Easy@Home THC Test Review (2024) Read Before Buying

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When you buy an at-home THC test, it is essential to know that you’re getting an accurate and reliable product that won’t give you false-negative results. As someone who has worked to prevent people’s medical marijuana use from interfering with them getting hired, I have done a lot of research on THC tests and will share my findings with you in this review.

What Is The Easy@Home THC Test?

The THC test from Easy@Home is a urine drug test that can detect the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol, the primary psychoactive compound found in marijuana.

Benefits and Highlights

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Our Official Rating:

  • Accuracy: 5/5
  • Ease of Use: 5/5
  • Guarantee: 5/5


The Easy@Home THC test uses FDA-approved testing technology that has been clinically validated for its accuracy, so you can trust the results you get from this product. It is 99% accurate when used according to the instructions.

My experience is that a negative on this test is reliable. When I am negative on this test, I am also negative on tests done by the reference lab.

Ease of Use

A person holding the Easy@Home THC TestThe Easy@Home THC test couldn’t be more straightforward; simply collect a urine sample and dip the strips into the urine for 10 seconds. You’ll get your results in 5 minutes or less.

A single control line will emerge on the test strip to confirm that the urine sample is being tested properly. That will be the only line that appears if THC is detected in your urine. Two lines, no matter how faded, will show a negative result.

I have found that my negative test has always corresponded to a negative test at the reference lab.


The Easy@Home THC test can detect THC levels as low as 50 ng/mL. This test can detect marijuana use as quickly as two hours after usage. It also can find THC as far back as three months after exposure.

I appreciate the company clearly explaining to what level they test. Their 50 ng/mL is adequate for most applications, though some companies look for levels as low as 20 ng/mL.

“THC is the metabolite in marijuana that causes the psychoactive (“high”) effect. It is mainly found in marijuana in higher concentrations.”


A person thumbs-upping in front of a laptop while smiling at the cameraThe company provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on this product.

They will accept returns for a refund if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason.

I have never needed to return the Easy@Home THC test. However, I have called their customer service personnel and found them professional and experienced.


  • High level of accuracy
  • Simple to use with rapid results
  • Wide window of exposure detection
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


Overall, the Easy@Home THC test is an accurate and affordable at-home drug test kit that is simple to use. However, that does not mean it is perfect.

The 50 ng/mL cutoff level may be too high for some applications. The most common example of this problem is that the U.S. military uses a 15 ng/mL cutoff for THC-COOH [1].


  • Does not test to the military’s cutoff level

Comparison To Other Products

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1. PreScreen Plus Mini

The PreScreen Plus Mini is a test option designed to provide results for 12 different drugs at once. The kit comes with a cup that has integrated testing strips. The user pees into the cup and then waits no more than 10 minutes before reading the results.

Comparatively, the Easy@Home THC test only tests for marijuana metabolites. So, if you want to test for other drugs, PreScreen Plus will be a better choice. Otherwise, you are paying for several tests that you may not need.

2. Care Check

The Care Check drug test is another option. This test is a dip strip that provides results in five minutes or fewer. It can detect drug use down to 20 ng/mL.

However, Care Check does not have as many positive reviews as Easy@Home, and some people report unsatisfactory experiences with their customer service department.

3. ITG Labs

The ITG Labs drug test is another dip strip option. It is rapid, easy to use, and detects THC down to 50 ng/mL. ITG also sells a single test for $10, so you don’t have to buy more tests than you need.

I prefer Easy@Home over ITG Labs because ITG Labs is significantly more expensive than the Easy@Home THC test.

Where To Buy?

A person holding a credit card and phoneThe Easy@Home THC test is widely available on Amazon and other major retailers. You can purchase this product on the company’s website.

The price varies depending on the quantity purchased. They sell this product in various packages – from 5 to 200 tests. Regardless of the amount purchased, you should be able to find that each test costs less than a dollar.

Who Should Use Easy@Home THC?

The Easy@Home THC test should be used by anyone looking to quickly and accurately test for THC exposure. This product is beneficial for parents who want to detect marijuana use in their teens, as a pre-employment drug screening tool, workplace screening, or in a clinical environment such as a pain clinic or rehab center.

Who Shouldn’t Use Easy@Home THC?

The Easy@Home THC test should not be used by the military or other high-security environments where lower cutoff limits are required.

Other User’s Testimonials

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With over 20,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, it is easy to find reviewers who are happy with the Easy@Home THC test:

“I work in a pain clinic, and we screen for THC levels in our patients monthly. I’ve been using these strips for almost a year and have found that they’re very accurate.”
Daniel in Mass

“I find that these strips are very sensitive to even just the slightest exposure. They work well, and I’ve never had a false negative.”
J.T. in California

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How accurate are home THC tests?

THC home tests are generally quite accurate. However, there can be some variability in results because of factors such as the level of THC exposure, the time since last exposure, and individual metabolism.

Can you fight a positive drug test?

You can fight a positive drug test if you believe the results are inaccurate. For example, you might take a medication that causes a false-positive result. If you have a legitimate reason why you believe the test is incorrect, you can inform the lab, and they can do an alternate test.

What do pre-employment drug tests look for?

Pre-employment drug tests usually look for marijuana, opiates, PCP, amphetamines, and cocaine [2]. Some tests also look for alcohol.

Easy@Home THC – Should You Buy It?

Overall, the Easy@Home THC test is an accurate and affordable at-home drug test kit that is simple to use. The 100% satisfaction guarantee makes it a solid choice for anyone looking to test for THC.

However, sometimes timing prevents you from clearing THC before your test. In that case, I recommend learning about the Sub Solution synthetic urine kit.

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