Field Kit Synthetic Urine Review

Field Kit Synthetic Urine Review

We’ve reviewed dozens of synthetic urine brands over the past couple of years, and many of our readers regularly request information on new products they see advertised.

The problem we’ve found on a regular basis is that so-called novelty or fetish products often don’t have the right chemical consistency to help you pass a drug test.

Sometimes the issue is the wrong chemicals, and other times it’s the wrong specific gravity that is the issue.

Let’s take a closer look at this synthetic urine kit.

What Is Field Kit?

Field Kit Synthetic UrineThe Field Kit Synthetic Urine is a fake piss product that includes a 3 oz sample, a bladder bag, a heating pad, and a convenient elastic belt.

It’s made by a company called BC Entities in Canada and is marketed as a fetish product.

However, there are two reasons we think this is aimed at the herbal niche.

Firstly, many of our readers have reported it being advertised in herbal stores and magazines. Not sure that would be your typical fetish audience.

Secondly, the company doesn’t ship to certain states that have banned fake pee due to effective use during drug testing.

We’re also not sure why a fetish product would need an easy to hide belt and an accurate temperature reading strip.

Those are all things that would usually point to a product aimed at passing a urine test.

We did find some comments during our initial research that highlighted some potential issues with the sample that could lead to a fake or diluted result.

We’ll get to that shortly.


  • The synthetic urine kit includes an adjustable belt
  • People have reported that the heating pad works pretty fast


  • There seems to be a lack of creatinine, which would be flagged in a drug test
  • Some online comments highlight that it may not have the right specific gravity

Our Official Rating: 

  • Effectiveness: 3.5/5
  • Price: 3.5/5
  • Ease of use: 4.5/5


A person mixing different chemicals

BC Entities has chosen not to provide details of all the exact ingredients. Unfortunately, that makes us a bit suspicious, and the only thing we could see in the information leaflet and on the box is these two ingredients.

1 – Uric Acid

This is a natural waste product in human urine, and the field kit highlights that it may contain the right amount [1]. This is important to achieve the right specific gravity, which is usually checked in urine tests.

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2 – Urea

A doctor holding a test tube labeled as ureaThis is another waste product from the kidneys and if it’s not in the right amount, then the results will be flagged as fake.

The one thing we seem to be missing is creatinine. It’s always found in fresh piss and only drops to low levels if you drink a lot of water to flush out your kidneys and bladder.

But that’s an early warning sign for a lab test to pick up a diluted sample.

What’s in the Box?

Field Kit Contents:

  • Bladder Bag with 3 oz. Synthetic Urine Sample: The heart of the field kit lies in its bladder bag, which contains a generous 3 oz. supply of premixed synthetic urine This liquid synthetic urine is formulated to closely resemble real human urine, providing a reliable substitute for testing purposes.
  • Custom Pouch with Adjustable Velcro Belt: Convenience and discretion are paramount when it comes to synthetic urine kits. The Field Kit’s custom pouch, accompanied by an adjustable Velcro belt, offers an optimal solution for carrying and concealing the synthetic urine sample.
  • 8-Hour Heat Pad: Maintaining the temperature of the synthetic urine sample within the required range is crucial for passing urine drug tests.
  • Temperature Strip: Accurate temperature measurement is a key factor in successful urine drug tests. The Field Kit comes equipped with a temperature strip, enabling you to monitor and verify the temperature of the synthetic urine sample effortlessly.

How Do You Use It?

The instructions are simple, but we always recommend going through a trial run with any urine field kit.

Here’s what to do.

  1. Adjust the belt to comfortably fit around your waist under your jeans.
  2. Activate the heating pad and attach it to the bladder bag.
  3. Make sure the heating pad isn’t attached on the same side as the temperature strip.
  4. Wait for the temperature to reach 95 degrees.
  5. Attach the bladder bag to the belt and hide it well under your clothes.
  6. Head into the lab to submit the sample through the valve on the bladder bag.

These are very standard instructions and what you would expect to work well in most situations.

The only exception is where you would need to provide a supervised sample where someone looks over your shoulder while you pee.

Now for the big question, though.

Does BC Entities’ Field Kit Work?

Field Kit Synthetic UrineThe short answer is that this synthetic urine kit didn’t give us the desired results.

We ordered three home test kits and used two of them to check the BC Entities synthetic urine kit. The third one we used on a product that we’ve used in many testing situations.

Unfortunately, we got 2 diluted sample results with this urine kit, which would probably point to a lack of creatinine [2].

And just to make sure that the tests weren’t the problem, our favored fake piss product gave us a negative lab result.

So, the problem wasn’t the bladder bag, temperature, or waist-band, but just down to the wrong kind of chemical mix.

What’s The Alternative Fake Piss We Used?

Out of all the fake urine brands, we still recommend using Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine kit. It’s provided us with the best results out of all the brands.

We keep reading posts in forums that confirm our own results, and the review comments we have received from readers is positive as well.

So order your Clear Choice today and see the results yourself.

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