How to Keep Urine Warm & the Correct Temperature for a Drug Test

Keep Urine Warm ManThe normal temperature of urine should be at around 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 Fahrenheit; otherwise, a drug test will be unsuccessful.


  1. The reason why people fail drug tests when giving fake urine is down to the incorrect temperature of the sample given.
  2. The sample's temperature should be tested within four minutes of submission.
  3. If the samples are not submitted within an hour, then they have to be put under refrigeration.

Urine has a tendency of changing its temperature according to the surrounding environment, and that is why it is advisable to keep regulating the temperature.

Here’s the deal:

If not regulated properly, pee samples will either get destroyed or discolored since urine changes its color when left in cold temperatures.

Urine drug tests can be really stressful, especially if the drug test is for a job.

Here are some verified facts on how fake pee can be kept warm before a drug screening test. Below is a detailed explanation on how to keep your pee warm before a urine analysis.


How to Keep Urine Warm for a Drug Test


  1. Place the pee sample in a sealed plastic bag
  2. Place it beside your body. The most practical area is to put it on your thighs.
  3. Make sure you keep the bag close to your body until the test ensuring the sample does not lose heat.


37 degrees Celsius is the average normal body temperature of the human body. Knowing this can come in handy in keeping the urine warm. More on this later...

How Long Can You Keep Pee for a Drug Test?

Some people like to plan well ahead and try and store clean urine for future tests. However, what it does mean that you need to store the samples in the freezer instantly. Once frozen, the urine sample can last up to 6 months. The only downside is that you have urine stuck in your freezer. So make sure you seal it properly or you will stink the house out.


Urine Can Be Heated Up In A Microwave. But...

To me, this approach is just not worth the risk since using a microwave is the trickiest method of all. Though it can work quite well if you get it exactly right.

The secret is not to overdo it. Start by putting the piss sample in a container. Avoid the use of a metal or steel container. The most effective container, in this case, should be made of a plastic material. Set the microwave for around 10 seconds. The power of your microwave might vary, but as long as you only heat it between the 8 and 12-second range, you will be fine.

Check the temperature to make sure it does not go overboard. If the final temperature is past what was expected, you can always allow it to cool. Keep in mind the temperature should not be too low or again too high for that matter.


Microwave heating is always a very risky approach to take.

Let me explain...

If you overheat the urine, your screening test will fail because urine tends to get destroyed by too much heat. The microwave method requires you to be very careful as heating the pee too long can damage it, meaning you will fail the test.microwave

If you don't heat it for long enough and the sample is heat-tested when you submit it (as many of them are) you will fail the test for that reason alone.

The drug test urine temperature when submitted is so crucial to your success, do not mess up in this area. If the lab uses temperature strips for urine testing, then this does apply a little bit of pressure.

Better Solutions for Passing a Drug Test

Personally, I would never risk not passing a urine test and would always go with QuickFix.

Drug test cheating has been going on for the last couple of decades. Fortunately, some get away with it.

2 of the most frequent questions we receive in emails is "How do I keep urine at body temperature?" and "what temperature should urine be for a drug test?" If you don't know the answer to these questions you are probably going to fail the test.

However, applying the below methods to synthetic urine will increase the chance of passing a drug test. For instance, heating the synthetic urine by the use of microwave might end up destroying the samples by rapidly increasing the temperature of the urine to such an extent, all the ingredients get damaged. People use synthetic urine in cheating examinations, especially when it comes to high-profile situations. However, synthetic urine is more prone to damage than natural urine.

Scientists today have come up with numerous ways of detecting fake urine. Such methods as the utilization of the body temperature can only be applied if the sample is to be submitted within a short period. It quite hard to keep on regulating the heat of a sample that is expected to be submitted in a weeks’ time.passed the exam

The key aspect here involves making sure the piss samples are kept in a tightly concealed container.

Using Hand Warmers to Keep Urine Warm for a Drug Test

  1. Hand warmers are an easy way to heat and regulate your urine sample’s temperature before the examination.
  2. Wrap a hand warmer around your pee sample, which should be in a small container. Secure it tightly.
  3. Note: Hand warmers can heat at different temperatures and may last longer.

The use of body temperature warming can be challenging at times since not everyone will find the time and patience to keep warming the samples.

This is why I like using QuickFix or the Monkey Dong. They both come with heating pads (my favorite method) that keep the temperature regulated for you.

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Even if the samples are heated, once placed away from the body, they will slowly lose their heat and eventually go back to being cold. Keeping the temperature regulated at a constant state will require the samples to stay somewhere they can get access to heat or warmth at all times.

Remember, it is not advisable to let the samples cool down too much since this will also affect the test results.

Heating Pads - #1 Solution

Heating pads are small disposable packets that can be heated by hand and used in generating heat.

You can then use the heating pads to wrap the container and use tape or an elastic band to secure it. Heating pads work differently from each other hence it is advisable to look for the one that works best. Make sure the heat pads are not wet to ensure maximum heat generation.

If you're looking for heating pads, I would recommend the Monkey Whizz heating pads over Spectrum Lab's heating pads. Spectrum Labs is slightly cheaper, but my opinion is that it is worth spending the extra money to make sure you have the best chance at passing.


Keep in mind that even a single drop of water to the heating pad can cause alterations to the temperature, resulting in poor results.

The heating pad is regarded as the most efficient way of regulating the urine sample's temperature. This is because at all times the samples get a constant supply of heat that is neither too much or too low as to cause alterations.

The best synthetic urine to be used with heating pads, that is currently hitting the headlines is Quick Fix. Many customers have used it in combination with the Monkey Dong (fake penis).

This product comes with optimal heater packs that help keep the temperature regulated which is a massive benefit and makes the whole process less complicated. Users have reported a high pass rate on many forums commenting that both products were super easy to use and cost effective. We carried out a review on Quick Fix detailing the pros and cons. To read more, click here.

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