Does Petsmart Drug Test for Employment? What You Should Know

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If you’re thinking about getting a job at PetSmart, you surely want to know does PetSmart drug tests.

Using drug testing is very common for many corporations and retailers out there. After all, no business wants to have employees who are using drugs. PetSmart is no different.

However, PetSmart recently had a change in its drug test policy.

I did hours of research on if PetSmart still does drug tests, when they do drug testing, and what drug tests they do.

Here’s everything you should know.

PetSmart Drug Test Policy

  • PetSmart’s drug test policy changed in 2019.
  • There are several occasions on which an employee or a prospective candidate can get drug tested.
  • PetSmart does a five-panel drug testing.
  • There are several ways to pass PetSmart drug tests.

Does PetSmart Drug Test?

A doctor examining a urine samplePetSmart offers different pet services, most notably dog and cat adoption. They have a range of facilities across the US and are some of the best-known pet adoption services.

Considering all this, they want to maintain their reputation and employ workers that are substance-free.

They want a drug-free and safe working environment for people and animals. 

PetSmart prohibits drug possession, use, and sale on its premises.

However, the drug test policy depends on the situation. 

They do have pre-employment drug tests, but not always. PetSmart is likely to drug test if the background check shows something suspicious. You can always send them an e-mail or call a center you’re interested in and ask what the PetSmart drug testing policies are.

PetSmart can ask potential employees or existing employees involved in a workplace accident to take a drug test to check for the presence of illicit drugs or excessive alcohol.

When Does PetSmart Drug Test?

Test tubes with yellow liquids being examined

PetSmart can ask a candidate to take a drug test after a job interview at the interviewer’s discretion or for internal promotions. In this case, the candidate will have 48 hours to report to the drug testing center. [1]

Normally, PetSmart doesn’t conduct a drug test after the first interview process. The PetSmart drug test only targets the selected candidates during the second interview to comply with state laws and regulations and make sure they have a safe workplace environment.

In 2019 PetSmart’s drug testing policies changed. Nowadays, PetSmart doesn’t make people take a drug test during the interview process unless the candidates are suspicious or there’s another reason for a test.

However, random drug tests can be conducted. If an employee exhibits unusual or suspicious behavior, PetSmart will conduct random drug screening.

Also, PetSmart’s drug test policy reserves the right to ask their employees, which can include a store manager, officers, and directors, to do random drug tests for these reasons:

  • If an employee is in a work accident or near accident that involves injury to property or animals or other employees while performing PetSmart business.
  • If an employee is under suspicion of using illegal drugs or being under the influence of illegal substances, this affects their performance and work environment. 
  • As a confirmatory test, after an employee has finished a rehabilitation program.
  • For high-risk or safety-sensitive jobs.

To sum up, a store manager can ask any employee to take a drug test at any time, for various reasons.

“PetSmart does a drug test at the beginning of employment and whenever you are involved in an accident involving equipment.” Anonymous PetSmart employee

The employee will have to abide by PetSmart drug test rules and provide appropriate urine sample for the drug test. The employee is also required to present a valid ID card to the sample collector. The drug test is done at a lab chosen by PetSmart.

However, the pre-employment drug test isn’t normally done anymore unless there’s a reason for it or the background check shows something suspicious.

What Drug Test Does PetSmart Do?

PetSmart drug test is the five-panel drug test. The more panels a drug test has, the more it costs. The five-panel test used by PetSmart checks for these drugs:Writing blood samples test result

PetSmart uses urine tests to screen candidates or employees. Urine tests are non-invasive, safe, quick, and affordable compared to most other tests. 

The urine sample is collected and analyzed in a lab for drug metabolites. If you’ve consumed drugs in the last 30 days, the test will show drug metabolites in your urine, and you’ll test positive. 

Note: You get a positive drug test on your urine even if you haven’t been using illegal substances.

This can be due to prescription drugs. In this case, you should inform the tester you’re taking prescription drugs.

The PetSmart drug test policy is the same as in most companies. If you fail your urine drug test, you’ll be fired if you’re an existing employee, or you won’t be hired if you’re a candidate.

How to Pass a PetSmart Drug Test

Blood samples confidential information resultsA third-party facility does the PetSmart urine test. The good news is that the urine test is unsupervised.

This means you go behind a screen or into a separate room, do your business, and give the sample in a container to the person administering the PetSmart drug test.

This gives you plenty of opportunities to get a negative drug test even if you’ve been using weed. Here’s what to do.

The easiest way is to submit synthetic urine

There are several synthetic urine products out there.  If you follow the instructions for using it, your sample will look just like human urine and be at the right temperature.

If you have enough time, another option you can go for is a detox drink. Same as with fake urine, there are several detox drinks to choose from.

Pick one you trust the most and drink it several hours before your drug test.

Make sure you frequently urinate to get the drug metabolites out of your body, and you’ll increase your chances of passing the hiring process.

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Will You Have to Do a Drug Test to Work at PetSmart?

Most likely, you won’t have to do a drug test. The company’s drug test policy for new employees has changed, and they have stopped asking for tests in the first interview and internal promotion.

However, if your supervisor has a reasonable cause to doubt you, or you show suspicious behavior, you may be asked to undergo drug testing.

This is why it’s a good idea to get familiar with products that can help you pass a drug test and either get a new job or keep your current job.



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