Xstream vs Quick Fix (5 Differences to Keep an Eye Out For)

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When it comes to passing a drug test, using synthetic urine is a brilliant move. After testing dozens of synthetic urine brands available for a drug test, I finally discovered Xstream and Quick Fix synthetic, but I wanted to try them first to compare. 

After weeks of testing, I put together everything you’ll need to know about Xstream and Quick Fix drug testing kits in this synthetic urine review. Read on to determine which synthetic urine is your best bet at passing that test. 

Key Differences Between Xstream And Quick Fix

A doctor getting a sample of urineThe main difference between Xstream and Quick Fix is in the chemical formula. Xstream synthetic urine has a basic formula that isn’t made to help you pass urine drug tests. 

Compared to Xstream, Quick Fix has a much more complex formula which is great for passing standard urine tests but may not go well against chemical or validity tests. Validity tests may look beyond the elements of creatinine and the presence of adulterating substances, like nitrates [1].

Therefore, the more complex it is, and the simpler it is to maintain the normal temperature range, the more likely you are to pass without being detected.

Healthy human urine must be between 90°F and 100°F and have left the body within two minutes of the sample being sent to the lab for a drug test [2]. 

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Features Head to Head

Here are the 5 features compared between the two solutions:

1. Ingredients

A person mixing chemicals in a laboratoryLabs pick up on several critical elements besides the substances being checked to ensure the synthetic urine product is real human urine.

Quick Fix and XStream Synthetic piss claim to have all the important ingredients of natural human urine to pass a drug test.

Furthermore, the chemical elements that make up the XStream and Quick Fix solution are balanced for pH and contain creatinine, urea, protein, and uric acid.

They also contain certain chemical compounds that add a nice authentic touch that foams up when shaken, just like real urine. The manufacturers also make a big deal that they have the right smell.

Based on my research, Xstream synthetic urine claims that it is 100% toxin and biocides-free, an artificial preservative in many synthetic urines. However, Xstream does not mention if their products are nitrate free.

Similarly, Quick Fix, on the other hand, is biocide and nitrates-free, which ensures that a lab won’t detect the synthetic formula. 

2. Effectiveness 

A person holding a synthetic urine and showing a thumbs upXstream and Quick Fix fake pee functions by imitating every characteristic of human urine since they have the same creatinine, pH, and specific gravity as normal urine. 

However, the inadequate heating element is one of the main reasons the XStream synthetic urine solution doesn’t always pass as “real.” The temperature strip is meant to be your method of determining whether the urine is at the proper temperature.

However, it frequently fails to deliver the desired results. I experienced multiple situations where the temperature strip indicated the urine was at the correct temperature, but when I submitted it, the testing facility claimed it was too cold.

Such failure is presumably caused by the Xstream manufacturers mainly promoting it for use in fetish urine, laboratory calibration, and other testing purposes.

Therefore, Xstream fake urine is not meant to help people cheat on substance screenings. Compared to the XStream, marketed as fetish urine, Quick Fix is more reliable for drug screening tests because it’s specifically designed for it. 

Moreover, while the components mimic real urine, they don’t truly go that far in making Xstream synthetic urine imitate real urine, which is one characteristic that gives it away.

When you’re looking at it, it’s simple to mistake Xstream for the genuine piece, but it may not do the task when it comes to medical equipment. As far as my testing is concerned, it can pass things like home tester kits, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will pass the laboratory drug test without a hitch.

Unlike Xstream, I had no problem with the Quick Fix kit’s heating pad. Their temperature strip worked fine and recorded the correct temperature range(94-100°F) even minutes before submitting the urine sample for a drug test. 

3. Solution Form

Both synthetic kits come premixed with a heating pad, temperature strip, heating pad, and instructions. Since they’re premixed, you must heat them in the microwave for about 15 seconds. Remove it, gently shake it, and then check the temperature strip. 

4. Smell and Appearance 

Both fake pee products have a strong smell that can be confused with the real thing. It smells like stubble with a tinge of ammonia. When shaken, it produces protein bubbles that resemble natural urine, making it difficult to distinguish from the real thing during a urine test, especially if the lab technician decides to perform a random “sniff test.”

5. Price

A woman counting her moneyYou can get Xstream online for about $20 for a 3 oz bottle of fake pee, while Quick Fix costs around $29. If you need more urine samples, you can also take advantage of discounts for bulk orders. 

Buy both products directly from the official websites or authorized resellers. You’ll get the best deal, and be sure the product is genuine and brand-new.

Official Quick Fix and Xstream websites warn buyers from general retail websites like Amazon and eBay and any other fake urine or detox beverage.

They are filled with expired and blatant fakes.  

Stand-Out Features

A doctor getting a sample of urine

I checked the essential ingredients to determine the best synthetic urine for passing a urine test.


As stated, Xstream synthetic urine’s main purpose is not to pass a drug test, but it contains basic elements.

Which includes: 

  • Urea: Urea is used in Quick Fix as a scent-producing agent and the main component of real urine. Urea constitutes 2% of human urine[3]. That’s why synthetic urine solutions like Xstream have as the main ingredient.
  • Creatinine: Xstream synthetic urine contains dissolved creatine and creatinine to add additional naturalism and baseline ingredients for testing. The body typically produces creatinine consistently since it is a breakdown product of creatine in muscle [4]. 
  • Coloring agent: Xstream uses a coloring agent that is dissolved within the solution sufficiently to provide the solution with the color/appearance of actual urine [5].

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Quick Fix

Below are the essential ingredients found in Quick Fix which make it indistinguishable from human urine: 

  • Phosphate buffer: A phosphate buffer is often used by the human body to balance urine. To maintain the pH of the Quick Fix synthetic urine between approximately 5 and 8, a phosphate buffer at an acceptable concentration is the buffer of choice [6].
  • Creatinine: The creatinine concentration is frequently tested to ensure that the sample is pure; for instance, a high creatinine level denotes an accurate test, whereas a low creatinine level in the urine denotes a fake sample [7]. Quick Fix incorporates proper creatinine levels into their fake urine solutions. 
  • Urea: The usual range of urea in urine is between 60 and 90 mg/dl, and in a single form, Spectrum Labs synthetic urine contains this amount as well [8].  
  • Preservative: Quick Fix synthetic urine solution is set with this preservative and other chemicals to prolong shelf life [9]. 
  • Dye agent: A coloring agent is used in Quick Fix to maintain its natural urine aesthetic, which is indistinguishable in drug testing laboratories. Any acceptable, non-toxic substance that may provide color to a solution qualifies as a coloring agent [10].

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Users Review

A person doing a review online

Here are testimonials from two users of Xstream and Quick Fix synthetic urine. 

“I’m a heavy weed smoker. I just had mobile medical pop up on the job site; luckily, I was prepared, having brought a bottle of synthetic urine (X-Stream) a week before due to some asshole shooting dope in the urinal and leaving behind the evidence for the safety team to find. I didn’t have hand warmers to heat it, so I wrapped the flask with plastic baggies and dropped it in my coffee container for about 15-20 mins, then in my thermal crotch pocket until I could submit the sample 20 mins later. When I got in the bathroom, it was exactly 96-97 degrees so that I could submit the sample immediately. It passed the temp but was poured into two smaller vials for further testing at Quest Diagnostics. Two days later, I received a call from my employer saying I had passed my test and could start work.”
r/DependentFragrant, Reddit 

“I wanted to let y’all know Quick Fix is the real deal still, even in 2023 at Labcorp! I am a 22F and had an important opportunity on the line; my peeing wouldn’t pass a 10-panel drug test. I smoke some weed occasionally. My girlfriend told me I just needed to use Quick Fix. She used it twice for really important jobs, and she loves smoking. So I just believed her, we bought it, and a few days later I took the test. I was so nervous going into it, so I went to the same place she went to and passed her tests. Just follow the instructions, and you’re good.”
r/FineTravel3225, Reddit 

Which Synthetic Urine Should You Choose?

Xstream and Quick Fix synthetic urine kits have their perks and downsides, but replacing one with the other may not eliminate the other’s drawbacks. Clear Choice Sub Solution is a third option that would fill the gaps left by both fake urines reviewed in this article.

Clear Choice has a higher-than-average success rate after passing drug tests and a positive track record of helping countless people save their careers.

Their formula is always improved to successfully replicate specific compounds that function even under stricter and more modern testing procedures. But as with any other option, do your due diligence and choose the best option that caters to your needs.

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