P-Sure Review
Is This Artificial Product a Game-Changer?


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You have an upcoming urinalysis that you need to pass. Can P-Sure synthetic urine help?

That’s what we’re here to figure out. The increased demand in recent years for artificial solutions has led to some major advancements in the chemical engineering of substitute sample.

Reviews on the product is divided. Some say it works and others say it entirely does not work. To sort through the P-Sure reviews, and to help steer you away from products that do not work, we’ve done an in-depth review of P-Sure just for you.

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So, What are the Ingredients?

p-sureThe P-Sure urine contains several chemical compounds that are engineered to make the solution pass as real pee. When you look at the liquid, it certainly has that yellow color of real piss.

But, unfortunately, it does not contain one essential ingredient: urea. This is a deal-breaker for us as well as it should be for you as testing machines check for these things to prove the validity of the submitted sample. Without it, your sample will be flagged as fake right away and you know what comes next after that.

When the product was very popular, and many people claimed that it worked, urea was not one of the compounds that were tested for by federal testing facilities. But in 2016, some changes were made to the testing requirements, and now urea is one of the elements that these testing companies look for.

How P-Sure Urine Works:

When you get the P-Sure solution, you will receive:

  • One bottle of the sample
  • One handwarmer

Basically, what you do is warm up the bottle of the sample in the microwave before the test. You can microwave it as much as 6 hours prior to the actual testing time, so that gives you some leeway for traveling time and transport.

To keep the artificial product warmed to the correct temperature, you’ll want to carry the solution with you in person and have it tucked away with the hand warmer next to it. The hand warmer will maintain the temperature of the product so that it stays within the ideal temperature range. Real human pee comes out at a temperature between 98°F to 102°F, so it’s essential that any solution you use includes a temperature reading element.

microwaving in a cupThe bottle has a temperature reading strip on the side. When you carry it next to the hand warmer, you want to make sure the reading strip is not touching the hand warmer, or it will give off the wrong reading.

Unfortunately, the temperature reading strip on the product is not great. One user review stated that even when the temperature read 98°F, as soon as she exited the bathroom and handed her P-Sure sample to the testing proctor, the person pulled out a digital thermometer and said the temperature was only at 90°F. This led to the user failing the test and not being able to apply for the job.

If you decide to use P-Sure, or maybe if you have no other alternative, you can just heat up the solution for an additional amount of time so that it reads above the temperature range that is marked on the bottle. However, you also don’t want the sample to be too hot, that is above 102°F, or that will even flag the solution as a substitute. You can always cool off the bottle by placing it next to the back of the toilet tank or against the cold tile.

However, getting the accurate temperature reading is one of the critical requirements for beating a substance screening. You could also bring a digital thermometer in with you, but you should know that most facilities will check you for such items. They might require you to go through a metal detector, and they certainly won’t allow you to take in a bag or purse into the bathroom.

Does P-Sure Really Work?

failFor all its claims to be a “P-Sure urine” aka a product that lets you be sure it will pass as a real sample, this product just does not work. Or rather, it does not work 100% of the time.

Some users have had success with this product in the past, but there are just as many disappointed and upset user reviews out there ranting about how this product failed them.

There are several reasons for this, as we’ll discuss below. But please note: this product does not work all the time. Do not purchase this product and hope for the best. If you have only a matter of days until your test and you have to get the only product available to you, and that product happens to be P-Sure, you should just save your money.

The lack of urea in the P-Sure solution, along with the inaccurate temperature reading strip, are the main reasons why this product has failed so many and led to disappointment. So, if you want guarantees in beating your test then you might have to look somewhere else (click here to see the ones that actually work).

If you do have some time to wait for shipping, you should look for a product that has been proven to work. Rather than take a gamble, put your trust into a guaranteed product, like Quick Fix. With a much higher pass rate, this product is a safer bet to P-Sure any day.

How Much Does It Cost and Where to Buy it?

If you have been told by friends or just want to believe that P-Sure will work for you, then you can find this product online for around thirty dollars. This is the average price for these types of products, so you’re not saving money or getting a cheaper product.

Not only would you be getting a product that doesn’t work, but you’d be wasting money that you could spend on a product like Quick Fix, that actually works.

The difficulty of finding this product online says a lot about the fact that it probably doesn’t work. There is one online, third-party headshop that sells the P-Sure urine, but it is unwise and irresponsible to trust these sites.

d minusConclusion: Is P-Sure a Sure Thing?

Instead of wasting your energy searching for P-Sure, put your time and money into a product that is proven to do the job right. We did our research and gone through all the products ourselves and found out that...

Quick Fix has a much higher pass rate and a better reputation for being a solution that works. With a higher than 99% pass rate, it is definitely the product that you should be buying today. We've tested it so much that we already know the results before they even come up. You should start getting in it as well if you want to get rid of the problem that you're currently facing. It's just that simple.

We believe in this product so far; we’ve given you a direct link to the manufacturer to purchase this trusted artificial pee today. Or you can click the button below.

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