How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System?


How long does marijuana stay in your system? This question has probably crossed your mind at least once or twice. And yes, it is a question that has elicited mixed reactions and sparked heated debates.

With all the hullabaloo and brouhaha going around about it, perhaps delving into the issue to unveil the mysteries would do some justice. And yes, I must point out that this is a rather tricky question, which has no definite or straight answer due to various factors.

Factors Involved & Detection Times

What are some of these factors?

Well, there exist numerous test procedures whose sensitivity is varied. This means that some test procedures could detect marijuana content in your system more than 30 days after you last used it. At the same time, other tests could fail to indicate the presence of marijuana in your system a few weeks after your last use.

finger prickThat is why I earlier pointed out that the duration within which you can test positive for marijuana varies. However, what you need to understand is the fact that failure by tests to identify the presence of weed in your system does not imply that there are no traces; it means that the traces cannot be detected.

All said, back to the question. Conventionally, it is believed that one can test positive for THC up to 30 days after use. However, given the fact that there are numerous testing techniques like the use of urine, blood, hair, sweat, saliva and sometimes one’s nails, this duration could vary depending on the method used for testing.

Metabolic nature of individuals also alters this time. This implies that the amount of time one can test positive to a cannabis test could vary from one individual to another.

For this reason, one person could test positive for the presence of pot in their system and have another person whom they had used together test negative. This makes it hard for one to give a precise time within which marijuana can be in one’s system.

How Long Does It Stay in Your Blood?

The length of time cannabis stays in your blood varies, but it can range from up to two days for occasional users to around 7-8 days for frequent users, influenced by factors like metabolism and consumption habits. If you are a regular user of weed, your body will take longer to recover from it. Having said that, it is not always the same for everyone. There are tons of variables that contribute to the process going faster or slower, these variables are:

  • Metabolism
  • Amount consumed
  • Frequency
  • Body mass
  • Type of drug test
  • Type of consumption (edibles or smoking)
  • What is being looked for

How Long Does It Stay in Your Urine?

The duration THC metabolites remain detectable in your urine varies depending on your frequency of cannabis use, with detection ranging from 5 to 63 days. There are so many internal and external factors that contribute to how long it stays in your body. For instance, there was a case where a veteran smoker was tested positive for THC in his urine 2 months after he has stopped smoking. That’s crazy!

Here are some answers to your questions:

    • If you only use once, the THC metabolite can stay for about 5-8 days.
    • If you have at it for 2-4 times per week then the substance can stay for about 11-18 days.
    • If you do it 5-6 times a week, it could take up to 48 days to get rid of it completely.
    • And, for everyday smokers, it could take anywhere from 49 to 63 days before it completely goes out of your system.

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Hair Follicles?

Weed can stay in your hair follicles for up to 90 days, with factors like hair growth rate and the location of the tested hair contributing to this timeframe.

Hair needs between 5 to 10 days to push past the scalp. Drug testers take hair 1.5 inches from the scalp.

Since hair grows about 0.5 inches per month, it means you need about three months before the THC is out of your hair. If a drug tester uses the standard 1.5 inches of your hair, and it’s been longer than three months since your last use of weed, you should be fine.

But let’s imagine your hair is 18 inches long, and a drug tester uses the far ends of the strands. You could test positive for marijuana you had more than three years ago. Compared to other forms of drug testing, the follicle test is by far the most rigorous.

Moreover, THC binds to all hair on your body, not only the one on your head. This means body hair can also be used for a drug test.

Note: THC is fat-soluble, so a person’s body fat and metabolism play a significant role in how long weed stays in the body and how much THC is absorbed in the hair.

How Long Does Weed Stay in The System of an Athlete?

The duration that weed stays in an athlete’s system varies depending on factors like metabolism, body composition, and frequency of use, but athletes with lower body fat percentages may clear THC more quickly. Generally, for athletes or individuals with higher metabolism the detection window might be shorter compared to others.

Athletes typically have lower body fat percentages. Since THC is stored in fat cells, it may be cleared from their systems more quickly.

Additionally, regular physical activity can influence how quickly THC is metabolized and eliminated from the body. However, intense exercise right before a drug test can sometimes release stored THC from fat cells, potentially affecting test results.

How to Flush Marijuana Out Of Your System?

To flush marijuana out of your system, a combination of hydration, diet, and lifestyle changes are effective:

      • Increase Water Intake: Drinking plenty of water can help expedite the elimination of toxins. However, excessive water consumption isn’t recommended as it can lead to water intoxication.
      • Regular Exercise: Physical activity, especially cardio, can increase metabolism and fat burning, where THC is stored. However, avoid intense exercise close to a drug test, as it might release THC into the bloodstream.
      • Healthy Diet: Focus on a diet high in fiber, fruits, and vegetables. Fiber helps in digestion and can aid in the elimination of toxins.
      • Avoid Marijuana and Secondhand Smoke: To ensure no additional THC enters your system.
      • Detox Drinks: The good thing is detox drinks can do the job a lot faster than drinking water. People have testified that one hour after drinking detox drinks, they could feel its effect by stimulating their urinary system, hence, flushing the cannabis-concentrated urine and other toxins out of their body.
      • Time: Ultimately, time is the most reliable method. The body naturally metabolizes and eliminates THC, but this can take several days to weeks, depending on usage patterns and individual metabolism.

All Things Considered

timeHowever, to give a reliable answer to this question, we need to try and hold several factors constant. While all the tests provide varied accuracy, hair test has proven to provide the highest detection of up to 90 days after the last use.

For occasional users, marijuana can be detected in their system less than 10 days after the last joint although the quantity they took also affects that time. For regular users, weed can be detected in their system up to 40 days after their last joint. However, for the frequent and heavy smoker, pot can be detected in their system 90 days after their last joint.

For blood tests, it is believed that one can test positive for THC use up to 6 months later.

Urine tests do not share the same length of accuracy (usually 30 days).  Taking a lot of water is one way of reducing the chances of testing positive during a urine marijuana test. This is because taking too much water dilutes your urine and makes chances of cannabis detection quite minimal.

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In a nutshell, while the amount of time marijuana stays in one’s system varies, it is crystal clear that the test conducted significantly affects the results. Whether you undertake blood, urine, and hair or nail test, the results might vary.

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