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New Urine on the Block?

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This review was last updated in April 2019.

Synthetic urine has become a hot topic for a number of reasons. First off, the rise of ever more intrusive drug testing has made synthetic urine a necessity for a lot of people. Second, hey, it’s fake pee and who has ever heard of such a thing? And third, it’s gotten under the skin of drug testing companies because in many cases, it works. The only way that drug testing companies can beat it is to have someone standing next to you in the bathroom staring at your genitals while you submit your sample; and that opens up all kinds of civil liberty questions. So for all these reasons and more, and whether we like it or not, this is a hot topic. Test Clear is one of those brands of imitation urine that has garnered a lot of attention. Below we’re going to take a closer look at it to see if it’s the kind of synthetic pee you can bet your career on.

Our Test Clear Review

laboratory urine samplesTest Clear is designed to help people who have reason to believe they may not get past a scheduled test. There are a myriad of reasons why you may need something like Test Clear fake pee. You may have taken a couple of hits off a doobie at the club, or you may have had dental work and been prescribed codeine and neglected to tell the people at work. Or maybe you're taking late night adult ed courses to improve your skills, and you took a couple of Adderall in order to finish an important paper the other night. Whatever your reason for being apprehensive, Test Clear can help you get the negative results you need to keep your job.

Test Clear makes quite a few fake urine products with this being their most basic. The kit you receive is bare bones; just some powdered fake pee, instructions, a vial to transport it in and a heating pad. That’s it. While in a perfect world that should be enough, we know that this is anything but a perfect world and if you are being “observed” while providing a sample you may well have issues trying to use Test Clear. That’s not to say however that the product doesn’t work. It will. But as with any basic fake urine kit, the challenge is keeping within the right temperature and somehow getting the product into the sample cup without being detected. So before using this brand of synthetic pee, it would be very useful to know exactly what level of scrutiny you'll be in when you arrive at the testing facility.

What Do Test Clear Customer Reviews Say?

lady with question signageTest Clear products tend to fly under the radar, and that's probably the way the company likes it. But it doesn’t make it easy to find Test Clear reviews. The ones we did find mentioned that their product was basically dependable as long as the test was not supervised. Some people found the vial to be a bit clumsy while others had minor complaints about the heating element. Still, on balance it seems that if you have an unsupervised test coming up, Test Clear will probably do what you want it to do.But it seems an awfully big chance to take when there are other, better products on the market like Quick Fix 6.2 (which we’ll get into in a bit).

Do I Really Need to Use Test Clear?

Whether or not a person decides to take advantage of a synthetic product is entirely their decision. Before making that decision though you should spend some time considering the options, of which you typically have four:
handling urine empty bottle for drug test

  • Option 1: Cross your fingers - With this option, you toss the dice and take your chances. Not necessarily the wisest thing to do if you have reason to believe there might be a substance floating around in your body that might be detected by a urine test. Before choosing this option, you need to be certain you’re willing to accept the outcome.
  • Option 2: Call in sick - Sure, you'll avoid the test for a day or two, but the price you'll pay could be enormous. No one in management will ever trust you again. Period. They might not say anything, but HR will make a tidy little note regarding your curiously timed sick day, and you'll be under the microscope going forward.
  • Option 3: Ask a friend - Some people ask a friend to supply a pee sample only to find out that their friend had a secret opioid addiction they failed to mention. The sample fails, and they lose both their job and their friendship.
  • Option 4: Use synthetic urine - If your goal is to pass the test and you have reason to believe your organic sample won’t do that, using manufactured urine represents your best option for success.

Keep in mind these options only come into play if you have genuine reasons to doubt that your own pee isn't going to hold up under scrutiny. If it's been weeks since you've engaged in potentially compromising activity, you likely have nothing to worry about.

The Bottom Line

Of course, the best way to pass a drug test and the one we would recommend is to take a pass on that doobie, have some coffee instead of some amphetamines and skip the opiates altogether (unless you have a valid medical reason to take them and even so it should be done with a doctor's supervision). That being said, if circumstances have conspired against you and you're faced with a test, we'd suggest skipping the Test Clear Synthetic Urine and going with something like Quick Fix 6.2 instead. Quick Fix is easy to use, easy to keep at the right temperature, easy to transport and even easier to deliver into the cup than Test Clear. It also contains both urea and uric acid, so it's not going to be kicked out by the testing machine for being non-human. When everything’s on the line, we recommend choosing Quick Fix 6.2.

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