Dr. Greens Superhero Synthetic Urine (2024 Unbiased Review)

Your guide to Dr. Greens Superhero Synthetic Urine

If you’ve been looking for ways to pass a drug test after using weed, you’ve probably encountered synthetic urine. 

But with so many artificial pee manufacturers, it can be difficult to decide which one’s the best for you.

I tried Dr. Greens Superhero Synthetic Urine, and I checked what others have to say about it. Here’s what you should know about this product.

What is Dr. Greens Superhero Artificial Urine?

Dr. Greens Superhero Artificial UrineDr. Greens Superhero Synthetic Urine is manufactured by the Dr. Greens company.

In the package, you get a 3-ounce bottle of synthetic urine, a heat strip, and a heating pad so you can warm the urine. 

Dr. Greens has been around for a while, and they offer other detox products as well, such as shampoo and mouthwash.

However, they are mostly known for their synthetic pee for drug tests.

Dr. Greens Superhero Artificial Urine Benefits

Dr. Greens claims this urine is “the superhero of the fake pee world.” I did find some qualities that make it stand out. 

1. The Ingredients

Artificial pee has to successfully imitate the real pee’s ph, specific gravity, creatinine, and uric acid [1].

Dr. Greens Superhero Artificial Urine does this well.

Labs test for urea content levels to distinguish between fake and real urine.

By containing uric acid and urea, the fake pee will have an adequate uric acid level, creatinine level and be the appropriate yellow color.

2. Ease of Use

feet view of a person using the urinalWhile you don’t have to ingest anything to pass a drug test, it’s a little more difficult to use artificial urine at the testing site.

But Dr. Greens thought of everything, so you’ll get 3 ounces of fake pee and a heating element in the package.

Dr. Greens claims you can preheat it a couple of times, and it won’t affect the formula. Because the lab called me to postpone the drug test, I had to reheat the artificial urine two times, and I still passed the drug test.

Once you arrive at the testing site, the pee will cool down, which is where the heating element comes in handy. Take it with you, and add it to the bottle.

The temperature strip should read between 98 and 102 degrees. 

Mine was actually a bit higher, so I placed the bottle in the toilet for about 5 seconds, and it quickly dropped to 98 degrees.

Also, Dr. Greens Superhero Artificial Urine is the go-to option for those seeking synthetic urine. Designed to perfectly imitate real urine, it passes laboratory tests without detection.

This product is particularly reliable for heavy smokers or those with high toxin levels. To maintain authenticity, careful adherence to instructions is crucial. A heating pad is recommended to regulate the temperature of the synthetic urine, replicating the natural warmth of fresh urine

Fake urine, like Dr. Greens Superhero Artificial Urine, is commonly used by individuals facing drug tests. It allows heavy smokers and others to confidently pass screenings undetected.

Dr. Greens Pros

The biggest pros of Dr. Greens are:

  • Contains urea and uric acid
  • Easy to use
  • Lasts for up to 2 years
  • Comes with a heating element

Dr. Greens Superhero Artificial Urine Shortfalls

male delivery holding up boxes and a thumbs downHere’s what I didn’t like about Dr. Greens.

Most importantly, it doesn’t work for everyone. Your best bet is to do a home test before going to the lab to be sure the product works. 

Another shortfall, though it didn’t affect me, is that the manufacturer doesn’t ship to all states.

It’s unclear why, but you should contact them and check if they’ll ship to your location.

Dr. Greens Cons

The biggest cons of Dr. Greens are:

  • Doesn’t work for everyone
  • Doesn’t ship to all US states

Our Official Rating: 

  • Effectiveness: 3.5/5
  • Price: 4.5/5
  • Ease of use: 4/5

Comparison to Other Products

In terms of price, Dr. Greens is one of the more affordable fake pees out there.

For example, Quick Fix 6.3 Synthetic Urine is $34.95, and Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit is $85.

Compared to Dr. Greens, UPass and Quick Fix Synthetic Urine contain more powerful ingredients and have the proper creatinine levels, proteins color, odor, and specific gravity.

These give you a higher chance of your fake urine looking like the real thing.

Other Synthetic Urine Products We’ve Reviewed:

Where to Buy Dr. Greens Superhero Synthetic Urine?

You can buy Dr. Greens Superhero Synthetic Urine on the official website for $29.95.

Note: If you make an order, and they can’t ship to your state, you’ll be charged 50% of the order.

Other Users’ Experience

man using a tablet

Jessica W. from Texas

Jessica says she’s a heavy smoker with a slow metabolism.

She didn’t want to take chances with detox products, so she used Dr. Greens and passed the drug test.

Mike L. from Arizona

Mike was concerned with the swishing sound the bottle made when he walked, as it contained 3.5 ounces, and he had 3 ounces in it.

He wasn’t discovered, but he failed the test even though he followed all instructions.


Can a Lab Tell if it’s Synthetic Urine?

Yes, a lab can tell if it’s synthetic urine. That’s why it’s important to use fake pee with pure compounds and the same density as real urine.

Can I Buy Dr. Greens in Stores?

No, you can’t buy Dr. Greens Synthetic Urine in stores. It’s only available on the official website.

Is Dr. Greens the Right Synthetic Urine for You?

There are people for whom Dr. Greens fake pee worked. But, if you’re looking for something more foolproof, my suggestion is the Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit.

You’ll get much more in the package — urine vial, heat activator powder, mixing container, and a temperature strip. It comes with detailed instructions and is easy to use.

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit has 11 different chemical compounds that perfectly mimic the real urine. 

It’s biocide and toxin-free, so you can use it with peace of mind.

Click here to check it out and try to pass your drug test as soon as today.

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