How to Clean Your System For a Drug Test


If you are given the short notice to undergo drug tests and you know that you have been dabbling in some substances not too long ago. It is important that you know what you need to do to come out of the test with clean results.

The last thing you want is to jeopardize your career as a result of some drunken decisions that you have made a few weeks past.

Here are some of the things that you can do that should help you clean your system and get it ready for your test.

Find Out The Type of Drug Test

Urine Drug TestThere are different types of tests that one maybe tasked to go through an often, this would depend on what your company requires.

The most common way though would be to analyze the urine. This can be performed at the workplace or employees may also be sent to third party facility where samples of their urine are then taken and tested. Tests like these are often monitored by lab employees.

Other types of evaluation include blood, saliva, and hair. But these are also less common ways to test for substance abuse.

Figure Out Which Drugs You’re Being Tested For

It is important to be aware of the kind of drugs that you are going to be tested for too. The reason for this is because different substances tend to have their own different ways of manifesting in your system.

For marijuana, the oils, CBD, THC, edibles, and tincture are all going to be easily detected in an assessment.

Other drugs that are tested on the regular include amphetamines, cocaine, phencyclidine or PCP, barbiturates, MDMA, opiates, propoxyphene, as well as benzodiazepines.

Side Note: Marijuana And How Long it Stays

weedDifferent people tend to have a different reaction to marijuana. There are a ton of factors that can determine whether it is going to be detected or not as well.

For instance, how long you have last taken it, the potency, how often you have taken it, your weight, your body fat, as well as your body metabolism is going to have an effect on how easy or not it is going to be detected in your system.

For regular users, it can stay in the blood for as long as 90 days after you have used it. People who are in good health can have their system rid of its traces within a 30 to 45-day period. Some people may take it over the weekends and then have it out of their system in just two days’ time.  Read more about this here.

Most of the time though, drugs tend to remain for a few days up to a month, but these are extreme cases.

When it comes to hair tests though, they can detect the use of THC as well as other substances since the body hair and the head can retain them for a long time, even years depending on how you have been using these substances.

Most labs though do not test the tips of the strand, but rather take 1.5 inches of hair from the root to signify that this only testing an approximate of 90 days period.

How to Fix the Situation:

There is blatant misinformation when it comes to options that are meant to help one as these tests and it is important to be aware of the effects and their inherent risks. For instance, there are home remedies that are not only dangerous but they do not work as well.

There are those that use synthetic urine and detox drinks and these are quite risky unless a good product is used that stays ahead of advancements in detection technology. Dilution is also another way that people try to pass the tests but this is actually detectable.

1. Knowing the Safer Options

That being said though there are other ways that you can try that should help you pass these tests with flying colors. Cleaning the body the natural way is still the most effective and the safest way of doing so. In example, there are certain foods you should avoid before taking a urine drug test.

glass of juice2. Natural Detoxification

If you are given enough days before the test is performed, then you can start cleansing your body off of any substance by abstaining from its use. You will also need to drink lots of liquids and make sure that proper diet is observed. Some people swear by cranberry juice.  You will need to exercise as well. The own detoxification process of the body is going to help cleanse the urine and the blood over time the natural way.

3. Detoxification Programs

This is another method that should be safe to try as well. This can be done seven days before the actual tests. Along with this program, you may consume detox drinks as this is a good way of speeding up the natural cleansing process of the body. It is most helpful in ridding the system of THC in only seven to two days time. Programs like these often come with a testing kit that you can use to verify if you are indeed already clean.

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4. Same-day Cleansing

exerciseFor those that are given only a very short notice before undergoing the exams, there are ways to clean your system in 24 hours that you can try. There are detoxification drinks like Rescue Cleanse that are known for their ability to flush the body on the very same day that they are taken, they are also capable of keeping the person cleaned for a period of four to even six hours.

It is also important for people that are taking these tests to drink a lot of water before the actual assessment is performed. Drinking at least eight glasses of water prior to the test is a good idea. Drinking a lot of water days before the test does not do anything.

After all, water is not able to clean THC metabolites from the system, as they are fat-soluble. The purpose of using water is to temporarily dilute urine.

One has to be careful when doing it as overdoing it can also lead to water intoxication and people can die from it.

Boosting creatinine levels in the body by eating a lot of red meat days before the test is also a good way of diluting your urine without the lab knowing that you did.

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