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If you’ve been relaxing with some weed recently and then found out you will need to do a drug test, you may start to panic.

Luckily, if this is the case, you can still pass drug testing. I’ve tried some of the most common methods of passing a drug test.

Today I’ll talk about my experience with Puriclean x5.

What is Puriclean x5?

Puriclean x5 Puriclean x5 is manufactured by Wellgenix, a company that sells beauty, health, wellness, and detoxification products.

They claim Puriclean x5 is a safe way to cleanse the body from unwanted toxins, such as pollutants in the air.

Puriclean x5 is two products in one — you can choose between a 16oz quick cleanse and optional 5-day cleansing.

This product has unique ingredients and uses dilution to release THC from fat cells.

Puriclean x5 Ingredients

Puriclean has potent ingredients that aid the removal of toxins from your body. Here’s the complete list of ingredients.

  • Burdock (root) — Burdock comes from Northern Asia and Europe, and it’s been used throughout history in holistic medicine. Together with dandelion, burdock increases urine output and helps detoxify the liver. It also helps flush the THC out of fat cells.
  • Dandelion (root) — Together with Burdock, it works as a liver detoxifier. [1] Dandelion is a potent antioxidant and helps fight inflammation.
  • Red clover (root) — Red clover can also stabilize lipids and stop THC from entering blood and urine. [2] It also helps bone, skin, and hair health.
  • Slippery Elm (bark) — Slippery Elm is great if you have to do a saliva test, as it increases salivation, which makes it diluted. You’ll end up with lower THC levels. Slippery Elm also prevents toxins from being absorbed in the digestive tract.
  • Alfalfa — Alfalfa also reduces the presence of THC by stabilizing lipids in the bloodstream.

As you can see, all Puriclean x5 ingredients work to lower and mask the presence of toxins in your body.

I’m happy to report I had a positive experience with Puriclean, and the ingredients were effective.

I usually have a few hits before bed every day, but I stopped using two to three days before the drug test, and Puriclean x5 worked for me.

Puriclean x5 Instructions

Here’s how to use Puriclean x5:

  • woman placing a pill inside her mouthDon’t use weed at least two days before the drug test.
  • Fill up the enclosed bottle with water and drink the whole bottle. Do this 2 times.
  • Take four capsules from the Puriclean packaging.
  • Fill up the bottle with water 2 to 3 more times and drink it.
  • Pee once or twice before you take the test.

Note: When your urine turns yellow, you’ll know the Puriclean x5 is going through your system.

I never had any issues with following instructions. They’re straightforward and easy to follow.

The only thing that can be challenging is drinking tons of water, but it’s a small price to pay for passing the test.

Puriclean Shortfalls

While there are benefits to Puriclean, there are a couple of downfalls too.

One of them is that this product doesn’t work for everyone. It depends on your body fat percentage, the last time you used weed, and how big of a user you are.

There’s no 100% guarantee this will work for you.

Another negative is that Puriclean x5 isn’t suitable for vegans and vegetarians as it comes in a gelatin capsule.

Comparison to Other Products

stacks of supplementsWhat sets Puriclean x5 apart from other products is the price. Puriclean x5 is cheaper compared to many of its competitors.

However, there are products in the same price range that work better. One of them is Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse.

You’ll also have to stop smoking two to three days before taking the test with this detox, but there’s a higher chance it’ll work. 

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse has more potent ingredients compared to Puriclean x5.

It won’t get rid of all the toxins in your body, but it will mask all the drug metabolites and give you a five-hour window to pass your drug test.

Where to Buy Puriclean x5?

man using pc and credit carrdYou can buy Puriclean x5 on the official manufacturer website or Amazon.

Puriclean x5 is manufactured in the USA.

I researched the refund policy for Puriclean x5, and while you can get a refund, the conditions attached to it aren’t ideal.

It takes up to 10 weeks to process the refund, and the buyer is responsible for covering the shipping costs. 

Other Users’ Experience

Here’s what others had to say about Puriclean x5:

Maranda from Ohio highlights that the Puriclean’s price is impossible to beat.

She also states this product worked for her, and following instructions was very straightforward. 

Chris from California wasn’t satisfied with the product as it didn’t work for him.

He claims the Puriclean worked for his brother on the first job he got, but when Chris tried it, he failed the drug test. 

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Should You Try Puriclean x5?

Puriclean x5 did help me pass a home drug test as long as I sustained from using weed for two days.

It has a nice flavor, and it’s easy to use. However, if you’re looking for something more foolproof, check out Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse.

It has more positive reviews compared to Puriclean x5, and it worked for me every single time, not only on a home drug test but also on a lab test.

Click here and check out the Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse for yourself.

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