P Sure ReviewIs This Artificial Product a Game-Changer?


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This P Sure review was last updated in July 2024.

Urine tests with employers and as part of interviews have become increasingly common, to the degree that some companies will require quarterly and even monthly tests.

Whether you believe this is an infringement on your personal life or not, if you don’t turn up for the test, there will be trouble.
This has led to an increased demand for artificial solutions in recent years. And this has resulted in some major advancements in the chemical engineering of substitute samples, including P Sure Synthetic.

Reviews on the product are divided. Some say it works, and others say it does not work at all.

To sort through the P Sure reviews, and to help steer you away from products that do not work, we’ve done an in-depth review of P Sure so that you can decide whether it’s worth buying over other options.

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So, what are the ingredients?


The ingredients in P Sure synthetic urine lack urea, which is now a key factor in modern testing requirements for distinguishing real urine from fake samples.
When you look at the liquid, it certainly has that yellow color of real urine.

But unfortunately, it does not contain one essential ingredient: urea. This is a deal-breaker for us as testing machines check for the absence of urea to check for fake samples. Without it, your sample will be flagged as fake right away, and you know what comes next after that.

When the product was very popular, and many people claimed that it worked, urea was not one of the compounds that were tested for by federal testing facilities.

But in 2016, some changes were made to the testing requirements, and now urea is one of the elements that these testing companies look for.

Does P Sure Have Uric Acid?

No, the P Sure synthetic urine doesn’t contain uric acid or urea, which is the major downside to the product.

Modern testing facilities can tell within seconds whether these substances are missing or in too low concentrations, which will result in a failed test. This is not something you should take a chance on.

How P Sure Urine Works:

When you get the P Sure solution, you will receive:

  • One bottle of the sample
  • One handwarmer

microwaving in a cup

P Sure Urine works by heating the synthetic sample in a microwave, maintaining its temperature with a hand warmer, and checking it against a temperature reading strip on the bottle to ensure it falls within the ideal range for a successful test.

You can microwave it as much as 6 hours prior to the actual testing time, which gives you some leeway for traveling time and transport.

To keep the artificial product warmed to the correct temperature, you’ll want to carry the solution on your person with the hand warmer.

The hand warmer will maintain the temperature of the product so that it stays within the ideal range.

Real human urine comes out at a temperature between 98°F to 102°F, so it’s essential that any solution you use includes a temperature reading element.

The bottle has a temperature reading strip on the side so that you can make sure it’s the ideal temp before you head into the facility.

When you carry it next to the hand warmer, you want to make sure the reading strip is not touching the hand warmer, or it will give you a wrong reading.

Unfortunately, the temperature reading strip on the product is not great. One user review stated that even when the temperature read 98°F, as soon as she exited the bathroom and handed her P-Sure synthetic sample to the testing proctor, the person pulled out a digital thermometer and said the temperature was only at 90°F. This led to the user failing the test and not being able to apply for the job.

If you decide to use P Sure, or maybe if you have no other alternative, you can just heat up the solution for an additional amount of time so that it reads above the temperature range that is marked on the bottle.

However, you also don’t want the sample to be too hot, which is above 102°F, or that will also flag the solution as a substitute. You can always cool off the bottle by placing it next to the back of the toilet tank or against the cold tile.

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However, getting an accurate temperature reading is one of the critical requirements for beating a substance screening test. You could also bring a digital thermometer in with you, but you should know that most facilities will check you for such items.

They might require you to go through a metal detector, and they certainly won’t allow you to take in a bag or purse into the restroom.

Does P Sure Really Work?


P Sure Urine is not always working with a successful outcome, with some users reporting disappointment due to its lack of urea and inaccurate temperature readings. Or rather, it does not work 100% of the time.

Some users have had success with this product in the past, but there are just as many disappointed and upset user reviews out there ranting about how this product failed them.

The lack of urea in the P Sure synthetic urine solution, along with the inaccurate temperature reading strip, are the main reasons why this product has failed so many and led to disappointment.

So, if you want guarantees in beating your test, then you might have to look somewhere else (click here to see the ones that actually work).

Rather than take a gamble, put your trust into a guaranteed product, like Sub Solution. With a much higher pass rate, this product is a safer bet to P Sure any day.

P Sure Synthetic Urine Pros and Cons


  1. Unisex usability: P Sure synthetic urine can be used by both males and females for various purposes.
  2. Premixed formula: It comes in a premixed form, eliminating the need for additional water or mixing.
  3. Essential components: P Sure contains urea, uric acid, ammonia, and creatinine, which are important elements found in real urine.
  4. Clean and toxin-free: P Sure is formulated to be free from toxins and impurities.
  5. Fetish kit inclusion: The P Sure fetish urine kit includes an adjustable belt that securely holds the synthetic urine for fetish play.
  6. Controlled urine flow: The kit also features plastic tubing with a clamp, giving you control over the urine flow during the experiment.

However, there are certain concerns regarding the credibility of P Sure synthetic urine:

  1. Outdated formula: P Sure does not have the advanced formula required to pass modern lab urine tests. Its chemical composition may not meet the current testing standards.
  2. Limited information: Detailed information about the manufacture and production of P Sure is not readily available online, making it difficult to ascertain its origin and quality.
  3. Lack of support: dedicated support specifically related to using P Sure for lab tests is not provided, which may affect user confidence.
  4. Limited success stories: Despite searching online, there is a lack of success stories or testimonials regarding the effectiveness of P Sure urine.
  5. Basic kit limitations: The basic P Sure synthetic urine kit does not include an adjustable belt, which may pose challenges in securely holding the urine during experiments.
  6. Limited shelf life: Once opened, P Sure urine should be used within a few days and cannot be stored in the refrigerator, as it may spoil over time.

Please note that the use of P Sure synthetic urine products should comply with the applicable laws and regulations, and they should not be used to deceive or defraud any drug tests or engage in any illegal activities.

How Much Does It Cost and Where to Buy it?

P Sure can be found online for approximately thirty dollars, but it is not recommended due to its questionable effectiveness, and there are better alternatives like Sub Solution available. This is the average price for these types of products, so you’re not saving money or getting a cheaper product.

Not only would you be getting a product that doesn’t work, but you’d be wasting money that you could spend on a product like Sub Solution, which has the ideal chemical mix to pass a test.

The difficulty of finding this product online says a lot about the fact that it probably doesn’t work. There is one online headshop that sells P Sure urine, but it is unwise and irresponsible to trust these sites.

Our Official Rating: 

  • Effectiveness: 3/5
  • Price: 3.5/5
  • Ease of use: 4/5

Frequently Asked Questions

Will P Sure withstand the worst living conditions?

No, P Sure synthetic urine will not withstand the worst living conditions, especially scorching temperatures. The reason for this is that the hotter the sample becomes, the more water will evaporate, and this will increase the concentration levels of the chemicals.

Can you use P Sure again?

Yes, you can use P Sure again as long as you store it in a cool place. However, you should avoid reheating it more than a couple of times as this process will gradually diminish the chemical structure of the synthetic urine.

Does P Sure’s package accommodate a temperature strip?

Yes, the P Sure’s package does accommodate a temperature strip that is an essential part of the preparation process. You will have to check this strip just before you head into the testing facility to ensure you’ll not fail because of a simple mistake.

Can P Sure be chilled?

Yes, P Sure can be chilled, and as long as it doesn’t exceed the recommended shelf life, you’ll have a perfect working sample. One thing to avoid, though, is a sudden increase in the temperature of the synthetic urine sample can cause some of the water to evaporate.

Can you purchase P Sure in stores?

No, you cannot officially purchase P Sure in stores as the manufacturer has set up an online shop, and that is the only way for you to buy the real product. There are tons of fake products out there, so be careful where you buy it.

Does P Sure stink?

Yes, P Sure does stink, and it’s a smell that is practically the same as real human urine. This characteristic adds to the possibility of mistaking the solution for real human urine during a drug test.

d minusConclusion: Is P Sure a Sure Thing?

Instead of wasting your energy searching for P Sure, put your time and money into a product that is proven to do the job right. We did our research and went through all the products ourselves and found out that Sub Solution has a much higher pass rate and a far better reputation for being a solution that works. With a higher than 99% pass rate, it is definitely the product that you should be buying today.

We’ve tested it so much that we already know the results before they even come up. All the people we talk to who use it correctly have passed drug tests, so it’s just the safety net you need.
We are 100% convinced of this product’s superiority, and if you want to place an order right away, then use the direct link to the manufacturer to order this trusted artificial pee todayOr you can click the button below.

Just do yourself a favor and don’t gamble with a urine test. In most cases, there won’t be a second chance.

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