​​Clear Choice Incognito Belt Review (2024) Tried & Tested

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As someone who has been helping people pass a drug test for the past few years, I was contacted by a group looking for information on the Clear Choice Incognito Belt. 

I had no personal experience with synthetic urine belts at the time, but I was curious and decided to try it. 

Now that I’ve used it, I want to share my thoughts on the product.

What Is Clear Choice Incognito Belt? 

An image of Clear Choice Incognito beltThe Clear Choice Incognito Belt is a “gravity-operated” device that delivers 100% effective and premixed synthetic urine that is toxin-free. All Clear Choice Synthetic Urine, including Clear Choice Sub Solution, is toxin-free synthetic urine.

The supplied heat pad ensures that the surrounding temperature matches a human body’s natural temperature. The rubber tube, part of a lightweight apparatus, connects to the bladder bag. 

You can wear it under your clothing by wrapping the tube around your waist and the drain tube pointing down to the floor.

What’s Included in the Clear Choice Incognito Belt Kit?

Here are the things that you will find included in the Clear Choice Incognito Belt Kit:

  • 1 Bladder Bag with 3.5 ounces (103.5 ml) of Premixed Synthetic Urine
  • Velcro Adjustable belt 
  • 2 Heat Pads
  • 1 Temperature Strip
  • Complete instructions
  • Up to 2-year shelf life 
  • Unisex for Male or Female Use

“Our secret premixed synthetic urine formula is made from 11 different chemical compounds, including uric acid and urea, that mimic real human urine. It is balanced for pH, specific gravity, and creatinine, to mention a few.”
Clear Choice Official Website

How Does The Clear Choice Incognito Belt Work?

An image of a naked man wearing a Clear Choice Incognito beltThe Clear Choice Incognito Belt works by connecting the rubber tube to the bladder bag. Once connected, you will wrap the belt around your waist with the tube containing the liquid urine inside your clothing, and the bladder bag tucked away. 

You will have to open up the white clips and remove your hand when it’s time to release the premixed synthetic urine.

The synthetic urine will slowly release into the cup, and you can submit it for testing. The heat pad ensures that the synthetic urine temperature is within a suitable range (94-100F) to pass as human urine.

I was impressed with how easy it was to use the Clear Choice Incognito Belt. It didn’t take me long to get the hang of it, and I felt confident I could pass any urine test with this product. 

Incognito Belt Benefits and Highlights 

None of the other options on the market offer a way to smuggle urine into a drug test. Even though the Clear Choice premixed synthetic urine is pricey, it will allow you to take a drug test without fear of failing because its secret urine formula contains uric acid, mimicking real urine.

While testing this product myself, I also noticed several advantages and disadvantages that I would like to share with you now.


  • The liquid toxin-free synthetic urine does not contain any Biocide.
  • This product has a shelf life of two years.
  • Both men and women can use it because it is unisex.
  • The computerized temperature strip in this synthetic urine kit regulates the temperature of the fake pee.


  • The belt can only be used twice.

Our Custom Rating

  • Quality: 5
  • Effectiveness: 4
  • Price: 3

How To Use The Incognito Belt?

A woman reading the instructions on how to use the incognito belt

Here are a few steps to follow to prepare your synthetic urine belt kits for use:

  1. To use the heat pad, first, remove the adhesive backing.
  2. To activate the heat pad, shake it a few times. Then, place the heat pad between the bladder bag and the urine pouch.
  3. Position the Incognito Belt around your waist, so the temperature strip touches your skin and the drain tube points towards the floor.
  4. Wear the equipment for one hour before your exam. Before submitting the sample, check that the temperature strip reads 98°F-102°F.
  5. Close the white clamps and cut off the end of the tube.
  6. Check that the temperature is within the range indicated. Then, remove the white clips and pour the fake piss into a cup.
  7. Please ensure the specimen cup is filled to the line, then clip it shut with the white fasteners provided. After you’ve taken your toxin-free sample, please submit it.

Who Should Use Clear Choice Incognito Belt?

An image of a young man thinking in a blue backgroundThose who should use Clear Choice Incognito Belts are people looking for a way to pass drug tests without fear of failing.

This product is perfect for those who may not have the time or resources to detox naturally, as it’s easy to use and discreet.

It’s also suited for anyone who wants additional peace of mind when taking a drug test. The Incognito Belt is suitable for both men and women due to its unisex design.

Who Shouldn’t Use Clear Choice Incognito Belt? 

Those who shouldn’t use Clear Choice Incognito Belt are people who have a urine sample that can be tested for legitimacy. You may face severe consequences if the lab discovers your sample is not genuine.

Therefore, it is best to avoid using this product if you are confident that your test results won’t be screened for authenticity. Such as those working in the armed forces or in law enforcement.

Where Can You Buy a Clear Choice Incognito Belt?

An image of a person ordering online while holding a credit card

You can buy the Clear Choice Incognito Belt at various online retailers, for example, Walmart. You may order one online or through a store selling them in person.

When looking for the perfect clear belt, you should keep a few things in mind:

  1. Ensure it’s the right size and contains a heating pad and a bladder bag.
  2. Please take a look at its style.
  3. Ensure that the strap is comfortable to wear.
  4. Factor in pricing when making your decision.
  5. Read reviews before pulling the trigger on any purchase.

What Is The Price of The Clear Choice Incognito Belt?

The price of the Clear Choice Incognito Belt is around $125. However, the price may vary depending on the retailer. It is recommended to compare prices from different retailers before making a purchase.

How Is The Shipping and Delivery of Clear Choice Incognito Belt?

An image of a delivery man holding a packageThe shipping and delivery of the Clear Choice incognito belt are usually done within 1 to 5 business days. The delivery time varies depending on the retailer and your location.

If you’re ordering online, check out the return policy before completing your purchase. If you need to return it, you can easily do so without any hassle or extra charges.

When I ordered mine, it really lived up to the promises and was delivered in 3 business days. The package arrived undamaged, with all the components in it, as advertised.

Customer Testimonials

Here’s what other users are saying about this product:

“Yes, I did with flying colors. Stuff works.”
Throwawayu33761, Reddit

“It’s a great product. Worth the price for sure.”
bgrubb1985, Reddit

“There is a little scuttle about color, smell, and bubbles in fake stuff.”
2dogsnwife, Reddit

Synthetic Urine Belt Alternatives

An image of a person holding a synthetic urine belt alternative

Since there are many options in the market, I decided to compare the product with the Quick Fix Pro Belt, The Gotcha Belt, and the Synthetix5 Urine Belt. After trying them, I discovered that each has its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Quick Fix Pro Belt

The Quick Fix Pro Belt is an easy-to-use, fake urine belt and storage pouch that allows you to combine Spectrum Labs’ Quick Fix easily.

I like the Quick Fix Pro better than the Clear Choice belt. The Quick Fix comes with a temperature strip and is easy to use. It looks like a regular belt, too, and can fit up to 50 inches around the waist.


  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable price.
  • Looks like a real belt.
  • Synthetic urine contains uric acid.
  • Includes a heating pad, urine pouch, and adjustable waistband up to 50 inches.


  • Not as secure as other alternatives when worn for extended periods.

2. The Gotcha Belt

The Gotcha Belt is commonly known as a gag or novelty item. However, it has also become popular among fetish communities. The success rate of the Gotcha belt in relation to drug tests might differ from person to person. In comparison with the Clear Choice belt, the Gotcha belt is not as consistent. 


  • Durable.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Includes an additional urine bottle for extra storage.


  • No temperature strip included.
  • Urine can expire.
  • Mainly used for party gags.

3. Synthetix5 Urine Belt

The Synthetix5 synthetic urine kit has garnered reasonably trustworthy reviews on social media. 

This product is not intended to help people beat more expensive, extensive drug tests. In comparison to the clear choice belt,  the Synthetix5 urine belt offers adjustable straps for a snug fit around your waist. It also comes with two pouches that can be used to store extra supplies. 


  • Two pouches for additional accessories.
  • Adjustable straps for a comfortable fit.
  • Heating pad with adhesive backing and temperature strip included.


  • The price is slightly higher than other alternatives.
  • Not to be used for drug tests involving the government.

Overall, each option will work well depending on the user’s needs. I prefer the Quick Fix Pro Belt because it’s easy to use and looks like a genuine belt.


Will Clear Choice Incognito Belt Help You Beat a Drug Test?

Clear Choice Incognito Belt will help you beat your drug test, but it is not guaranteed.

Is Synthetic Urine Detectable In Lab Tests?

No, synthetic urine is not detectable in lab tests. However, if lab assistants use a biomarker assay to measure exogenous and endogenous analytes, they can detect it. But it is not very likely to happen.

Are Heating Pads Important For Synthetic Urine?

Yes, heating pads are essential for synthetic urine. A heat pad will help keep the urine at the right temperature when submitting a sample. 

Is This Belt Worth Buying?

I think the Incognito Belt is a magnificent go-to for anyone needing to pass a drug test as swiftly and proficiently as possible.

Though out of all the urine options I have researched and experimented with, I’d still swear by Quick Fix Pro Belt as one of the most reliable products available.

The artificial pee product has been created deliberately to make it usable in calibrating drug testing equipment, and it’s made up of ingredients that are the same as what is found in human urine.

Therefore, this makes it more secure to use and less likely for errors or false positive urine test results.QuickFix Pro CTA


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