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A Detailed Analysis

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This review was last updated in June 2024.

It seems no one is safe today from the curse of overzealous drug testing.

It began a few decades ago as a way to ensure airline pilots, train conductors and truck drivers weren’t crackheads.

Today, however, you can’t get a data entry job in some companies without submitting to the humiliation of a drug test.

Responsible, hard-working people need a way to keep their home lives private, and companies like Dr. Green’s, who make 420 P Clean artificial urine, are in some ways our last line of defense.

But not all these products are created equal. Below we’ll see if 420 P Clean stacks up.

What is 420 P Clean?

Two 420 P-Clean Product

420 P Clean is one of a growing number of fake pee products.

The company has been around for more than 20 years, producing a variety of goods intended to help people deal with the scourge of intrusive drug tests.

A few years back, they were sued by Spectrum Labs for violating that company’s proprietary formula for creating pre-mixed fake pee.

But, 420 P Clean ultimately prevailed in court and has continued without skipping a beat.

So, the company is no newcomer to the drug testing products marketplace. And, if they’ve been around for 2 decades, they must be doing something right.

Well, yes and no.

If all they sold during those 20 years was fake pee, we might agree.

But, they’re relatively new to the premixed fake pee business and historically have made most of their money from other products like detox drinks, detox shampoo, detox mouthwash, home test kits, and bong cleaners..

So, they don’t get a free pass when it comes to their 420 P Clean fake pee.

What’s in 420 P Clean?

420 P Clean Pack

Since Spectrum Labs was concerned enough to sue them over the formula of their synthetic clean urine, it’s safe to assume that the actual chemical composition of 420 P fake pee is likely pretty close to the top brands.

Though you can’t be sure how close.

And, because the FDA considers a fake pee kit to be a fetish product for recreational use, makers are not required to list exactly what is in their phony pee.

Most just make a generic declaration about their product’s characteristics.

In this case, the company touts that their premixed fake pee is a unisex product (which is meaningless since no machine looks for hormones) and that it contains uric acid.

That’s about it.

We can’t imagine trusting a synthetic clean urine product whose makers are so cagey about what’s inside.

To us, using such a product would be like rolling the dice.

And why would you do that, when you could get a proven commodity somewhere else?

Does 420 P Clean Work?

man holding a two 420 p clcean product

There isn’t enough consumer consensus on the net to determine if this product is a home run.

The few reviews we could find were pretty mixed — with some stating it worked fine and others complaining that it cost them everything.

So, who do you believe?

Well, here’s a pretty good rule of thumb when it comes to fake pee kits: when in doubt, don’t.

The fact that 420 P Clean won’t say whether it’s properly pH balanced, won’t talk about creatinine levels or urea and never mentions things like specific gravity are huge red flags.

Or, at least they should be.

They make us think that maybe this is just a novelty fetish product for home use, and those in need of real synthetic pee should look elsewhere.

But, the fact that the 420 P fake wee-wee test kit includes a bladder to transport the premixed pee, a heating pad to keep it warm, and an adjustable Velcro belt to keep it strapped up tight, makes us think it’s actually for drug tests.

Or, at least, it wants to be.

But we’d be mighty cautious before we ever gave it a whirl.

After all, it’s not a home test kit. It needs to save your bacon.

Also, Clear Choice is simple to use, is also premixed and is transparent about what’s inside and it costs about 50% less than 420 P.

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420 P Clean Ingredients and Usage

P-Clean is a synthetic urine product designed to help pass drug tests by closely mimicking real human urine. It contains urea, creatinine, chloride, sodium phosphate, potassium phosphate, calcium oxalate, and ammonia to replicate the pH balance of human urine.

Following the provided instructions is crucial for maximizing its effectiveness. Additionally, using a heating element like a heating pad ensures the synthetic urine maintains the correct temperature. For further information, consult the additional instructions and guidelines.

How Much Does 420 P Cost?

1 U.S. dollar banknote

Speaking of price… the 420 P Clean fake pee field kit is not cheap.

It’s going to set you back a cool $50.

And, that’s for a product that won’t even tell you what’s made of.

That $50 price tag puts 420 P Clean at that high end of the premixed fake pee price schedule, and our only question is, “What possible justification is there for such a price?”

With no real track record to lean on and a short, spotty reputation, you’d be better off just picking up some premixed urine elsewhere and leaving the 420 P Clean in the dust.


Where Can I Buy 420 P Clean?

Dr Greens Logo

Those who like a bit of mystery in their lives will find all they want on the website.

There they can buy the mysterious 420 P Clean fake pee field kit and embrace the uncertainty of whether it’s actually good enough to produce a successful result on a drug test and warrant a refill.

The bottom line, though, is that you shouldn’t be taking such chances with your job.

Not when you have perfectly viable alternatives available.

Our Official Rating: 

  • Effectiveness: 4/5
  • Price: 3.5/5
  • Ease of use: 3.5/5

Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature does 420 P Clean have to be?

420 P Clean has to be between 94- and 102-degrees Fahrenheit to pass a lab screening test. The first test that will be done is a temperature control to make sure it matches human body temperature, so this is an essential factor to get right.

Can 420 P Clean be reutilized?

Yes, 420 P Clean can be reutilized after opening the bottle. But you should avoid reheating the synthetic sample too many times because this can alter the concentration. Also, make sure you keep it refrigerated after opening.

Does 420 P Clean’s box have a temperature strip?

Yes, 420 P Clean’s box has a temperature strip, and it’s attached to the bottle that contains the pre-mixed sample. It’s easy to read the strip, but you should make sure you understand the reading and identify if the sample is at the ideal temp.

Can you cool 420 P Clean?

Yes, you can cool 420 P Clean, and once the bottle has been opened, that’s the recommended way to store it. By cooling it, you’ll avoid the risk of the water evaporating that could result in a chemical imbalance that could be picked up during testing.

Can 420 P Clean be bought in stores?

No, 420 P Clean cannot be bought in delis, and the only place that it’s officially sold is on a few chosen online retailers like Dr. Greens. By buying it only from a reputable retailer, you can make sure you avoid ending up with a counterfeit product.

Does 420 P Clean smell pungent?

Yes, 420 P Clean smells pungent, but no different to real human pee. This is down to the combination of urea, uric acid, and a few other ingredients. If this smell weren’t there, then it would quickly be flagged as a fake.

What products can be found in 420 P Clean?

The products that can be found in 420 P Clean include a 3-ounce bottle of synthetic urine, a temperature strip attached to the bottle, a heating pack, and instructions for use. This is all you need to prepare the sample for passing a test.


Can we recommend 420 P Clean?


When it comes to things like drug tests that could end a career, you should be risk-averse and 420 P pre-mixed fake pee just comes with too many unanswered questions.

Our recommendation would be to pick up some Clear Choice Sub Solution and just get on with your life.

It’s reliable, affordable, and has saved the careers and reputations of untold numbers of people just like you all over the world.

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