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This review was last updated in May 2024.

It doesn’t matter if you smoke every day or if you’ve only smoked once in your entire life—we can all agree that drug tests are stressful. Whether it’s a surprise test at your current job or an upcoming test for a future career, failing one can set you back. So, you start scouring the web for a miracle, something to get rid of whatever’s in your body before the test—THC from marijuana, cocaine, or another drug.

Is it even possible? What detox pills can you trust?

While there still isn’t a magic pill out there that can instantly clear your system, there are plenty of supplements that can safely speed up your body’s natural drug detoxification[1] process. When taken correctly, the best detox supplements can even help the heaviest smokers pass a urine test after just ten days of use.

As drug tests have gotten better at detecting THC, nicotine, and other contaminants in urine, saliva, and blood, detox pills have had to evolve with them. That means that today’s top-rated cleansing supplements are more potent than ever before—it’s just a matter of finding the right products in a sea of scams.

Every day, your body is working to flush out unwanted toxins, from the air you breathe, the food you eat, the things you touch, and whatever else you choose to ingest or inhale. Contaminated blood is purified in the liver, and liquid toxins are released through urination. The purpose of the best body cleansing supplements is to speed up the process, which is why most detoxes rely on frequent urination to flush out as much as possible in as little time as possible.

The 5 Best Detox Pills for Cleansing Drugs

So now that you know a bit more about detoxing, let’s cut to the chase—what are the five best detox pills [2] to cleanse and detox your system and prepare you to pass your upcoming drug test with flying colors?

Let’s take a look into our top five full- body cleansing supplements…

1. Rescue 5 Day Full Body Detox

rescue 5 day

Sitting at number one on our list of the top detox supplements is the Rescue 5 Day Full Body Detox.

With its advanced technology and composition, not too many brands out there can compete with its ability to cleanse your body of these toxins. It’s specially formulated to help your body speed up its natural detox process, thus cleaning your whole system of anything that does not belong in there.

This kit contains four different capsules and should be taken at times that are specified in the instructions that come with the box. These tablets are formulated to get rid of the toxic build-up inside your body. In addition to that, you will be getting a set of eight supplement capsules that will need to be taken after completing the whole five-day process to provide you with that extra security that you might need.

After trying the product a number of times, we began to understand why word of mouth is routinely positive with regards to Rescue 5. We tested free of all toxins every single time. This is why we have it at number one on our list of the top detox pills today, and it’s not really even that close.

If you’re interested in getting Rescue 10 Day Detox, then click here.


For a very affordable price, you’ll be getting a top-notch detox pill product that you can rely on when you need it the most. You can also use it to detox your body from different substances like:

  • Marijuana (occasional use)
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine
  • Amphetamines
  • Methamphetamine
  • LSD
  • Ecstasy
  • And more!

The best thing about it is that it’s been on discount the entire month, so if you need it now, get yourself a deal by clicking this. And on to the next product…

2 – Detoxify Instant Clean

Detoxify Instant CleanThis is a product that is best suited for people who need to flush out toxins and evidence of drugs within just a few days. For this detox pill to work, it is best combined with one of the pre-cleanse products, but even when taken alone, it can still provide the results when time is in short supply.

Detoxify Instant Clean combines 3 different detox pills with a blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals that you need to take with 20 ounces of water each.

One of the pills provides the cleansing effect by boosting your liver and kidney function. The second one helps to restore some of the lost nutrients during the cleanse, and the third one aims to increase metabolic rates to further flush out more toxins for several hours.

You’ll know that it’s working if you need to constantly go for a pee in the hours after taking the pills.

While you will need to drink a lot of water with the pills and throughout the two days that you need to follow this process, the effectiveness seems to be clear.

There are a lot of positive reviews that confirm that it’s a fast solution for the most common drug-related tests. 

Based on my research and reading through user feedback, the following are the toxins that Instant Clean has shown to be effective for:

  • Marijuana (occasional use)
  • Cocaine
  • Nicotine
  • Alcohol


3. Stat Flush Pills

Stat FlushWhat makes Stat Flush Pills one of the best cleansing supplements? Aside from consistent user success, it’s one of the easier-to-use detox pills out there because there’s only one step.

An hour or so before your drug test, take the entire bottle (if that sounds drastic, keep in mind that each bottle only contains five capsules!) using as little water as possible. Like Herbal Clean Super Q pills, the toxin masking effects are temporary, lasting between 3 and 4 hours.

It’s one of those detox pills that work,, but definitely not the most highly-recommended one in our opinion. It just leaves too much room for error compared to the products above it. Much like Detoxify Instant Clean, it doesn’t clean out your system; it just hides it temporarily. This is a huge risk, if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong; this product works. It just doesn’t work every single time.

Something interesting about Stat Flush is that it can’t be taken with any caffeine. Also, before you try this detox pill, keep in mind that it is only intended to flush out fat-soluble toxins, including:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Nicotine
  • LSD
  • Heroin


4. Herbal Clean Super Q Pills

Herbal Clean Super Q

Using a mix of vitamins, minerals, and herbs, Herbal Clean Super Q detox pills take just 45 minutes to start working and can mask toxins for up to 5 hours at a time.

It has ingredients like dandelion, milk thistle, and alfalfa leaf that are considered natural blood and liver purifiers. The supplement also contains high levels of creatine, an organic compound found in healthy, non-diluted urine. This boost in creatine makes Herbal Clean Super Q one of the most recommended detox supplements for drug tests administered on short notice.

Because the product only works for five hours at a time, Herbal Clean Super Q doesn’t completely eliminate toxins—it just masks them so well that a drug test can’t detect them.

If you want a complete, full-body cleanse, it’s going to take longer than a 45-minute detox. But if you’re just looking for a bit of extra peace of mind or need a quick, last-minute solution, Herbal Clean Super Q pills have been shown to mask toxins found in the following drugs:

  • Marijuana (occasional use)
  • Cocaine
  • Nicotine
  • Alcohol

5. Porta Aqua Pills


A favorite camping item is probably not something you’d expect to see in THC detox pills reviews, but lo and behold, here it is.

If you’re familiar with Porta Aqua pills, then you already know that these capsules are used to decontaminate drinking water. Just drop a few tablets in, and your previously questionable water is now safe to drink. What does a camping trick have to do with the best detox pills for THC?
Somewhere along the way, someone got the idea to use and promote Porta Aqua as a detox solution for drug tests. If it can remove chemicals and toxins from water, then surely it can remove drug toxins from the human body, right?

But does it work, and is it even safe?

When taken correctly, yes, Porta Aqua pills do make good detox pills. However, they shouldn’t be taken directly—not only is this ineffective, but it isn’t good for your health, either. Another thing you should never do is try to dissolve the tablets in a urine sample.

Not only do they not dissolve quickly enough, but they can also mess with the temperature and coloration of the sample, resulting in an automatic failure.

Instead, the capsules should be dissolved in clean water and ingested before your drug test. The exact ratio of Porta Aqua tablets to water varies depending on usage and body type, but if done at least a few days before a drug test, this detox can help your body naturally eliminate toxins from:

  • Marijuana (occasional use)
  • Cocaine
  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine

Do keep in mind that Porta Aqua is not intended for use as a detox, and therefore is better used as a last resort to cleanse or for extra protection. The best detox pills to pass a drug test are the ones made for that purpose, like Rescue 5 Day Detox.

RUNNER UP:  Stinger 7

stinger 7

Another contender on our list of drug detox pills is the Stinger 7-Day cleanser.

It’s pretty much exactly like the other products on this list; it’s as simple as popping a capsule and then chowing down some water. The only difference is the dosage; you will need to down this supplement twice a day. Instructions are included in the package, so no need to worry about messing it up.

Can Stinger 7 detox your body in just one week? Heck, it probably wouldn’t be one of the top detox supplements if it couldn’t, but do keep in mind that it is slightly weaker than some of the other products on this list. While it may clear toxins from a first-time or occasional marijuana user, it may not work as well for heavy smokers.

Those with a larger body mass might even need to double the dosage to see results. But for most people, the Stinger 7 detox should be able to thoroughly cleanse toxins from the following drugs in just one week:

  • Marijuana (occasional use)
  • Cocaine
  • Nicotine
  • Methamphetamine
  • LSD
  • Ecstasy


RUNNER UP: Toxin Rid 10

toxin rid 10

Sitting just outside of our list of best detox pills is Toxin Rid 10, a 10-day deep cleanse that, 150 capsules later, claims to remove all toxins from your system completely.

Widely considered as one of the better detox pills on the market, this cleansing routine is no joke. If you follow the directions to the letter, you’re almost guaranteed to pass a drug test after ten days.

Dozens of THC detox pills reviews and user testimonials are very affirming—if you follow the directions to the letter, it may actually help you pass a drug test after ten days.

While there are also shorter Toxin Rid cleanses, the 10-day detox is the most popular choice. A one-time smoker will be somewhat okay with one of the shorter detox routine (the 10-day program is still recommended), but frequent and heavy users will need to go through the full 10-day detox program to thoroughly flush, not just mask, the toxins out of their system.

Yes, you’ll find that Toxin Rid 10 is way more expensive than most other products on the market, but that’s because it’s one of the few detox pills that have been proven to work. This stuff won’t just dilute your urine, or only temporarily mask the drug—it will get rid of toxins for good (well, at least until you start smoking again). And it isn’t just one of the best detox pills for weed—it can also work to cleanse any drug, including:

  • Marijuana (occasional use)
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine
  • And a few others

Where’s the Best Place to Buy Detox Capsules?

5 day

When it comes to these kinds of products, the best place to buy them is through their official website. The confidentiality that is included when purchasing them is just something you won’t ever get when you buy it from a store near you.

Also, have you ever tried looking for a reliable detox supplement in smoke shops or local stores? They’re impossible!

Another important thing to note about when it comes to shopping for these online is that they can also be delivered to you within the day. Yes, it’s that quick and easy. Detox supplements like Rescue 5 Day Detox, as long as in stock and available, can be delivered to you within 24 hours. You won’t even need to step outside the door to save your butt.

So, take it from us, just buy it through the internet.

How to Use Detox Pills for a Drug Test?

Here are the key steps on how to use detox pills for a drug test:

  • Understand the Product: Detox pills claim to cleanse the body of toxins, including drug metabolites. It’s crucial to research and understand the specific product you’re considering.
  • Follow Instructions: If you choose to use detox pills, follow the product’s instructions carefully. This usually involves taking the pills for a certain number of days leading up to the test.
  • Hydration: Many detox pills are designed to be taken with a significant amount of water. Proper hydration is often a key part of the process.
  • Diet and Exercise: Some products recommend or require dietary changes and increased physical activity to aid in the detoxification process.
  • Timing: Pay attention to the timing recommended by the product. Some are designed for use over several days, while others are intended for use on the day of the test.

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Just a Few More Tips:

Tip #1 Quit the “Sweat it Out” plan

woman exercising

This might sound a bit obvious, but the second you know that you have a drug test coming up, stop smoking immediately and begin your detox routine. Again, no pill is magic—you can’t smoke, detox, smoke, and then detox again and still expect to pass your test. Even after the test is over with, don’t start smoking again until you get the results just in case you end up needing to do a retake.

Another standard piece of advice? Don’t exercise 24 hours before a drug test. This is because most drugs, primarily marijuana, are fat-soluble, meaning they’re stored in your body’s fat cells. When you exercise, the stored THC is released into your system, making it more likely to show up on a drug test.

Tip #2 Improve the Effectiveness of Detox Drugs


Picking a high-quality detox pill is a solid starting point. Read user reviews and do diligent research to make sure your detox efforts and money won’t go to waste.

Just as important as picking the right product is following their specific intake and dosage instructions.

All of these top detox supplements come with their specific instructions—some need to be taken with a certain amount of water, and others need to be taken at specific times throughout the day. But no matter which you choose, there are additional steps you can take to ensure that they’re as effective as possible.

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Tip #3 Take an At-Home Drug Test

urine sample

Because individual body types and drug usage varies, the only way to know if a detox pill works for sure is to give yourself an at-home drug test. Some supplements, like Rescue 5 Day Detox, even come with one for free. Even if you don’t have a test coming up, it’s still a good idea to test out the effectiveness of a supplement so that you don’t have to stress about it later.

Tip #4 Never Stress over a Drug Test Ever Again

stressfree guy

Today, more and more drug tests are supervised, making it harder to sneak in a bottle of synthetic urine. This issue has caused a lot of people to stress, when the first reason why they use drugs recreationally is to get rid of stress. That’s very counter-intuitive!

If you have gone through the routine series of panic and research, then you probably have heard of detox pills, and if you have heard of them, then you probably know that they are a reliable option when it comes to cleaning out your system of illegal substances. So, the next time that you are in trouble with the law, you know where to get help.

And now that you know more a bit more about the five best detox cleanse pills, you can be prepared for any drug test at any time.


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