Can Hand Warmers Overheat Urine? 3 Things You Should Know

Can hand warmers overheat urine

Recently I wanted to submit urine for the drug test for the first time. I had a fear of being rejected by the lab. Apart from the correct mineral level, I knew that my urine needed to have the right temperature.

My team and I researched how to keep urine warm, and we have decided to use hand warmers. But we had one doubt – will hand warmers overheat urine?

What are Hand Warmers?

Holding a hand warmer

Hand warmers are considered one of the best ways to warm the urine sample to the desired temperature. They are cheap, and most manufacturers are recommending them as a reliable product. Depending on the brand, they will mostly warm the temperature within the range requested by the lab.

Hand warmers are naturally adapting to the temperature of your body, so in most cases, they will keep the temperature of your urine within the range at least very close to the desired temperature.

The urine temperature in our body is around 98.6°F. This temperature can vary due to immediate cooling or increased body temperature. Most drug labs take this into account when they receive the urine sample, so they consider 90°F – 100°F degrees as a proper urine temperature. (1)

Hand Warmers and Overheating

A thermometer

Hand warmers are a part of your fake pee kit. The reason why you are using them is to have the desired temperature for your urine. To reach the temperature you want, you should press them against your fake pee.

No product is 100% reliable as none of them can guarantee that you will get the ideal temperature. For hand warmers, it will depend on the quality of the product and the way you use them.

However, hand warmers can overheat urine. It means that the temp will be slightly higher than the desired one, but certainly above 100 °F.  Laboratories might see it as a sign that something is wrong, and they will not accept your urine for the test.

There are several things that you can do to have an exact match. To get the temp as close as the one that the lab is asking, you should continuously check the sample’s temperature.

You can also use two hand warmers to speed up the process and have results faster. The same applies to a combination of hand warmer and a heating pad. Before you make your final test sample, try hand warmers several times – experiment with them to learn how to “cheat” the lab.

“What is man, when you come to think upon him, but a minutely set, ingenious machine for turning, with infinite artfulness, the red wine of Shiraz into urine?” – Karen Blixen, Danish author

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Other Ways To Keep Urine Warm For A Drug Test

Urine in a cupIf you want to feel secure and be sure that your urine sample will have the desired temperature, make sure to try other ways to warm it.

The easiest way is to warm it in a microwave. This is the most common way that people use. Be very careful not to overheat it so check the temperature by adjusting the microwave in a 10 seconds interval.

The other way is to heat it by using your body temp. You can put the sample close to the warm parts of your body, especially between the thighs. This is a good idea in general, but it is very time-consuming.

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Does heating urine affect it?

Yes, heating urine can affect its quality. According to research (2) heat treatment of urine up to 70 degrees Celsius shows that major drug metabolites are stable and recoverable. Heating urine at 100 degrees Celsius decreases most of them, but they will not disappear. If you overheat urine, it can destroy all the ingredients which can be easily discovered during the urine test. Nowadays, scientists have many ways to discover fake urine and heating urine at a high temperature is the first sign.

How long does it take urine to lose temperature?

Once the urine leaves the body, its temperature drops significantly. It will be at the right temperature for the next 4 minutes.

What is the ideal temperature of urine for a drug test?

During a drug test, the ideal temperature of urine is between 90°F – 100°F, considering variations in body temperature and immediate cooling. If the lab receives a urine sample with a higher or lower temperature, they will not accept it.


Will hand warmers overheat urine? Yes, they might do that. But you can reduce the risk of overheating by paying close attention to the temperature your urine will reach during the heating process.

Getting your pee to the desired temperature range is not easy, but it is critical for the lab checks. Depending on the brand, some hand warmers will give better results than others. Do research and experiment before you submit your sample to the lab.




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