raise.”
Emergency-Revenue161, Reddit

Which Synthetic Urine Should You Choose?

Quick Fix and Upass feature the essential substances and chemical compounds in urine. They are simple to use and reasonably priced. But if you are uncertain, there is a third urine solution from Clear Choice that I highly recommend.  

Sub Solution is the top fake urine brand out there for higher success rates due to its complexity and quality. It’s biocides-free, easier to use, and most effective in passing a drug test.

Remember, your needs come first, so do your own research and choose a product that fits them. 

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