Jet Clean Urine Review
Here Are the Facts About This Product

Jet Clean Synthetic Urine Review

This Jet Clean review was last updated in April 2024.

Over the past 25 years or so, drug testing has gone from a way to ensure train conductors weren’t blitzed out of their minds when transporting hundreds of passengers at high speeds to a way for companies to open a window into the private lives of their employees; typically, with little or no good reason.

Because mandatory drug tests have, for the most part, stood up in court, a lot of normal people who aren’t drug addicts or abusers of anything have had to find ways to protect their privacy and safeguard their careers from Big Brother.

One of the best ways they’ve found to do this is to use products like Jet Clean Urine to circumvent those drug tests. So, let’s get into our Jet Clean urine review, shall we?

What is Jet Clean?

Jet Clean is a premixed synthetic urine product that you can purchase from a number of online resellers. It comes in a kit that includes 3 oz of synthetic urine sample in liquid form, a heating element, and a temperature strip.

The idea behind Jet Clean is the idea behind all synthetic urine products: if you feel there is some reason you may fail an upcoming drug test, you submit the fake urine sample instead of submitting your own human urine. In most cases, synthetic urine products have an excellent success rate although to be sure some are more reliable than others.

But having said that, does this product work as it is intended to?

How Does Jet Clean Urine Work?

liquid experiment on laboratory

Jet Clean synthetic urine is intended to take the place of your own real urine sample in mandatory urine drug tests.

You’ll notice when we listed what comes in the Jet Clean synthetic urine “kit”, we mentioned a heating element and a temp strip. The latter is nothing more than a basic thermometer that you’ll use to determine if your Jet Clean urine sample is warm enough to submit. The heating element is what you will use to heat the synthetic urine sample prior to the drug test.

Why would you need to do that? Because a real urine sample, fresh from a living, breathing person, is always in the 90 to 100° Fahrenheit range. The drug testing machines are calibrated to check for this right off the bat. You’d be surprised how many people overlook this and have their fake urine sample kicked out as “not real”.

The way to avoid failing a drug test is to use the strip to check the synthetic urine sample a couple of hours before you have to submit it. And if you find it’s below 90 (or even in the low 90s), take out your trusty heating element and strap it to the fake urine sample bottle using an elastic band. Keep it there until the temp strip gives you a reading in the mid-90s.

How long it takes to reach that temperature will depend on how far the temperature of the synthetic urine sample has fallen. This is why you should always allow at least a couple of hours to warm it back up if need be.

Why Bother with It? Why Not Just Ask My Friend to Donate a Real Urine Sample?

handing empty pee bottle to a friend

It’s a good question and one that’s probably asked thousands of times a day all over the developed world.

But the fact is asking a friend to donate some of their human urine so you can pass urine drug tests is a bad idea for a lot of reasons. Primarily because you never really know someone until you analyze their urine.

Let’s say you had a few bong hits on Friday night and you have a drug test on Monday. You ask your friend for a human urine sample and they assure you they haven’t smoked any weed for months nor done any other drugs.

What they fail to tell you is that they have a taste for methamphetamine that they’ve been keeping a secret from everyone. You then take their sample, pass for pot and fail the drug test for amphetamines.

It’s a pretty safe bet your friendship will never be the same either.

Are There Any Other Alternatives to Products Like Jet Clean Synthetic Urine?

Sure. If you are understandably reluctant to ask a friend for a human urine sample and you don’t want to submit a synthetic urine one for whatever reason, you still have a couple of alternatives to pass urine drug tests. They are:

  • Do nothing and hope for the best – In this case, you keep your fingers crossed that the testing machine is faulty or not very sensitive or that you somehow managed to flush the offending substances from your body faster that is physically possible.
  • Call in sick – There are more than a few individuals who have chosen this route. What they typically learn is that calling in sick will buy them some time before a drug test, but it will also bring them into the crosshairs of the higher-ups who will now watch them like a hawk assuming they have something to hide.

As you can see, your alternatives to synthetic urine are not good no matter how much you try and spin them. Your best bet by far is to use a high-quality fake urine product to pass a drug test.

But is Jet Clean synthetic urine that product?

Our Official Rating: 

  • Effectiveness: 4/5
  • Price: 4.5/5
  • Ease of use: 3.5/5

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Jet Clean Synthetic Urine: Ingredients

Jet Clean, a brand offering synthetic urine products, leaves some uncertainty regarding its exact ingredient composition. While specific information about the ingredients is not provided, the product’s realistic smell and coloring indicate the likely presence of uric acid and urea. These waste products are crucial components found in most synthetic urine formulations. However, it would be beneficial to have more transparency regarding the specific gravity and pH levels of Jet Clean urine.

The absence of a comprehensive ingredient list, which is typically provided by leading synthetic urine companies, may raise skepticism about Jet Clean’s reliability. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that there are also positive reviews from numerous internet users who speak favorably about the brand.

When considering synthetic urine options for passing a urine drug test, it is essential to choose a trusted and reputable brand that provides clear information about its ingredients and undergoes thorough testing. This ensures you are one step ahead in your efforts to pass the test successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Jet Clean Synthetic Urine withstand harsh conditions?

No, Jet Clean synthetic urine cannot withstand harsh conditions. Just like any other real or synthetic urine, extremely high temperatures or exposure to dry conditions will cause the water to evaporate. This condition will increase the concentration of the chemicals and throw up a red flag during a test.

Can you recycle Jet Clean Synthetic Urine?

Yes, you can recycle Jet Clean synthetic urine by only using some of the samples at any given time. If you know you have several urine analysis drug tests coming up, then storing some of them in the refrigerator will keep it chemically stable so you can reuse it over a couple of weeks.

Does the Jet Clean synthetic urine package comprise a temperature strip?

Yes, the Jet Clean synthetic urine package comprises a temp strip, which is a crucial part of the preparation process for a urine drug test. Once you have heated the fake urine sample to the ideal temperature, use the temp strip to confirm that it’s still ideal just before the drug test.

Can you refrigerate Jet Clean Synthetic Urine?

Yes, you can refrigerate Jet Clean synthetic urine. However, make sure you avoid using it after the shelf-life date indicated on the packaging. Generally speaking, this will be several weeks or months away, and you also have to avoid heating the entire batch constantly.

Can you get Jet Clean Synthetic Urine in stores?

No, you cannot get Jet Clean synthetic urine in stores. However, it is available through a few online retailers. The safest place to buy it is directly from the makers, which is the only proper way to ensure that you get a guaranteed authentic product.

Does Jet Clean Synthetic Urine resemble the smell of real urine?

Yes, Jet Clean synthetic urine resembles the smell of real urine, which is all down to the mix of chemicals that matches what human urine is made of. It’s these chemicals that give urine a distinct smell.

What items exist in Jet Clean Synthetic urine?

The items that exist in Jet Clean Synthetic are 3 ounces of liquid sample, a heating element, and a temp strip. These things are all you need to get your fake urine sample prepared for your next urine test, and it will all come down to hiding it well enough to go unnoticed.

Can Jet Clean Synthetic urine be reused?

Yes, Jet Clean fake urine can be reused at a later date if you have multiple tests coming up. However, you should avoid reheating it numerous times as this can alter the chemical concentration and lead to a failed test.

Does Jet Clean’s package contain a temperature strip?

Yes, Jet Clean’s package contains a temp strip which is needed during the preparation process. Before you enter the lab facility, you will need to do a quick check that the temperature is still in the ideal range.

Can Jet Clean be stored at a lower temperature?

Yes, Jet Clean Urine can be stored at a lower temperature, and you can even freeze it to keep it for a long time. Just make sure you don’t defrost it too many times, as this will have a negative impact on the chemical structure. This can raise a red flag when checked with more sensitive testing equipment.

Can you get Jet Clean in chain stores?

No, you cannot get Jet Clean in chain stores, as the manufacturer only sells it directly online. It’s sometimes available with Amazon resellers, but this does increase your risk of receiving a fake product that doesn’t work.

Does Jet Clean smell disgusting?

Yes, Jet Clean smells disgusting, but no different to regular human piss. Rather than see this as a negative, it’s an absolute must-have feature as a lack of pee smell would be a dead giveaway that you’ve handed in a synthetic sample.

What elements can be seen in Jet Clean?

The main elements that can be seen in Jet Clean are uric acid and urea. These are the essential ingredients that give piss its smell and color. For the more basic drug tests, this fake urine will be enough to pass as real.

So, Does Jet Clean Work?

First of all Jet Clean fake urine is premixed. It’s not the only artificial product that comes premixed, but if you’re going to go the premixed route, it’s essential to choose a brand like Clear Choice Sub Solution that stands behind their product.

The folks at Jet Clean play their cards close to their vest and don’t offer a money-back guarantee. The guarantee is vital because premixed samples have a short shelf life if not handled properly from day one.

The other problem is that the Jet Clean “kit” supplies only the bare minimum. There’s nothing to help you submit your sample in the event the test is being monitored. If you can’t whip out the bottle of Jet Clean urine because you’re being watched, you’re out of luck.

The folks behind Jet Clean may be upstanding individuals, but that doesn’t matter when you’re facing a substance screening. You need results. Dependable results. Because of that, we recommend you give Jet Clean a pass and pick up some Clear Choice instead.

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