Can You Preserve Synthetic Urine?Simple Storage Tips to Keep it Fresh

preserving synthetic urine properly

Synthetic urine requires proper storage and handling if it’s to retain its integrity over time. Those who plan to submit a sample instead of genuine pee during a drug test need to be aware that artificial piss is not capable of maintaining its color, odor, and temperature by itself. It needs to be handled and stored correctly, or the people administering the test will know something is amiss and reject it outright. But while the prospect of rejection should concern anyone contemplating submitting synthetic urine during a drug screening procedure the good news is that if the material is preserved properly, there is an excellent chance of it being accepted.

Preserving the Integrity of Your Synthetic Urine Sample

It doesn’t take a genius to know that a cold, orange, rancid smelling pee sample is fake. And that’s exactly what will happen to artificial products if they are not stored and handled properly. Here are the bottom-line criteria testers look for when trying to determine the authenticity of a sample:

  • color testColor – Pee, even synthetic urine, will darken over time. If a person has decided to submit a sample during a drug screening procedure and they have not stored the material properly its dark color will give it away to the test administrator.
  • Odor – Pee has an unmistakable odor that everyone who administers drug tests is familiar with. If a sample has been stored improperly, it will emit a foul odor that will raise red flags with the tester who will then reject it.
  • Temperature – The human body maintains an even temperature just shy of 100° F. It only stands to reason than that anything emitted by the human body will be close to that temperature, at least in the minutes right after being emitted. If a sample is not heated to the right temperature before submitting it, the tester will know it is fake and rightfully reject it.

containerSo now that we know the baseline characteristics a drug test administrator is looking for when it comes to a pee specimen what is the best way to handle and/or store products so that it meets these criteria?

  • A Sealed Container – Synthetic urine must be stored in a sealed container the entire time prior to submission. Just as air is the enemy of food, it is also the enemy of artificial products. But it’s not enough for the container to merely be airtight. It must also be sterile or else it will promote the growth of bacteria within the sample that will betray it as fake to the tester.
  • Refrigeration – If a person does not plan to use the fake pee immediately after mixing it, they will need to make sure it is refrigerated until the time comes to submit it. If they plan to keep the artificial products for more than 24 hours before submitting it, they’ll need to freeze it. There are no “buts” with regard to this. Leaving the sample out at room temperature for more than a short time will cause it to lose integrity and become dark and foul smelling.
  • Heating – As stated above a pee sample must exhibit a certain temperature profile to be accepted as genuine. But how does one ensure that a sample that was stored for 24 hours in the refrigerator will be the requisite 96 to 99° F when submitted? There are three commonly used methods.
  • microwaveMicrowave – While some people have been known to employ this approach to heating synthetic urine it presents a host of potential issues:
    • First of all, getting the sample to just the right temperature is nearly impossible as microwaves are not known for their subtlety. They sort of either boil or don’t boil, cook or don’t cook.
    • Second, if you overheat the sample, you could destroy its chemical integrity and render it useless and
    • Third, what drug test waiting room is going to be equipped with a microwave for people to heat up their synthetic urine samples?
  • Hand Warmers – Hand warmers are a fairly dependable method for ensuring a sample is the right temperature when submitting. They’re low tech, easy to use. Keep in mind however that samples removed from the warmer will cool down fairly quickly. To learn if hand warmers can overheat urine, visit this link.
  • heating padsHeating Pads – Heating pads take many forms and which one a person decides to use will be entirely up to them. That said they do represent a good method for heating artificial pee to the right temperature before submitting it. If that’s what a person wants to do. Like hand warmers heating pads are decidedly low-tech solution and when it comes to the issue of submitting synthetic urine the simpler the process, the better. Heating pads typically apply a steady temperature which is good for helping to maintain the integrity of the sample. They’re also small and affordable and easy to use.

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Proper Storage of Urine Samples

If you are unable to submit your urine sample within 1 hour, it is important to follow proper storage procedures. Place the container in a sealed plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator at approximately 4°C. It is crucial not to keep the sample for longer than 24 hours.

Failure to refrigerate the urine sample can lead to bacterial growth, which may impact the accuracy of the test results.

Certain sample containers may contain preservatives that allow urine to be stored at room temperature for a longer period of time. You will be provided with instructions on how to store your urine sample if it cannot be handed in immediately.

It is important to note that using fake urine or synthetic urine kits, including powdered human urine, is not recommended for storing urine samples. These alternative options are typically used for other purposes, such as passing drug tests, and may not meet the necessary requirements for sample storage.

Do the Right Thing 

drug testOf course, all this talk of maintaining the integrity of your artificial product samples begs the question: Is it okay to submit synthetic urine in place of a genuine pee sample in the first place? In response to that question, some would counter with a question of their own: Is it right for a company to be able to fire a qualified and dedicated employee who may have exercised questionable judgment during a party they attended on their own time? Even if their mistake will not in any material way impact their ability to do their job? Of course not. In such circumstances then synthetic urine can be a method for ensuring an injustice is not perpetrated upon a dependable, hardworking employee.

Whether or not you decide to counteract the potential unfairness of a random drug test with a false sample will be a judgment call only you can make. But be aware if you choose to exercise this option, you’ll need to take care to protect the integrity of the sample in the period leading up to submitting it.

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