How to Use the Synthetic Urine Belt to Pass a Drug Test 6 Simple Steps

Synthetic urine belt being worn by someone

This blog post describes how to use synthetic urine belt to pass drug test. It also covers all aspects of passing test like fake pee, temperature and other useful tips.

If you’re looking for a surefire way to pass your drug test, this blog post is for you.

We’ll show you how to use the synthetic urine belt to easily and conveniently beat any drug test with ease.

If there’s one thing we know about these tests, it’s that they don’t take kindly to people who are trying to cheat! The last thing anybody wants is a failed drug test.

So if you’re tired of worrying about taking care of business on time, click below and learn all about the synthetic urine belt!

What is a Drug Test?

A drug test is a way to detect whether you have been using drugs or alcohol. A urine, blood, saliva, or hair sample may be used in a drug test.

For example, if you’re smoking weed, your urine will contain traces of the drug and you may be detected by a drug test.

Types of Drug Tests

The most common types of drug tests are urinalysis and hair follicle testing. A urine test can detect the use of many drugs, though it may not always be sensitive to illicit substances or some prescription medications.

A saliva test is also less accurate than a urine test because there’s no way to know how long ago someone used drugs or alcohol.

A hair follicle test is a newer and more expensive option, but it can detect drug use for up to 90 days. Saliva tests are usually used in combination with urine testing because they’re less accurate on their own.

What Is Synthetic Urine?
A synthetic urine sample on a toilet

Synthetic urine is a substance that imitates the appearance and chemical composition of human urine.

It can be used for passing drug tests, cheating on exams, or any other reason someone may need to switch out their pee.

Synthetic urine is not just available in bottles – there are also belts and masks that make you look like you’re going through the motions of taking a drug test.

They may be more expensive than other options

What Is Synthetic Urine Belt?

A synthetic urine belt is a wearable device that can be used to pass a urine drug test. This product is designed to replace urine; however, it’s not just a belt filled with water like the old days.

Instead of a pouch or bag that needs to be heated up, this device attaches below the waist and holds an internal bladder-like chamber made from lab grown synthetic material.

The wearer fills their urinal before leaving for work inserting urine into the chamber and cinching it tight.

The synthetic, lab-grown material is designed to mimic all of the properties of human pee including temperature, pH balance, creatinine level, urea content and other markers that are used in drug testing procedures.

The wearer can urinate up to nine times over a span of five hours, and their urine is tested for a second time after the wearer has left work.

Types of Synthetic Urine Belt

There are different types of synthetic urine belts available: some have an exterior pouch that requires heating while others are more discreet and don’t require any special preparation before use.

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How to Use a Synthetic Urine Belt to Pass a Drug Test in 6 Simple Steps

To pass a drug test, you’ll need to have a clean urine sample.

You’ll need to purchase either an artificial or synthetic urine belt from your local drug store, pet supply stores, online retailers, or medical supplies. You can also go with using fake pee as it’s often easier to manage.

It also won’t show any drug use for longer periods of time.

1. Unwrap your synthetic urine belt and fill it with synthetic urineA synthetic urine belt with a synthetic urine

With the belt facing you, find the center point of it. You will want to cut it in half so that each side is one inch long.

Unwrap the synthetic urine and pour a small amount into each plastic baggie on either end of your waistband.

Make sure to not spill any of your urine while pouring or shaking it out and be careful not to overfill as this will cause leakage when you wear it, which defeats the purpose of having a synthetic urine belt!

If you have spilled some water on yourself, don’t worry – just pat dry with a towel or let yourself air dry.

2. Wrap around waist

Attach belt around the waist. Ensure the urine tube is positioned in front and not behind.

You’ll need to create a “bunch” with the tubing at your side, away from your body – this will help create pressure to expel fake pee when you go #PeeALongTime later on!

3. Put on clothes over it to conceal

Put on clothes over the synthetic urine belt to conceal it.

Tip: Have a spare belt on hand in case you have to take off your clothes and do not want the synthetic urine belt exposed.

4. Heat up in microwave for 10-15 secondsA synthetic urine inside a microwave

Heat the synthetic urine for about ten to fifteen seconds.

For liquid synthetic urine, microwave for a shorter time so it does not get too hot and burn you when you release the pressure during your fake pee session.

The perfect temperature for synthetic urine is about 100°F.

If the temperature of your pee exceeds 120°F then it will either evaporate or cause chemical reactions that could change the chemistry of your fake pee.

Make sure belt is secure before using! If needed, attach safety pin on clothes as an extra precautionary measure.

5. Use a heating pad if needed, but don’t use too much or it will be too hot!

If the synthetic urine cools down too much, you can heat it up by using a heating pad. Heating pads are dangerous to use because they have high voltage.

Only put about two inches of water in bucket or pan so that the belt is submerged and remains warm. Make sure your hands are dry before handling the belt or you will ruin the liquid synthetic urine.

6. After use, put in freezer until next time to keep at room temperatureAn open refrigerator

To pass the drug test, you must use the synthetic urine belt at least twenty-four hours before scheduled test.

When it’s time to freeze your fake pee, make sure that you keep track of how many months are left on the belt in order to know when it should be swapped out for a fresh one.

For example, if there are two months left on the belt, then it should be switched out for a new clean one.

The synthetic urine will stay good in the freezer until you are ready to use it again.

If there is only enough liquid left in your tube that isn’t deep red, pour it into a smaller container and put it back with ice pack or heating pad before freezing.

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How Long Does Urine Stay Between 90 – 100 Degrees Fahrenheit?

Synthetic urine is heated to body temperature, which is 98.36 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 Celsius.

It’s important that the synthetic urine stays warm enough for it to be believable and not give off any noticeable smell of ammonia because this would alert drug testers that you’re trying to manipulate their results by using a fake sample.

Synthetic Urine Belt vs Leg Strap: Which One Is Better?

A synthetic urine belt might be a better option, and here’s why.


  • Belt: Generally easier to conceal under looser clothing like pants or skirts.
  • Leg Strap: Can be more discreet under tighter clothing but may require longer pants or skirts to conceal effectively.

Comfort and Accessibility

  • Belt: It can be more comfortable for some users, especially when sitting, and easier to access discreetly.
  • Leg Strap: Might be less noticeable when walking but can be more challenging to access quickly.


Both types can vary in the amount of liquid they can hold, but belts often have a larger capacity due to their placement.


The choice between a belt and a leg strap often depends on personal comfort, the type of clothing worn, and the specific situation in which the device will be used.

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FAQA scientist testing the urines

How long is synthetic pee good for?

– Synthetic urine is good for about seven to eight hours before it starts to break down.

How long does synthetic pee last?

– Synthetic pee lasts as long as the real thing, which is around three days if you keep it cold and out of direct sunlight.

What are the ingredients in fake piss belt?

– The ingredients in fake piss belts are typically water, salt, urea and a uric acid.

What is the best thing to do with synthetic urine?

– The best things to do with fake pee are use it as soon as possible before its chemical composition changes due to exposure to heat or light. If you’re not using it for drug testing purposes, you can also use it to water your plants.

How long does a fake piss belt last?

– A synthetic urine belt can provide you with up to 16 ounces of pee that will keep for about eight hours before the chemical composition changes and becomes unusable.

Can I reuse my synthetic urine?

– No, you can’t reuse your fake urine.

Best way to store synthetic urine for a drug test?

– The best way to store the pee is in an insulated container with ice packs and frozen so it will stay cold. It’s important that the belt stays away from direct sunlight and heat.

Can labs detect substitute urine?

– Yes, labs can detect substitute urine. It’s important to be aware that you might have one of the most accurate tests ever called drug testing strips or a lab test such as gas chromatography-mass spectrometry which will allow them to tell if your pee is fake.

How does synthetic urine compare with real human piss?

– Synthetic urine doesn’t have the same exact chemical composition as human piss. This is because the chemical composition of human urine varies from person to person and changes on a daily basis.

Conclusion: Use Urine Synthetic Belt to Pass a Drug Test

The synthetic urine belt is a lifesaver for those who need to pass drug tests but are unable to.

It’s easy, discreet and convenient – you can easily adjust the temperature of your fake pee by adding ice or hot water without anyone being any wiser!

Check it out today if you’re in need of a solution that will help keep you from getting into trouble with your boss or loved ones because of a missed drug test.

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