Noxide Synthetic Urine Review

Noxide Synthetic Urine

We noticed quite a few forum comments about Noxide Synthetic Urine, and a few of them referred to the product as a great kit that might help with a piss test.

What we noticed, though, is that they all just focused on what was included in the box rather than what was in the actual bottle.

See, it’s far more important to use a fake pee product that has the right chemical mix rather than the right equipment to deliver the sample.

So, we did a bit more research into those customer reviews and ran a test ourselves.

What Is Noxide Synthetic Urine?

Product Image NoxideNoxide Synthetic Urine is a fake piss product that provides a 3-ounce sample along with a pouch and the required heating equipment.

It seems to be easy to set up, and online customer reviews mention that the kit quickly heats up to body temperature.

This is all good news, but what concerns us is the lack of details about the contents.

It just mentions a few important ingredients that make up real pee, but it’s important for the balance and specific gravity to be right.

It’s also annoying that you need to pour the contents from the bottle into the pouch before you use it.


  • It’s ready-mixed, so there should be less risk of diluting it too much with water
  • A bag, heating pad, and temperature strip are in the box


  • Exact details about the ingredients are a bit unclear
  • You need to transfer the fake piss to the pouch

Our Official Rating: 

  • Effectiveness: 3.5/5
  • Price: 4.5/5
  • Ease of use: 4/5


Supplements and Urine - Ask The ScientistsI already mentioned that the Noxide Synthetic Urine instructions don’t provide exact details about the ingredients, which has become more common for kits like this.

Here’s what we were able to find.

1 – Creatinine

What is Creatine? (How to Start Taking Creatine) | Nerd FitnessLab tests check for this as you could dilute your urine by drinking a lot of water to reduce the number of toxins. But doing this would also reduce the concentration of creatinine, and that would flag the sample as diluted.

And you don’t want to hand in a sample that will fail only to be asked to submit another one for which you’re not prepared.

“Creatinine is a waste product that comes from the normal wear and tear on muscles of the body. Everyone has creatinine in their bloodstream.” – National Kidney Foundation

Related Reviews:

2 – Uric Acid

Uric acid crystals | Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforeningAs the name suggests, this is the substance that gives urine the acidic smell, and it may also contribute to the foaming effect.

But you don’t just want to have uric acid present; it also needs to be included in the right specific gravity.

3 – Urea

Lab tests also check for the presence of urea [1], and if it’s not in the right quantity, it will flag a warning on the test.

How Do You Use It?

The Noxide Synthetic Urine instructions are pretty simple to follow. But I would suggest that you read the information carefully to avoid making a mistake, especially if you are aiming to pass a urine test.

If it’s also your first time using synthetic urine, then a practice run at home might help.

Here’s what to do.

  1. Pour the synthetic urine into the pouch
  2. Activate the heat pad and attach it to the pouch
  3. Wait for the temperature strip to show between 95 and 100 degrees for optimum body temperature
  4. Hide the pouch under your clothes and enter the test facility
  5. Open the valve to pour the sample into the cup

The tricky part is making sure nobody notices the pouch, which is why I suggest practicing it a few times.

Now for the big question.

Does Noxide Synthetic Urine Work?

Product Image NoxideUnfortunately, our Noxide Synthetic Urine test results were not good.

We ordered 3 home test kits from different suppliers that all are used in lab tests. All 3 of them returned a diluted sample result, which isn’t a failure. But it would mean that you’d be asked to resubmit a sample, which could happen straight away.

In that case, you wouldn’t have a clean sample and could be looking at a failed test.

That’s probably why this synthetic piss is marketed alongside novelty fetish products. If that’s what you’re into, then it’s probably just fine.

The Pros and Cons of Noxide Synthetic Urine


  • Noxide Synthetic Urine offers multiple benefits as a solution synthetic urine kit. It accurately simulates the properties of real human urine, making it ideal for various medical and laboratory tests. The formula includes natural components like uric acid and creatinine, ensuring authenticity.
  • Using Noxide Synthetic Urine is simple: just mix the powder with warm water and follow the label instructions. It is toxin-free and free from contaminants, ensuring reliability.


  • One drawback is the cost, though it remains affordable compared to obtaining real human urine. As a pre-mixed product, careful adherence to instructions is crucial for accurate testing.
  • While Noxide Synthetic Urine aims for reliable results, test administration and collection methods may introduce potential errors, impacting outcomes.

Do We Have an Alternative Suggestion?

Yes, one of the best fake piss products we’ve tested is still Clear Choice Sub Solution.

We regularly recheck it against new types of lab tests, and we check online reviews to see if there’s any change in the results people report.

So far, it has been the most consistent, and even if it is more expensive than most other products, it’s worth it if it means keeping your job.

Order yours today and see for yourself how well Clear Choice Sub Solution works.

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