Number 1 Synthetic Urine

Number 1 Synthetic Urine

I have to say that I’m surprised no other company came up with a name like Number 1 Synthetic Urine before.

It’s definitely a cool marketing idea for a urine substitution kit.

But that also made us a bit suspicious. We’ve found a lot of similar synthetic urine products that hide behind fancy marketing and then fall way short of working.

So we ordered the product online and did some closer research into what it’s all about and if it really is the number one. We even checked to see if it would pass a home drug test.

Here’s what we learned.

What Is Number 1 Synthetic Urine?

Number 1 Synthetic UrineNumber 1 Synthetic Urine is a fake piss product that is sold as a fetish gadget. It comes complete with heating pads, fabric belt, and a bladder bag that contains the pre-mixed urine sample.

This is considerably more than many other similar synthetic urine kits, and it does make it sound a lot more like something you’d buy to pass a test than for some fetish games.

Our initial look at the package did indicate that the heating pads would be large enough to bring the sample up to body temperature in a relatively short space of time.

However, while we were researching online reviews and comments in online forums, we did notice that a few people say that the belt was difficult to comfortably fit under jeans.

More on this problem shortly.


  • Includes heat pads and temperature strip
  • An adjustable belt may help deliver the sample for testing


  • Some people have had difficulty getting the belt to sit comfortably
  • It’s not suitable for multiple uses

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Before we get into how to use the urine substitution kit, we usually bring you some information about the ingredients.

But there was a problem.

The packaging and all the online information says absolutely nothing about what’s actually in it. And that’s a problem for us.

With every other urine substitution kit we’ve used, we’re able to check for three things that are all equally important.

1 – Urea

Urea fertilizers | CropaiaUrea is released in the kidneys and is a waste product from the toxin filtration [1]. It’s one of the most important things to check if a sample is a fake urine product.

2 – Uric Acid

This is another waste product and is the result of food being broken down into macro and micronutrients [2].

3 – Creatinine

Catching Up On Creatine | T NationMost labs will test for creatinine these days as it’s the easiest way to tell if someone has done a flash detox by drinking loads of water.

Based on the look and smell of Go Number 1, we would guess that it has urea and uric acid covered. But only a test will tell if it has any creatinine.

We’ll cover that shortly.

How Do You Use It?

Using the urine substitution kit is quite easy, but I would suggest trying something like this out before a test if you’ve never used one before.

You might get a bit nervous in a testing situation, and it’s not the time to mess things up.

Here’s what you’ll need to do.

  1. Attach the heat pad to the urine pouch and activate it
  2. Wait for the temperature strip to show a value between 95 and 100 degrees
  3. Strap the belt around your waist with the pouch close to your skin to keep it warm
  4. Head to the test lab and open the valve to release the sample in the restroom

Now, this won’t be an option if you have to go for a monitored test where someone will be looking over your shoulder.

Yes, those types of tests exist.

Now for the big question.

Does Number 1 Synthetic Urine Work?

Number 1 Synthetic UrineThe first problem I encountered was that the urine device and bladder bag just didn’t sit right under my jeans. It wasn’t comfortable and constantly slipped above the belt.

That could be a dead giveaway.

Then came the results from our home drug tests. These were also not impressive.

We had 3 different test kits, and this kit didn’t pass as real human urine. They all flagged fake or diluted samples.

Not exactly the results you’d expect from a number one product, right?

Is There An Alternative Urine Kit?

Yes, fortunately, there is a product that we have extensively tested with good results. It’s called Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine, and we’ve tried it out with over a dozen different test kits.

If you’re facing an unexpected drug test, then you don’t want to be taking any chances. The extra money you spend will pay off if it avoids you getting into trouble over positive test results.

Order your supply of Clear Choice Sub Solution today and see for yourself how easy it is to use.

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