About Us

Founded in 2017, Urine Drug Test HQ specializes in publishing reviews on synthetic urine products and any other type of product that can help you pass a urine drug test at home. 

Urine Drug Test HQ was established with one goal in mind - to provide our readers with credible, unbiased, and research-based information.  

What We Review

We review synthetic urine products, urination devices, home drug tests, detox drinks, and detox pills. 

In these reviews, we give you an in-depth analysis of what the product is about, how it works, how much it costs, and where to buy it. We also explain the science behind the product in a way that everyone easily understands it.

How We Do Our Research

Urine Drug Testing HQ is located in San Diego, California - a city that has gained a reputation as a bustling innovation center and home to billion-dollar research institutes. 

We have a team of subject matter experts and dedicated researchers that back up our product recommendations. We spend hundreds of hours performing rigorous tests to develop a brief yet comprehensive breakdown of the best urine drug testing products and why you should buy them. 

What Makes Us Stand Out

Urine Drug Testing HQ chooses to focus on the products that matter. We will not recommend the flashiest and most expensive products we can find. 

We recommend what you need to pass the urine drug test and not miss out on every job opportunity. Our motivation is hinged on helping the average consumer get the most value for the money.

Our Team

Lisa Burdick (Owner)

Lisa BurdickHi, my name is Lisa, the creator, and author behind Urine Drug Test HQ. I was born and raised in the sunny San Diego, California while my parents were managing our family business, Colonial Stores. Now, I am leading our business as a Structural Metal Fabricator.

You might ask why synthetic urine? Well, the reason why I chose this topic to research, write, and review, is because I know a lot of people who experienced failed urine tests due to the usage of cannabis for their medical concerns. These people lose job opportunities because they want to get medically better, and I think it is unfair.

Join me as I continue to research and review synthetic pee products so we will know the other options in the market to pass urine tests. Expect to have solid reviews and scientific analysis behind these products as you read through the website.

Email Lisa at lisa@urinedrugtesthq.com

Chris Sheldon (Marketing Manager)

Chris Sheldon

Hi, I'm Chris. As a Marketing Manager at Urine Drug Test HQ, my #1 goal is to find you the products that will help you pass your urine tests.

There are tons of urine kits out there that are advertised as "fail proof" but when it comes to the actual test, the results say otherwise.

We never stop in researching and trying out these products so we can give you an honest and un-biased review of urine test kits.

Same with Lisa and the team, my mission here is to help those who are struggling to pass their urine tests. I know how frustrating it is to miss an opportunity to work just because of this concern.

Join us in our journey of reviewing synthetic urine kits. Feel free to give us feedback on our posts!

Email Chris at chris@urinedrugtesthq.com

Richard Harris (Content Manager)

Richard HarrisHey everyone, my name is Richard. I have known Lisa for almost 7 years now and same with her, I have known a lot of people who failed their urine drug tests because of medical marijuana.

We can't just accept that "life is unfair" when we get rejected from job applications thus, we must do something to help ourselves.

Some of my friends highly discourage the use of synthetic urine but truth is, there's nothing wrong about is as long as it will be used in a good way.

As a Content Manager at Urine Drug Test HQ, I work hand-in-hand with Lisa and Chris to research and create credible reviews of synthetic urine tests. Please stay tuned for more content in the future!

Email Richard at richard@urinedrugtesthq.com

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Also, you can provide feedback on your experience by leaving us comments or any suggestions you might find helpful for future references.

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