Does Kohls Drug Test?
Here’s Everything You Need to Know

In 2012, Kohls became the largest department store chain in the United States.  The number of their employees rises every year, and in 2020, they had 122,000 employees. Considering this fact, it’s no surprise that many prospective employees want to know more about the hiring process in Kohls, as well as does Kohls drug test… Continue reading Does Kohls Drug Test?Here’s Everything You Need to Know


10 Active Ingredients in Marijuana
Interesting Facts

Marijuana comes from cannabis sativa, or as it’s also known — the hemp plant. It has 483 compounds, which includes over 86 naturally produced cannabinoids, plus those that are synthesized chemically. Cannabis plants are used for various reasons — medicinal purposes to fight pain, relieve depression and insomnia, and for psychoactive properties the plant has.… Continue reading 10 Active Ingredients in MarijuanaInteresting Facts

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Best Detox for THC in 2021
Drinks, Pills & Kits

There are over 55 million drug tests done each year in the United States alone [1]. If you are one of those 55 million, you might find yourself in a pickle if you’ve been smoking weed recently. The good news is that detox methods are here to help you pass a clean urine sample without… Continue reading Best Detox for THC in 2021Drinks, Pills & Kits

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Herbal Clean Qcarbo16 Reviews
2021 Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking to clean out your system without any adverse side effects? I just might be able to help. With months of research, I’ve found a product that will clean out your system and help you pass your next drug test. QCarbo16 is the perfect detox option. Keep reading to find out why. Why… Continue reading Herbal Clean Qcarbo16 Reviews2021 Buyer’s Guide

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How Do You Pass a Nicotine Test?
In-Depth Guide

While drug tests are commonplace and expected when applying for a new job, more and more US employers are doing nicotine tests as well. Even if you’ve been vaping or using e-cigarettes instead of smoking, you can still fail nicotine testing. So, can you avoid testing positive if you’ve been smoking recently? Yes, you can.… Continue reading How Do You Pass a Nicotine Test?In-Depth Guide

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Cream of Tartar Drug Test Method: Does it Really Work?

You’ve probably heard about this method of passing a drug test discussed online on a variety of websites. Many say that the cream of tartar drug test method is the easiest and cheapest way to mask drugs in your system. The real question is, does cream of tartar truly work and help you pass a… Continue reading Cream of Tartar Drug Test Method: Does it Really Work?


Which Synthetic Urines Have Uric Acid?
4 Top Brands

Synthetic urine is a substance that imitates the chemical composition of human urine. It’s used in laboratories and on-site drug testing to calibrate equipment and identify substances, which can’t be detected by other means. So it’s also known as synthetic urine or artificial pee. There are many different brands of synthetic urine, but not all… Continue reading Which Synthetic Urines Have Uric Acid?4 Top Brands


What Synthetic Urine to Use for Labcorp Testing?
A Comprehensive Guide

If you are taking a drug test at LabCorp, there is one question that everyone has: what synthetic urine to use? It can be tough to find the best synthetic urine for LabCorp because there are so many choices. We will cover everything from how to choose synthetic urine to use at LabCorp and what… Continue reading What Synthetic Urine to Use for Labcorp Testing?A Comprehensive Guide


Can I Freeze Synthetic Urine?
An Easy-To-Follow Guide

Freezing synthetic urine is a question that many people have in their minds. They usually ask themselves if synthetic urine can be frozen and what the effects are of freezing it. The answer to this question is yes, however, there are some side effects you should know about before doing so. This blog post will… Continue reading Can I Freeze Synthetic Urine?An Easy-To-Follow Guide


How Labs Detect Synthetic Urine?
Things You Should Know

The lab drug test is a quick and easy way for employers to screen employees and applicants. The test detects specific drugs in the urine of people who have been recently using them. If you are looking to pass your drug screening, you might be wondering how labs detect synthetic urine or fake pee –… Continue reading How Labs Detect Synthetic Urine?Things You Should Know

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