How to Attach a Synthetic Urine Flask?The Safe & Discreet Way

A scientist testing a urine in a flask

The use of synthetic urine is becoming more and more common in the workplace.

Whether it be for pre-employment testing or during random drug screenings, many employers are requiring that their employees submit to these tests.

If you want to pass a test, there are some methods that will make your life easier and less stressful than others.

In this article we will cover three foolproof methods for hiding your synthetic urine flask that will help you successfully pass any type of drug screening.

What Is Fake Urine and How to Use It?
A urine sample in a tube

Synthetic urine is a product that has become more popular in recent years as an alternative to the traditional drug screening methods.

It’s used by many people who want to plan ahead and ensure they pass their test beforehand, or for those moments when you are caught off guard.

If you’re thinking about using synthetic urine to pass a drug test, it’s important you know how to use it.

Synthetic urine is premixed and sold with an outer container that has its own absorbent pad inside.

Put the faux pee in your fridge or freezer for at least 24 hours before use – this will thicken the liquid so it has a more urine-like consistency.

Some urine kits come with a heating pad for keeping the urine warm. If your kit doesn’t, you can place the container in hot water for about ten minutes.

Place the fake urine tube directly under your genitals – if it’s too cold and there is no heat pads included then carefully use a hand warmers or rice sock to warm up.

What Are the Best Synthetic Urine Kits?

There are many brands of synthetic urine kit that you can buy. Each brand is different and also has its own pros and cons.

We recommend that you buy a heating pad, as it is one of the most important things in this type of kits. A heating pad will act as an external heat source and produce enough temperature to bring about optimum condition for urination.

Choices can be easier if you have a preferred brand.

There are many brands of synthetic urine kits, but one of the best is Sub Solution kit that contains heating pad and premixed fake urine in two separate packages for quick use.

Can Labs Detect Fake Urine?
A lab testing for urine in different containers

Yes, they can. Lab technicians can even tell the difference between human and animal pee as well as artificial or natural liquids.

Urine is typically tested for a variety of things, including: drug test (i.e., marijuana), disease markers (i.e., diabetes), or biochemicals from pregnancy test.

Testing facility have a variety of ways to detect synthetic urine, like testing for creatinine levels.

If you would still prefer not be detected as attempting to cheat on your test, read the following methods below.

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How to Attach a Fake Pee Flask

Attach the urine flask to a belt or waistband.

Wear clothes with an elastic band, so you can put it over your head and then pull up pants securely around hips without letting go of the synthetic urine flask bottle.

Put on clothing that will not show any form of outline for fake pee (such as loose trousers).

Fake urine belt can be attached to your pants by using a belt loop around the waist band.

The belts are attached between the top of your pants and underwear. The fake urine belt can be inserted into an elastic strap inside of clothes, with it being tucked under clothing and not visible outside.

A urine kit also comes with a container for you to pour in some fake pee before attaching to your waistband or belt loop.

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How to Carefully Dispose of Used Flasks

When it comes to disposing of a used synthetic urine flask, it is crucial to handle it in a responsible and discreet manner. The recommended methods include using an incinerator or burying the flask at least six inches deep in the soil to prevent animals from accessing it. Incineration effectively eliminates any traces of the flask’s contents, ensuring safe disposal.

To ensure thorough discretion, individuals should wear protective gloves when handling the flask and use biodegradable materials for burial. Selecting a secluded location away from roads and public pathways minimizes the chances of accidental discovery by others. These safety measures help reduce the possibility of exposure to dangerous compounds and protect neighboring groundwater sources from pollution.

3 Methods for Hiding Your Fake Pee Flask
A leg strap, underwear and a urine device

Here are some foolproof methods to hide your fake urine flask.

1) Leg strap

Put the leg strap around your leg and walk with it a few paces before you take out the bottle from under your clothing so no one notices that you have something hidden on your body.

Leg strap can be made of a strong elastic material.

You also need to make it tight so the bottle does not move around when you are walking.

It is important that this method allows for easy access and removal of your synthetic urine flask, which means you need opening on top or bottom where you insert your hand into the leg strap.

2) Underwear

Other option to hide your synthetic urine flask is to place it in between the layers of underwear.

Place a heating pad on top so that you can keep the temperature at 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

Put a belt around your waist or another object to hold up your pants and make it look like you are wearing something underneath them.

3) Urine device

There are some urine devices that already comes with faux pee inside so you don’t have to buy it separately.

These are great if you’re being supervised during giving a urine samples.

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What to Avoid When Hiding a Fake Urine Container?
A urine sample in a tube with a lid

Here are some tips for what to avoid or not do when you’re trying to smuggle a fake pee.

Don’t put anything over the synthetic urine belt to make it look like a normal waistband.

Don’t wear tight clothing on your stomach or inside of your clothes that might be more difficult for you to remove in order to expose the fake pee container when needed.

Do not carry any other items with you that might arouse suspicion or draw attention.

Do not carry anything in your hand, such as a purse or bag that might serve to cover the synthetic urine belt if you are patted down by security personnel.

Wrapping Up

You can pass a drug test with the help of synthetic urine, but it’s not as easy as you would think.

Whether you are trying to avoid a drug screening or just need an emergency solution because your job mandated that all employees pass drug tests before starting work, here is what you should know about using fake pee for employment purposes.

First off be aware that any kind of baggy clothes will do in order to conceal the fact that there is something up with your apparel and make sure no one sees where the bottle goes when you fill it up at home (behind closed doors).

Also, if wearing pants choose wisely – tight jeans may look great on some people but bulky fabric bunched around them could give away your secret pretty quickly.

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