Is It Possible to Use Someone Else’s Urine For a Drug Test?

using someone else's urine for testing

A lot of people who aren’t regularly subjected to random drug tests at work (we’re going to leave professional athletes out of this particular discussion) think that the only people who try to get around them are drunks and drug addicts. But while there’s no doubt people with substance abuse problems will try and find ways to get around submitting genuine urine samples during drug tests not everyone who is “subbing” is a junkie. In fact, there are plenty of normal, hardworking, otherwise healthy and dependable individuals who on occasion find themselves staring at bad and worse choices when it comes to drug tests. “Bad” being having to sub and “worse” being having to submit their own pee.

Why Would Someone Want or Need to Sub Using Someone Else’s Pee?

specimen boxSome individuals may consider using someone else’s urine to pass a drug test as a desperate measure to protect their job and reputation, even if they only had an occasional lapse in judgment when it comes to drug use. Imagine for a moment that you’ve always been a hard-working, dependable employee. You show up for work every day on time, are highly skilled and dedicated to the betterment of the company as a whole. But like everyone else you’re also human.

So one Saturday night you’re out in the town with your buddies and someone passes a joint around at the club. You take a few hits, get a mild buzz and forget about it after you get home. Monday comes, and when you arrive at work, you’re informed you’ve been selected for drug testing first thing tomorrow morning.

What do you do? You’re not a stoner. You could probably count on one hand the number of times you got high in your life. But now you’re facing the specter of termination because you took a few hits at a club Saturday night while having some fun with your friends. Is that fair? Of course not. So what do you do? If you’re like most people, you try to save your job by subbing someone else’s urine sample for your own.

Does it Work?

It works but the effectiveness depends on various factors, including the vigilance of test administrators, proper handling of the donated urine, and the potential for unexpected surprises related to the donor’s habits or medications. The fact is subbing is done successfully every day all over the world. At the same time, countless people have been caught trying to substitute someone else’s urine for their own during a drug screening and suffered the consequences. So what separates the successful subbers from the unsuccessful ones?

  • writing on the record bookThe Test Administrators – With drug screening, as with just about every other profession, there are those that play it by the numbers and those who just sit back and collect a paycheck. If you need to substitute your sample for someone else’s and you’re lucky enough to be dealing with screeners who are just watching the clock until lunchtime arrives it will likely be a breeze to slip a pouch of someone else’s urine into the restroom and fill your cup with it. If, on the other hand, you’re dealing with a bunch of anal retentives who dot every i and cross every t, then you’re going to have a harder time getting your replacement sample by them.
  • How You’ve Handled the Donated Urine – If someone has agreed to donate a urine sample to you so that you can pass your screening you owe it to both yourself and the donor to treat that pee with the respect it deserves. Remember, urine goes bad in just a couple of hours so if you get your donor sample the night before the checkup you’ll need to put it in the fridge immediately and leave it there until you’re ready to go to the screening facility. If your test isn’t for a few days or maybe a few weeks, you’ll need to freeze the sample until the night before the screening when you transfer it to the fridge to thaw in a controlled manner. In addition, you need to be sure the pee is the right temperature when you submit it. That means anywhere from about 96 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be accomplished using heating pads or hand warmers or just rubbing the sample between your hands for a couple of minutes before submitting it.

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  • giving the sampleUnexpected Surprises – The problem with asking someone else to donate urine for your drug test is that, no matter how well you may think you know someone, you really don’t. That’s not to say that someone could hide a serious drug problem be it alcohol or heroin, but that not everyone is aware that the hash brownie they ate at a party last week could be a problem for you when it came to a drug test. Or that the painkillers they’re taking for their bad back might set off alarm bells during a drug test either. Most of the time a donor won’t tell you about seemingly little things like these because they think “I’m not a junkie so there shouldn’t be any problem with using my urine.” And while most of the time there won’t be, sometimes there will.

Note: We should state for the record that one thing you won’t have to worry about is the sex of the donor. No contemporary 5 or 10-panel drug test is checking for hormones.

How to Hide Urine for a Drug Test?

To hide urine for a drug test you can use some of the best methods to sneak in your fake pee without getting caught.

  • Taping the sample to your torso In particular, we mean taping a flat container to your body directly above your penis or vagina. Make sure you’re wearing loose pants so the sample can’t be seen and rest easy knowing no one is going to pat you down too vigorously in the crotch area.
  • Swimming trunks Many styles of swimming trunks have mesh pockets sewn into the inside of the trunks. In many cases, these inside pockets are located in close proximity to your reproductive organ. If your sample is in a nice, flat container, sliding it into the inner pocket of the swimming trunks will often allow you to pass both a visual exam and a pat-down since few patters are going to want to get too close to your business.
  • The leg strap There are a number of companies today that sell Velcro straps that wrap firmly around the leg and include a small pocket in which to conceal a sample. While this method will likely work, if the tester doesn’t pat you down, it can be extremely uncomfortable with the sample rubbing up against the inside of the opposite leg.
  • Concealing the sample in your rectum This is a method drug mules use all the time, and it can be quite successful. It also ensures the sample will be the right temperature. Of course, for this method to work, there must be no one else in the restroom with you when you retrieve the sample. You need to be able to retrieve it quickly, or else the amount of time you’re spending in the restroom is likely to raise red flags with your screeners. Also, once it’s empty, you’re going to have to shove that vial back where the sun doesn’t shine when you’re done.

A Better Way To Do It…

While having a friend or acquaintance donate a pee sample that you can use during a drug test may work, it’s also possible it could backfire spectacularly if the person didn’t tell you they did a few lines of coke at a party over the weekend. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can get around potentially disastrous missteps by using synthetic urine for your drug test instead of pee from another person. Synthetic urine is chemically identical to human pee, is readily available through a host of outlets on the Internet, doesn’t cost much of anything and has a high success rate.

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