Ice Detox Rescue Review

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Rescue Detox Ice is one of the latest products we saw advertised in a local head shop and some online retailers.

We thought we had tested this one before, but when we looked at some of our notes, this seems to be a completely different product and formula.

Now, with the label saying things like “instant cleansing energy” and “ULTRA PREMIUM,” we always become suspicious.

But we kept an open mind when we put this one through our usual research and testing routine.

Here’s what we found.

What Is Ice Detox Rescue?

ice detox thumbIce Detox Rescue is one of the latest detoxification liquids that claim to work well for fast cleansing of your liver and kidneys. This is where a lot of the drug toxins end up and how they get into your urine.

However, I have to mention that none of the official advertising highlights that this is a drug detox drink to help pass a test.

But considering that they advertise in some of the more prominent weed magazines and online herbal stores, it seems to suggest that.

And when you look at the ingredients, you’ll get a better understanding of why people have asked us to review it.

Ice Detox Rescue Ingredients

First of all, I have to say that the makers have made sure that the label is detailed and easy to understand. However, they still hide behind a proprietary herbal blend, so you have no way of telling how much of each herb you might be getting.

Here are the most interesting things we found.

Ingredients of Clear Choice

1 – Plenty Of Vitamins

While I was able to find plenty of clinical research that suggests that the body may need vitamins as antioxidants to reduce toxin levels, I couldn’t find supporting evidence of how important they are.

Still, it’s not a bad thing to see.

2 – Blend Of Detox Herbs

Here are some of the herbs that we were able to find clinical research on:

– Milk Thistle Seed

– Echinacea Purpurea

– Cranberry Juice

– Cascara Sagrada

Based on our research, it’s the cranberry juice extract [1] and milk thistle seed [2] that have been confirmed by several studies as having a positive effect on kidney and liver functions.

3 – Creatine

This is a type of protein, and once it’s processed by your muscles, it flushes out through your piss as creatinine.

The problem is that when you follow the directions for a detox, your pee ends up diluted. And a lack of creatinine could be flagged during a piss test.

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Ice Detox Instructions


It’s important to understand that you have to follow the instructions. We’ve heard of too many people cutting corners that ended up with a failed test result.

Here’s what to do:

1 – Stop smoking at least two days before the detox

2 – Avoid eating anything for a few hours

3 – Shake the bottle and drink entire contents within 15 minutes

4 – Refill the bottle with water halfway and drink it within 30 minutes

5 – Urinate frequently to help flush out your kidneys and bladder

You could follow this up with another half a bottle of water to pee some more, but don’t overdo it. It’s important not to end up with urine that is too diluted when preparing for drug tests.

“If the amount of the natural substance creatinine in the urine is abnormally low, internal dilution may be the cause. Drug testing laboratories all routinely test samples to detect dilution.”


Does Ice Detox Actually Work?

Here’s how we test these products.

We pick a suitable party weekend where some marijuana THC may have entered our system. Then, we stay clean for two days and use standard urine test kits to check our samples.

The samples are collected after 90 minutes and 2 hours, which should be the best time.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the negative results we’d hoped for. 2 out of 3 tests failed, which is not good enough to get our recommendation.


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When should you drink Ice Detox Rescue?

You should drink Ice Detox Rescue at least 2 hours before you have to submit a urine sample. This should allow your body to reduce toxin levels enough to pass a urinalysis. If you don’t allow enough time or pee too little, you could also be at risk of failing.

How long does Ice Detox Rescue last?

Ice Detox Rescue lasts up to 5 hours according to the information on the label. This is about the standard, but if you’re a heavy smoker, then customer reviews have indicated that 5 hours might be too long.

Are There Any Better Detox Products?

Because our test results seemed to confirm a lot of the online reviews, we would not suggest using it if you have to pass a drug test.

The risks are too high, and there are products that have given us much better results.

The one that worked best for us on multiple occasions is Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse. It just seems to have a stronger dose of natural herbs to help remove toxins in an effective way.

Check out our detailed review and place your order today.

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