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This Test Clear review was last updated in February 2020.

Synthetic urine has become a hot topic for several reasons. The rise of a more intrusive drug testing has made synthetic urine a necessity for a lot of people. It has also gotten under the skin of drug testing companies because in many cases, it works.

For drug testing companies to beat it, they may need to to have someone standing next to you in the bathroom staring at your genitals while you submit your sample, and that opens up all kinds of civil liberty questions. So for all these reasons and more, and whether we like it or not, this is a hot topic.

Test Clear is one of those brands of imitation urine that has garnered a lot of attention. Below we’re going to take a closer look to see if it’s the kind of synthetic pee that you can bet your career.

Our Test Clear Review

Test Clear Kit

There is are a myriad of reasons why you may need something like Test Clear fake pee. Test Clear is designed to help people who might fail a scheduled test. Perhaps, you may have taken a couple of hits off a doobie at the club, or you may have had dental work, and been prescribed codeine and neglected to tell the people at work. Or maybe you're taking late night adult ed courses to improve your skills, and you took a couple of Adderall to finish an important paper the other night.

Whatever your reason, Test Clear can help you get the negative results you need to keep your job.

The Test Clear kit that you’ll receive is bare bones; just some powdered fake pee, instructions, a vial to transport it in, and a heating pad. That’s it. , It functions well most of the time and gets the job done. Some even said that it is dependable and easy to use, especially at times when they needed it the most! If you have an unsupervised test coming up, Test Clear will probably do what you want it to do.

Before using this brand of synthetic pee, it would be beneficial for you to know what level of scrutiny you'll be in when you arrive at the testing facility.

What Do Test Clear Customer Reviews Say?

lady with question signageTest Clear products tend to fly under the radar, and that's probably the way the company likes it. But it doesn’t make it easy to find Test Clear reviews. The ones we did find mentioned that their product was basically dependable as long as you use it properly.

Some people found the vial to be a bit small while others had minor complaints about the smell, both of which you shouldn't really be concerned about.

Still, on balance it seems that if you have an unsupervised test coming up, Test Clear will most likely do what you want it to do.

Do I Really Need to Use Test Clear?

Whether or not you decide to take advantage of a synthetic product is entirely your decision. Before making that decision though, you should spend some time checking your options:
handling urine empty bottle for drug test

  • Option 1: Cross your fingers - With this option, you toss the dice and take your chances. It’s not necessarily the wisest thing to do though if you have reason to believe that there might be some substance floating around in your body that might be detected by a urine test. Before choosing this option, you need to be sure that you’re willing to accept the outcome.
  • Option 2: Call in sick - Sure, you'll avoid the test for a day or two, but the price you'll pay could be enormous. No one in management will ever trust you again. They might not say anything, but HR will make a tidy little note regarding your curiously timed sick day, and you'll be under the microscope moving forward.
  • Option 3: Ask a friend - Some people ask a friend to supply a pee sample only to find out that he had a secret opioid addiction they failed to mention. The sample fails, and they lose both their job and their friendship.
  • Option 4: Use synthetic urine - If your goal is to pass the test, and you believe that your organic sample won’t do that, using manufactured urine represents your best option for success.

Keep in mind these options only come into play if you have genuine reasons to doubt that your pee isn't going to hold up under scrutiny. If it's been weeks since you've engaged in potentially compromising activity, you likely have nothing to worry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most optimal temperature for Test Clear?

The most optimal temperature for Test Clear is 90 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the standard range for human body temperature. If it’s significantly above or below this value, then it will be flagged as a fake.

Can you reutilize Test Clear?

Yes, you can reutilize Test Clear as long as you keep it stored in a cool place in between uses. You should also avoid reheating it too many times as this can slightly change the chemical concentration that might be picked up in the lab.

Can a temperature strip be found in Test Clear's package?

Yes, a temperature strip can be found in Test Clear's package, and it’s essential that you are aware of where it is located and how to read it. Just before you enter the test facility, you’ll want to double-check it’s still in the right range before submitting the sample.

Does powdered urine work?

Yes, powdered synthetic urine works as long as you follow the instructions and avoid mixing it with too much or too little water. Getting the exact concentration right is the only way that can guarantee that the lab technicians won't notice it.

Does powdered urine go bad?

Yes, powdered urine goes bad, and it’s vital that you always check the use-by date on the packaging before deciding to use it. Usually, that date will be 2 to 3 years into the future, but sometimes you could end up with something that was in storage for a while.

Can Test Clear be cooled?

Yes, Test Clear can be cooled, and it’s the best way to store it if you don’t end up using the full sample. Keeping it in the refrigerator will ensure that less water will evaporate and reduce the risk of a failed test.

Can you buy Test Clear in stores?

No, you cannot buy Test Clear in stores, and the only official place that it’s available is on the maker’s online store. Some other online retailers sometimes sell it at discount prices, but this could be a risk of ending up with a counterfeit product.

Does Test Clear have an unpleasant smell?

Yes, Test Clear has an unpleasant smell that is the same bad smell that regular human pee has. This is mainly down to contain the right concentration of urea and uric acid, and it’s a positive sign that a product is a real deal.

What items can be seen in Test Clear?

The items that can be seen in the Test Clear package are one vial of powdered urine, one plastic container to mix the sample, a temperature strip attached to the container, and two heating pads that can be independently activated.

The Bottom Line

Of course, the best way to pass a drug test and the one we would recommend is to take a pass on that doobie, have some coffee instead of some amphetamines and skip the opiates altogether (unless you have a valid medical reason to take them and even so it should be done with a doctor's supervision).

When everything’s on the line, we also recommend using Test Clear.

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