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This review was last updated in September 2021.

Quick Luck markets itself as a “premium” fake urine that is indistinguishable from real human urine straight from the bladder.

Most folks will probably get a chuckle out of the idea of “premium” fake pee, but premium or not products like this have become necessary.


Because countless hard-working, sober-minded individuals yourself are being forced to take drug tests.

Even if you live in a state where cannabis is legal, you can still lose your job if you test positive for it.

It’s crazy. But it’s reality.

And people need help to get clean and quality results.

So here’s the lowdown on Quick Luck.

What is Quick Luck?

Quick Luck Product

Quick Luck synthetic urine is a new product from Clear Choice, makers of numerous products designed to help people transcend the scourge of drug tests, including Sub Solution.

Quick Luck is intended to compete head-to-head with industry standards.

Let’s cut right to the chase, shall we?

Quick Luck is one of the most expensive urine products out there.

As such, it needs to provide something that justifies that added expense and simulates human urine, right?

So, Clear Choice claims that Quick Luck is “100% effective”. (The implication being that others aren’t.)

It also claims to be unisex — as though that means something. (Hint, it doesn’t. Because no drug test checks for hormones that could show if the pee is male or female.)

It also states that Quick Luck is toxin-free and “totally undetectable.” (Unless of course it’s detected.)

They also make quite a big deal over the fact that the Quick Luck urine package contains a packet of “Heat Activator Powder” to rapidly raise the temperature of your sample, mimic body heat, and ultimately act like human urine.

More on that in a moment.

What Are the Ingredients?

Clear Choice Quick Luck

Because products like Quick Luck are not regulated by the FDA, they are not compelled to list all their ingredients the way companies that make vitamins are.

Therefore you need to have a lab and a degree in chemistry to figure out exactly what is in a product like Quick Luck synthetic urine.

The best we can do is repeat some of the info the company distributes on this product.

First off, they state up front that the Quick Luck urine formula is “top secret.”

That by itself is a little odd since the chemical composition of human urine is well known, contains more than 3,000 compounds, and is published online for all to see.

So, if Quick Luck is identical to human pee, the formula should be no secret at all.

That aside, they make the standard synthetic urine (see more) claims that it is properly balanced for pH, creatinine, and specific gravity and that it contains both urea and uric acid.

Does Quick Luck Work?

man confused about quick luck

The Quick Luck synthetic urine itself comes pre-mixed — which is a definite plus.

You’re stressed enough before a drug test. The last thing you need is to have to try and mix a perfect batch of fake pee in the hours leading up to that drugs test.

Also, Quick Luck comes with heat pads that allow you to attain and maintain the proper temperature of your urine sample.

The only thing to decide is where to sneak in the stuff. Stash undies are a favorite, but you can also strap Quick Luck to your inner leg or tightly against the abdomen.

Is that it? Not quite.

You see Quick Luck also comes with the aforementioned “Heat Activator Powder”

This is supposed to be one of those things that separate Quick Luck from the competition.

But, it’s actually where the trouble starts.

The heat activator powder in Quick Luck is made up of nifty chemical compounds which, when added to your phony urine, create a reaction that causes an immediate temperature spike.

The idea is that you use this if you arrive at the urine testing facility and discover the heat pads haven’t worked.

The thing is, if you add just a tiny bit more than needed, your clean urine sample will wind up 120 degrees and will be kicked out by the machine.

You’ll then either be fired or sent to detox. And, we can see people using the heat activator powder when they don’t need to and failing their urine tests as a result.

So does it work?

It can, but the Quick Luck heat activator powder seems like a needless complication thrown in solely to justify the higher price.

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How Much Does Quick Luck Cost?

The Quick Luck kit costs a hefty $100.

That would be fine if Quick Luck were more dependable.

But, it’s not.

Where Can I Buy It?

testnegative logo

If you’ve got money to burn, you can pick up all the Quick Luck you want at testnegative.com.

The only question is, why would you?

Chances are, if you do buy Quick Luck, your best chance to pass a drug test is to leave the heat activator powder at home.

But, if you do that you’ve negated the only justification for the extraordinary price.

So why bother?

Frequently Asked Questions

How many degrees should Quick Luck be?

Quick Luck should be at 94 to 102 degrees before submitting it for a urine test at a lab. This temperature is the normal range of human body temperature, and anything outside this range will be flagged as suspicious and could lead to a failed test.

Can Quick Luck be reworked?

Yes, Quick Luck synthetic urine can be reworked if you don’t need to use the full 3 ounces in one go. Reheating the Quick Luck sample a couple of times also works, but you want to avoid doing this too often as it can lead to a change in the concentration of the ingredients.

Can a temperature strip be found in Quick Luck’s box?

Yes, a temperature strip can be found in Quick Luck’s box, and it is attached directly to the side of the synthetic urine sample bottle. The writing on the strip is a bit small, so make sure you get used to reading it before you head to the test facility.

Can Quick Luck be quick-frozen?

Yes, Quick Luck synthetic urine can be quick-frozen to store it for an extended time. However, it’s not advisable to regularly defrost it as this can impact the ingredients and end up being flagged as a fake sample.

Can you get Quick Luck in stores?

No, you can’t get Quick Luck synthetic urine in stores or other regular retail stores. Currently, it’s only offered with individual online retailers, which is the only way you can guarantee to get an authentic product. Make sure you avoid too-good-to-be-true offers on shady websites.

Does Quick Luck smell nice?

No, Quick Luck doesn’t smell nice, and that is an excellent feature. This synthetic urine smells pretty much the same as regular human pee due to uric acid and urea that make up the majority of the ingredients.

What products exist in Quick Luck?

The products that exist in Quick Luck are a bottle with 3 ounces of synthetic urine, two heat pads, one heat activator powder, a temperature strip, and detailed instructions. It’s all you need for preparing the sample.


Can we recommend Quick Luck?

Only if you’re into wasting money.

This product is essentially the Clear Choice Sub Solution synthetic urine (a product from the same company that we actually recommend), with a useless urine heat activator powder thrown in to justify its sky-high price.

So, you’re better off just pocketing the $70 difference and picking up some Clear Choice Sub Solution, instead of Quick Luck.

This is not to say that Quick Luck is a “bad” product.

Just that paying 3 times as much as you have to for a solution doesn’t make a lot of sense (even with the heat activator powder), no matter how you look at it

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